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Company Description

TeraXion’s innovative photonic components and partnership approach help customers around the world design and manufacture industry-defining laser, telecom and optical sensing systems, with more power, speed and precision.

TeraXion is a leader in the manufacturing of innovative photonic components that incorporate fiber Bragg gratings, low noise lasers and integrated photonics. FBGs have been the cornerstone of our offering for nearly 20 years and TeraXion has successfully applied this technology in four different markets, reaffirming FBGs’ potential in countless highly advanced applications.

Beyond our technology, our true strength stands in our ability to transform and evolve existing technology to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Our partnership approach and our team of over 65 researchers and engineers make us a prime designing and supplying partner for leading companies involved in light and heavy manufacturing, telecommunication, medical equipment, and aerospace and defense.




indie Semiconductor to Acquire TeraXion

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. and QUEBEC City, Quebec – Aug. 31, 2021 – indie Semiconductor, Inc. (Nasdaq: INDI), an Autotech solutions innovator, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase TeraXion Inc., a market leader in the design and manufacture of innovative photonic components. This acquisition accelerates indie’s vision of becoming a semiconductor and software level solutions provider for multiple sensor modalities spanning advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles.

Since their founding in 2000, TeraXion has built a solid industry reputation based on innovative and highly reliable components, underpinned by more than 30 global patents. The Company produces low noise lasers, Bragg gratings and integrated photonic elements to address high-performance applications. More recently, TeraXion was an optical sensing reference design partner of indie, supporting next-generation Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) systems for automotive light detection and ranging (LiDAR).

“Given the critical role LiDAR plays in achieving maximum levels of safety for assisted and self-driving cars, we are excited to welcome TeraXion’s world class design team and integrate their differentiated IP and product portfolio,” said Donald McClymont, indie’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Specifically, TeraXion has developed leadership laser technologies that, when optimized together with our SoC solutions, enable order of magnitude improvements in both system performance and cost. Accordingly, this highly synergistic combination built on a shared vision and strong cultural fit, positions indie to accelerate mass market deployments of LiDAR platforms.”

“TeraXion is thrilled to be joining forces with indie to take our business to the next level,” said Ghislain Lafrance, TeraXion’s president and chief executive officer. “By combining indie’s mixed-signal, DSP, software and power management experience with our laser and sensing technologies, together we intend to enable truly unparalleled solutions for ADAS and autonomous driving as well as adjacent high reliability applications.” Mr. Lafrance plans to join indie’s senior management team and continue to lead TeraXion’s operations in Quebec.

indie is at the forefront of disruptive semiconductor and software solutions for LiDAR, allowing its customers to create differentiated platforms that will help unleash next-generation driver-assistance systems and ultimately enable true autonomous driving. Via its holistic systems approach, indie is addressing the market need for comprehensive, cost-effective architectures that enhance the circle of safety and help fulfill the promise of the tomorrow’s vehicles today. According to a March 2021 MarketWatch report, the global automotive LiDAR segment is expected to grow at a 28 percent compound annual growth rate off a 2020 base, creating a $3.2 billion addressable market by 2027.

Based on indie’s closing stock price as of August 30, 2021, indie will pay approximately US$159 million for TeraXion, comprised of US$80 million in cash plus a fixed number of eight million indie Class A common shares. The transaction has been approved by the boards of directors of both indie and TeraXion and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2021, subject to customary closing conditions. Excluding any non-recurring acquisition-related charges and amortization of intangibles, indie expects the acquisition to be immediately accretive and will provide more financial details during its next earnings conference call.

About indie

indie is empowering the Autotech revolution with next-generation automotive semiconductors and software platforms. We focus on edge sensors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including LiDAR, connected car, user experience and electrification applications. These technologies represent the core underpinnings of both electric and autonomous vehicles, while the advanced user interfaces transform the in-cabin experience to mirror and seamlessly connect to the mobile platforms we rely on every day. We are an approved vendor to Tier 1 partners and our solutions can be found in marquee automotive OEMs around the world. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, indie has design centers and sales offices in Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Detroit, MI; San Francisco and San Jose, CA; Budapest, Hungary; Dresden, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland and several locations throughout China.

Please visit us at to learn more.

About TeraXion

TeraXion is a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative, high-end components incorporating low noise lasers, Bragg gratings and integrated photonics. Our unique expertise makes us a partner of choice for OEMs and system vendors addressing the ultrafast, high-power laser, optical communications, fiber optics and optical remote sensing markets.

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See also the original press release containing a disclaimer.

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Bragg gratings EBragg gratings from TeraXion

Teraxion is the world leader in high-end fiber Bragg gratings. High quality components allowing total control of the spectral, spatial and time domain.

chirped mirrors Echirped mirrors from TeraXion

Teraxion offers Dispersion Management Reflectors (DMRs), including low dispersion management reflectors for passive mode-locking of ultrafast lasers.

chromatic dispersion emulatorschromatic dispersion emulators from TeraXion

Teraxion offers ultra-compact chromatic dispersion emulators that use fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology to emulate the chromatic dispersion of hundreds or thousands of kilometers of fiber within the volume of a single half 1U 19-inch rack module. The modules have ultra-low insertion loss and can be cascaded several times to emulate hundreds of thousands of picoseconds per nanometer of dispersion with no external power required.

dispersion compensation modules Edispersion compensation modules from TeraXion

Teraxion has static dispersion compensation modules for Access, DCI and legacy communication systems.

dispersion management devices Edispersion management devices from TeraXion

Teraxion as slope-matched tunable dispersion compensators to enhance the 100G PAM4 DWDM transceiver reach.

distributed feedback lasers Edistributed feedback lasers from TeraXion

The LM – DFB semiconductor laser module from Teraxion is a no-fuss laser module that combines a DFB semiconductor laser diode, a low-noise current source, and a temperature controller, all into a single package. The compact size of the LM does not sacrifice power—the output from an LM can be as high as 100 mW. The LM operates single-mode with a linewidth less than 1 MHz and is tunable over a 50 GHz range with 5 MHz resolution. The compact, high-power, and reliable LM laser comes ready-made for integration in embedded designs and OEM applications.

fiber Bragg gratings Efiber Bragg gratings from TeraXion

Teraxion is the world leader in high-end fiber Bragg gratings. High quality components allow total control of the spectral, spatial and time domain.

The Raman Scattering Suppressor (RSS) is a fiber Bragg grating-based bandpass filter. It tackles Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS) at its source.

laser mirrors Elaser mirrors from TeraXion

Fiber laser reflectors from Teraxion enable manufacturers to reduce $/W by increasing the power output of single oscillators, resulting in fewer high-power oscillators per system. Available in non-PM and PM fibers for Yb, Er, Tm, Ho, and Raman fiber lasers.

narrow-linewidth lasers Enarrow-linewidth lasers from TeraXion

The NLL is an ultra-low-noise, narrow-linewidth semiconductor DFB laser for optical sensing applications like lidar and RF over fiber. The laser and its control electronics are integrated into a single module that uses precision feedback monitoring to provide ultra-low-noise performance and superior wavelength stability. The built-in, sharp-edged frequency discriminator significantly reduces linewidth while maintaining single-mode operation across the full operating temperature range. The model also offers fast frequency tuning, which enables frequency-modulated continuous-wave sensing.

optical filters E

Teraxion makes high-precision optical filters for ASE and Brillouin filtering in sensing applications or for the isolation of a modulated RF signal in RF communications. Signal isolation filters exhibit unbeatable flat top steep edge specifications. Low dispersion filters are also available for picosecond laser spectral filtering.

pulse compressors Epulse compressors from TeraXion

Teraxion has the CM-V Chirped Module with VBG compressor matched pair, comprising a fiber pulse stretcher and a VBG pulse compressor.

pulse shapers Epulse shapers from TeraXion

The TPSRX – Xtended Tunable Pulse Stretcher from Teraxion offers the tailoring of the ultrafast lasers pulse shape.

pulse stretchers Epulse stretchers from TeraXion

The TPSR – tunable pulse stretchers for diffraction grating and volume Bragg grating compressors and tunable pulse stretchers with extended stretching are suitable for chirped-pulse amplification of ultrafast lasers. These stretchers allow clean amplification of <200 femtosecond pulses.

tunable optical filters Etunable optical filters from TeraXion

Teraxion has ultra narrow tunable optical filters for Brillouin filtering in remote sensing applications or for the isolation of a modulated RF signal in RF communications.

volume Bragg gratings Evolume Bragg gratings from TeraXion

Teraxion has the CM-V Chirped Module with VBG compressor matched pair, comprising a fiber pulse stretcher and a VBG pulse compressor.