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2716 Einstein St.
Quebec, Quebec G1P 4S8

Tel.:+1 418 658 9500
Social media:Facebook, LinkedIn

Company Description

TeraXion designs, manufactures and markets best-in-class photonic products to selected emerging markets including high-speed fiber-optic transmission networks, fiber lasers and optical sensing applications.

TeraXion’s core competencies are the heritage of more than fifteen years of sustained innovation through proprietary fiber Bragg grating (FBG) and laser frequency control technologies. TeraXion’s ability to transform complex technologies into manufacturable high-technology products is unmatched: Our employees are devoted to innovation from R & D up to volume manufacturing.

Our line of chromatic dispersion compensation solutions includes Telcordia-qualified low-loss DCMs and small form factor tunable dispersion compensators for 10 and 40 Gb/s direct detection terrestrial and submarine networks.

We also offer chromatic dispersion emulators with very high levels of dispersion, used for manufacturing and R & D labs.

Diversification in the industrial and aerospace/military market segments is also part of TeraXion’s strategy. Customized filtering solutions based on advanced FBG technology are used as reflectors for fiber lasers, while narrow-linewidth semiconductor laser sources are perfect for optical sensing and RF photonic links applications.


See us at ECOC 2018 in Rome, Sept. 23–27, 2018 (booth 326)!


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
Bragg gratingsWorld leader in high-end fiber Bragg gratings. High quality components allowing total control of the spectral, spatial and time domain.
dispersion compensation (equipment for …)Static and tunable dispersion compensation modules for 10 and 100 Gb/s communication systems. Low loss chromatic dispersion emulator available for lab use.
fiber Bragg gratingsWorld leader in high-end fiber Bragg gratings. High quality components allowing total control of the spectral, spatial and time domain.
pulse compression (equipment for …)Low dispersion management reflectors for passive mode-locking of ultrafast lasers.
pulse shapersHigh accuracy dispersion management devices to control spectral shape and pulse duration of nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond pulses.
pulse stretchersTunable pulse stretchers and High accuracy pulse stretchers for chirped-pulse amplification of ultrafast lasers. These stretchers allow clean amplification of <200 femtosecond pulses.
tunable optical filtersUltra narrow tunable optical filters for Brillouin filtering in remote sensing applications or for the isolation of a modulated RF signal in RF communications.
dispersion compensation modules
distributed feedback lasers
fibers (optical …)
narrow-linewidth lasers
optical data transmission (equipment for …)
optical fiber communications (equipment for …)
optical filters
stabilization of lasers (equipment for laser stabilization)

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