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Exploration of Photonics markets

6, cité de Trévise
75009 Paris

Tel.:+33 6 74 64 52 21
Fax:+33 9 72 39 44 39
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TEMATYS is a team of highly qualified consultants, helping companies and institutes to commercialize high-technology products. We are committed to provide a comprehensive understanding on trends, markets and use of photonic technologies and their applications, such that you can implement the most successful business strategy.


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Star product: Business & Technical Intelligence – Growth Strategy – Business Development.

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market reportsSmarket reports from Tematys

TEMATYS publishes market reports about various hot photonics subjects such as micro and nano spectroscopy, spectral imaging, photoacoustic imaging, mid IR photodetectors and systems and many others.

For research institutes, start up, SMEs and large groups, TEMATYS provides specfic, accurate and operational market studies: more than 200 customers in 18 countries.

White papers are available on business development and marketing for photonic industries.

market researchSmarket research from Tematys

For laboratories who want to transfer their photonic technologies and for companies who want to accelerate and/or diverify theirs sales, TEMATYS offers:

  • technology transfers, R & D valorization
  • growth strategies
  • diversification strategies
  • business plan development
technology development consultingStechnology development consulting from Tematys

Using the proprietary business development methods, TEMATYS finds new qualified leads until closing contracts with new customers:

  • market test
  • prospection strategy & plan
  • outsourced commercial actions
hyperspectral imaging instrumentsS ETematys

See our market report on Spectral Imaging: End-user Needs, Markets and Trends!

LIDAR equipmentS ETematys

See our market report on LIDAR Technologies for the Automotive Industry: Technology Benchmark, Challenges, Market Forecasts!

quantum cascade lasersS ETematys

See our market report on Interband & quantum cascade lasers: technologies, market trends and applications (2021)!

spectrometersS ETematys

See our market report on Minitiature, Micro and Chip-Size Spectrometers: Technologies, Market Trends and Customer's Needs!

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