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Company profile:

TOPTICA Photonics AG


TOPTICA Photonics AG
Lochhamer Schlag 19
82166 Gräfelfing

Tel.:+49 89 85 83 70
Fax:+49 89 85 83 72 00
Social media:Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube
Quality certification:ISO 9001:2015

Company Description

TOPTICA Photonics AG develops, manufactures and distributes technology-leading diode and fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs for scientific and industrial markets. TOPTICA offers the widest range of single-mode tunable light in the 190 nm to 3500 nm and 0.1 THz – 5 THz spectral region along with various accessories to measure, characterize and stabilize light.

TOPTICA Photonics has the following distributors:


ProductDescription (only for enhanced product entries)
external-cavity diode lasersTunable single-frequency diode lasers (also high-power and frequency converted models) for scientific applications. Wavelength coverage from 190 nm to 3500 nm.
femtosecond lasersOffset-free frequency combs using difference frequency generation and patented CERO ("zero-νCEO") technology, wavelength conversion to any desired wavelength between 420 nm and 2200 nm.
frequency combs (equipment for generating …)Offset-free frequency combs using difference frequency generation and patented CERO ("zero-νCEO") technology, wavelength conversion to any desired wavelength between 420 nm and 2200 nm.
tunable lasersTunable single-frequency diode lasers for individual wavelengths between 190 nm and 3500 nm. Widely tunable diode lasers with up to 110 nm mode-hop-free tuning at 950 nm, 1500 nm and 1550 nm.
ultrafast lasersTOPTICA's FemtoFiber lasers provide reliable femto-/picosecond pulses based on polarization-maintaining fibers and SAM mode-locking. Different models (1560/780 nm, VIS/NIR tunable output, IR/NIR supercontinuum, short-pulse) cover a wide range of applications, e.g. time-domain terahertz, microscopy, attoscience and as seed lasers.
amplifiers (optical …)
anamorphic prism pairs
beam collimators
beam splitters
blue lasers
coherence (equipment for … measurements)
diode lasers
distributed Bragg reflector lasers
distributed feedback lasers
Fabry-Perot interferometers
Faraday isolators
fiber cables
fiber couplers
fiber lasers
fiber patch cables
fiber-coupled diode lasers (… and related equipment)
fibers (optical …)
frequency doubling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
frequency metrology (equipment for …)
frequency quadrupling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
frequency tripling (nonlinear crystals and related equipment for …)
green lasers
high harmonic generation (equipment for …)
holography (equipment for …)
injection seeding (injecting-seeded lasers or equipment for …)
laser applications
laser diode drivers
laser diode modules
laser diodes
laser guide stars (equipment for …)
laser heads
laser lithography
laser microscopy (laser microscopes)
laser speckle (equipment for reducing …)
laser spectroscopy (equipment for …)
LIDAR (… equipment)
linewidth (narrow-linewidth lasers or equipment for linewidth measurements)
mid-infrared laser sources
mode-locked fiber lasers
mode-locked lasers
narrow-linewidth lasers
nonlinear frequency conversion (equipment for …)
ophthalmology (equipment for …)
optical clocks
optical metrology (… equipment)
optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification (OPCPA light sources)
picosecond lasers
polarization-maintaining fibers
pulsed lasers
pump-probe measurements (equipment for pump-probe measurements)
quantum cryptography (… equipment)
Raman lasers
Raman spectroscopy (equipment for …)
red lasers
reference cavities
RGB sources
semiconductor lasers
semiconductor optical amplifiers
single-frequency lasers
single-frequency operation (single-frequency lasers or equipment for achieving … of lasers)
spectroscopy (equipment for …)
stabilization of lasers (equipment for laser stabilization)
sum and difference frequency generation (equipment for …)
supercontinuum generation (supercontinuum sources and materials for …)
synchronization of lasers (equipment for the …)
tapered amplifiers
tapered laser diodes
terahertz radiation
THz detectors
THz sources
ultraviolet lasers
yellow and orange lasers

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