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Advertising Banners

The RP Photonics website is one of the most popular places in photonics:

We offer attractive packages for banner advertising on these pages. In the right column of this page, you can see a random sample. Most of these banners work for ourselves, but you can use some of that advertising space for your company! For example, you may use them

What is the banner format?

The format is very large. You can cover 234 × 600 pixels – a kind of extra-broad skyscraper banner format.

Help for assembling the banner from some logo, text and URL, for example, is included in the price. You may like this if you cannot provide a suitable complete banner image file.

Where is your banner displayed?

Your banners can be displayed on many pages:

The banner appears on the right side of such pages. (If the browser window gets too narrow, the banner is truncated on the right side or moves to the bottom of the page.)

You may choose pages with specific topics or simply select “all pages” (over 1100).

Note that these banners appear in an environment which is packed with high-quality content rather than primarily with advertising. Also, note that the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology has a very high reputation, and is used by thousands of technical and scientific experts.

Therefore, the banners have a high value in terms of quantity and quality, and are ideally complementing your entries in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide.

Who is watching the site?

The Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology with its over 600 articles has a high reputation for its excellent scientific and technical content. It is used by thousands of technical and scientific experts. Well over 50'000 unique visitors are a testimonial! (Search engine robots and the like are carefully excluded from these numbers.)

What determines your page view numbers and the cost?

Each time when a web page is displayed, one of the banners is randomly selected – each one with a certain probability. In the simplest case, you choose a certain display probability for all accessible pages. If that probability is 5%, for example, the banner receives roughly 0.05 · 160'000 = 8000 views per month.

You may also focus on some subset of pages, specifying display probabilities for certain keywords appearing in the page filenames. This means that you can do targeted banner advertising. For example, you may select on those pages having to do with optical fibers.

The cost of your campaign depends on the expected page view numbers (i.e., on how often your banner will be displayed) and (if applicable) on the degree of focusing on certain topics. A volume rebate is also applied. You can simply check the cost yourself with our convenient price calculator – see below!

Plan your banner campaign NOW!

Here you can check the details of your banner campaign:

Where should the banner appear?

on all pages with the following probability: (1% to 20%)
only on selected pages:

Page(s) Display probability (%)
You can simply enter a term to select pages where that term occurs in the filename. You may also use regular expressions such as "(bulk|fiber)_laser" to select all pages containing "bulk_laser" or "fiber_laser". Enter probabilities between 1% and 30%.

For what time should the banner appear?

1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months

Number of pages:

Estimated number of page views:

Estimated number of views of your banner:

Total cost:

Once you have determined what you want to have, contact us to tell us the details and send us your banner file (e.g. an image in .gif, .png or .jpg format). We will then send you the advertising contract.

More Details

We are confident that you will find out: your advertising money is best spent on our website! RP Photonics has the reputation to work in a very honest way, and we will surely keep it like that.

See also our general page on advertising opportunities.

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