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Company profile:

Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH

Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH
Merzhauser Str. 134
79100 Freiburg

Tel.:+49 761 29644 44
Fax:+49 761 29644 55


ProductAlternative Suppliers
alignment lasers
blue lasersDILAS Diodenlaser, Laser Quantum, RPMC Lasers, TOPTICA Photonics
diode lasersDILAS Diodenlaser, RPMC Lasers, TOPTICA Photonics
fiber lasersEKSPLA, Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories, NKT Photonics, RPMC Lasers, TOPTICA Photonics
green lasersLaser Quantum, NKT Photonics, RPMC Lasers, TOPTICA Photonics
laser diode modulesRPMC Lasers, TOPTICA Photonics
laser projectors
lasersEKSPLA, RPMC Lasers
medical lasersNKT Photonics, RPMC Lasers

For suppliers with an ad package, the right column of the table contains their product descriptions instead of alternative suppliers. Only companies with enhanced productad package are listed as alternative suppliers.