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Zolix Instruments Co., Ltd.
No. 68B, LDUV
Tongzhou District
Beijing 101102
Tel.:+86 10 5637 0168
Fax:+86 10 5637 0118
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Quality certificate:ISO 9001:2015

Company Description

Founded in 1999, Zolix is a leading Chinese supplier of precision optical instruments and products based on precision mechanical motion and control techniques. It is the highest priority for Zolix to provide reliable instruments and system solutions to customers working in opto-electronics research and development, both at universities, colleges and industrial companies. Zolix offers several variants of each product in order to ensure that customer specifications can be met.

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Product categoryEncDescription
fluorescence spectroscopy equipmentS Efluorescence spectroscopy equipment from Zolix

Our OmniFluo-900 steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectrometer used, for example, for

  • reflection, absorption and quantum yield measurements of phosphor powders
  • fluorescence upconversion
  • display technique, OLED
  • carbon nanotubes
  • biology (chlorophyll and carotenoid testing)
  • biomedical (fluorescence diagnosis of malignant disease)
  • environment monitoring
goniometersSgoniometers from Zolix

Zolix motorized goniometers are made of black anodic oxidation aluminum alloy which results in excellent performance. Fine grinding worm gear offers high positioning accuracy, arc V-shaped guide offers precise loading, and the two-phase stepping motors are stable and reliable.

hyperspectral imaging instrumentsS Ehyperspectral imaging instruments from Zolix

The GaiaField-Pro (GFP) camera produces extremely high resolution images by scanning and taking multiple images to construct a hyperspectral datacube. This intelligent camera can set the exposure time, focus, and match scanning speed automatically. It supplies data analysis functions such as reflectance, radiometric, uniformity, lens, and area calibration.

imaging spectrometersSimaging spectrometers from Zolix

Combining volume phase holographic (VPH) grating, wavelength optimized optics and deep-cooled CCD camera, Zolix is proud to present state-of-the-art Omni-iSpecT Raman spectrograph. It solves two essential challenges related to Raman spectroscopy, speed and sensitivity. As the VPH spectrograph allows you to have faster acquisition and better S/N ratio, it is ideal for low light Raman applications such as remote detection, ultra fast Raman mapping and others.

monochromatorsS Emonochromators from Zolix

The Omni-λ Series of imaging spectrographs and monochromators from Zolix Instruments are professional devices for researchers who demand the highest quality data. Zolix spectrographs and monochromators feature a very flexible design that can be configured for a wide range of applications, with a spectral range from UV to NIR.

optical tablesS Eoptical tables from Zolix

Our pneumatic vibration isolation optical table features a world-leading pneumatic isolator, effectively reducing the resonance frequency. Precision adjustable dampers provide more reliable and effective vibration damping. The stainless steel tabletop has various sizes with a matrix of M6 threaded holes, it is convenient for mounting optical posts and rods. This optical table is the most valuable solution for demanding applications such as microscopy and research grade optical experiences.

opto-mechanicsS Eopto-mechanics from Zolix

Zolix manufactures a comprehensive line of optical mounts and mechanics. Our precision opto-mechanics help researchers and companies in their work. We supply many kinds of configuration and models in order to meet different customer requirements.

Raman spectroscopy equipmentS ERaman spectroscopy equipment from Zolix

Since entering the field of Raman spectroscopy in 2003, Zolix has continued to accumulate technical strength, and continuously updated Raman products. The products have been widely used in materials, geology, biology, chemistry, medicine, food, investigate and other fields. After long-term discussions with customers in different industries, we have launched a new generation of Raman system: Finder 930 is a high-end laser confocal Raman spectrometer with high performance, high stability and high cost performance. Based on the successful experience of previous generations of products, Finder 930 has been fully upgraded in terms of both hardware and software.

solar simulatorsS

Solar simulators are used to simulate “real” solar radiation conditions and are widely used for the photovoltaic device research and QA etc. Beam collimation and spot uniformity are important properties along with spectral matching are key operational requirements. Solar simulator are suitable for all types of solar cells and well match their optical requirements.

spectrographsS Espectrographs from Zolix

Zolix offers various kinds of spectrographs. For example, our ultra-high-performance scientific research CCD spectrograph features outstanding spectral image calibration, high wavelength accuracy, and excellent stray light suppression. It consists of a high-resolution spectrometer and TE-cooled CCD. With its research-grade performance, it is an ideal choice for measuring emission spectrum, fluorescence spectrum and Raman spectrum.

spectrophotometersS Espectrophotometers from Zolix

The SmartFluo-QY is designed based on single photon counting technology. The optical system of SmartFluo-QY is based on the design optimization over nearly 15 years. Using a single photon counter as a data acquisition device, it has the ability to detect very weak fluorescent signals, and the signal to noise ratio of water Raman is greater than 3000:1. SmartFluo-QY can achieve wide spectrum detection range, and can meet the requirements of various research and industrial applications such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, semiconductor materials, environmental science and other scientific research and industrial applications.

wavelength-tunable light sourcesS Ewavelength-tunable light sources from Zolix

The Zolix tunable light source (TLS) is a pre-aligned, pre-assembled illumination system capable of emitting monochromatic light from 200 nm on. The completely plug & play system is very easily controlled by software. It is widely used in fluorescence spectroscopy.

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