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Buyer's Guide Entries for Suppliers

register new supplier

Here you can register as a new supplier or learn in the following all essentials on entries in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide.

Just click on a heading to open or close the corresponding paragraph. We first explain what you can get; the last section “How to Get All That” tells you how to order it.

Why Your Company Should Be Registered

If you are a supplier for photonics products, your company and your products should definitely be listed in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide:

Note: the rules for buyer's guide entries have changed substantially in November 2015.

Free Basic Entries

Without any cost, as a supplier you can obtain the following:

(In some cases, our system displays more than 10 products of a supplier not paying anything, since it could otherwise not present sufficiently many suppliers for some products.)

Advertising Packages (for enhanced company profiles and product entries)

We offer various versions of advertising packages, which give you the following advantages:

enhanced company profile

Figure 1: Part of the enhanced company profile of RP Photonics (slightly demagnified), containing a logo and a company description with further links. It also contains enhanced product entries (see below).

The second column in the list of offered products displays product descriptions, as far as enhanced product entries (see below) have been selected, instead of alternative suppliers (as displayed for companies not having an ad package).

PackageMaximum number of displayed productsCost per year
Ad package 1010500 €
Ad package 1515600 €
Ad package 2020700 €
Ad package 3030800 €
Ad package 4040900 €
Ad package 60601100 €
Ad package 80801300 €
Ad package 1001001500 €
Ad package max(unlimited)1750 €

Enhanced Product Entries

Although an ad package already improves the visibility of your product entries, we recommend that you upgrade at least the display of your most important products with enhanced product entries, which give you the following advantages:

An an example, see the page on suppliers for laser diodes:

enhanced product entries

Figure 2: Enhanced product entries on the page on suppliers for laser diodes. The two enhanced entries with product descriptions and product images stand out above around 100 basic entries of other suppliers.

Another interesting feature: if you have enhanced product entries, you are listed as an alternative supplier on the profile pages of other companies which offer such products without having an ad package!

So there are plenty of reasons to apply such enhanced product entries at least for your most important products.

Rules for Companies with Multiple Branches

With free entries, we list only the main branch of a company. However, there are two possibilities for getting additional branches (sales offices) listed:

In any case, listings of additional branches appear separately e.g. in the alphabetical list of all suppliers and in the lists of suppliers for specific products. Each branch has its own company profile and list of products. (We do not create extended company profiles with multiple contact addresses, telephone numbers etc.)

Note that these rules apply only to sales offices of the same company, not to distributors. Suppliers with an ad package can list their distributors in their company profile (without extra cost) and also list companies for which they act as a distributor.

Promotion of White Papers and Videos

Maybe you have some interesting “white papers” or application notes – informative documents on certain technological aspects – and would like to make more people aware of them. Obviously, you want to reach out to a certain target group. With our extremely content-rich website, we can serve you very well:

Related White Paper from
Extreme Laser

example for white paper

Click on the preview to download the document!

Similarly, we can promote your videos – just as described above for documents, only with an adapted heading.

The document or video can be hosted on our server or on your own web server – just as you like.

This offer is available only for customers having an advertising package (see above). You can order such a promotion simply via our buyer's guide form – see the section “How to Get All That?” below.

Advertising Banners

There are also attractive advertising banners available, which receive a huge number of page views. They are super-wide skyscraper banners displayed in the right column on a huge number of pages. Such banners are most suitable for special promotions. Having an ad package is not a prerequisite for that.

Images in the Encyclopedia

If you have nice photographs which are suitable for illustrating things explained in the Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology, you may let us display them there. The source will be acknowledged in the figure caption, including a link. We do not charge for such placements, since they are a contribution to the quality of the encyclopedia. However, we only accept images which are really useful for illustrative purposes (ideally, improving the understanding) and do not have too much advertising character (e.g., with big company logos).

How to Get All That?

If you want an advertising banner or suggest images for the encyclopedia, just contact us. For all other things, please proceed as follows (unless you first want to ask us some questions):

First check whether your company is listed already – use the alphabetical list of suppliers.

If you find your company there, please click on your company name in order to get to your company profile. At the top right corner of that page, you find the button “Edit profile data”, which shows you a form for the entry details. That form already contains the details registered so far; you can just add what is missing and submit that information to RP Photonics.

If your company is not listed yet, please use the registration form.

See also our page with frequently asked questions and the entry page on advertising opportunities.

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