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Understanding the RP Photonics Advertising Package

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Learn about our marketing offers:

  • Step 1: See why RP Photonics is the perfect partner for your digital photonics marketing.
  • Step 2 (current page): Understand why and how our advertising package multiplies your chances on the market.
  • Step 3: Explore the specifics of our advertising package – features, pricing, and how to get started.

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encyclopedia and buyer's guide

When you have realized why RP Photonics is the ideal partner for digital marketing in photonics, here you can get all the essential information needed for understanding

  • the basic structure of our buyer's guide,
  • what buyer's entries are available, and
  • why and how our ad package multiplies your chances on the market,

while we refer to a separate page for details of the ad package (features, price, etc.).

The unique feature that separates the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide from other photonics marketing platforms is its close-knit integration with the RP Photonics Encyclopedia – an immensely popular, high-quality resource for photonics professionals. Advanced buyer's guide entries based on our advertising package (see below) let your product information appear even in the encyclopedia. It's not just the usual yellow-pages stuff, with bold letters, logo display, etc.!

Supplier Profiles and Supplier Listings

Buyer's guide entries concern supplier profiles, supplier listings and encyclopedia article pages:

  • Every one of our 1739 registered suppliers has a supplier profile page, including contact information, a table with all registered products, and with our ad package a lot of extras vital details – in particular, your product descriptions. Users can reach these pages (a) via the general list of suppliers and (b) via the lists of suppliers for specific products.
  • Users commonly seek suppliers offering specific products, often with an imminent purchase in mind. Therefore, our 759 pages listing all suppliers for a certain product category are of paramount importance. (For example, see the list of suppliers for laser diodes.) Users can reach these pages through various means such as top-level product categories (e.g. for the letter A) and even through encyclopedia articles.
  • For many products, there is a one-to-one relationship between a list of suppliers for a product and a corresponding encyclopedia article (e.g. on laser diodes). This connectivity allows users to seamlessly navigate between supplier lists and encyclopedia articles. Further, information from suppliers with our ad package is also embedded in encyclopedia article pages. Note that those typically receive much more traffic than supplier listings, so that product information (with company logo etc.) placed there has an important branding effect.

For you as a supplier, it is essential that many users find your profile page and visit your website within their searches.

Free Basic Entries

As a supplier, a basic buyer's guide entry will give you:

  • A basic supplier profile page with your contact information and a list of up to 100 product categories.
  • Inclusion in the supplier list for each product category you offer, but without product descriptions.
  • Also, you get a simple booth in the RP Photonics Virtual Exhibition.

While a free entry is a good starting point, our ad package provides many times greater value in terms of sales lead generation and branding:

Enhanced Entries with the Advertising Package

Our paid advertising package (in short: ad package) much improves your visibility and increases referral traffic to your website. (We explain the details on another page.) See here that it really makes a big difference:

referral statistics for suppliers without ad package
referral statistics for suppliers with ad package
Figure 1: Relation between the number of displayed product categories and the number of obtained referrals to the supplier website within one month – separately for suppliers with the advertising package and those with free entries only. (In the latter case, for each number of products, the average of all referral numbers has been plotted, rather than all data as a point cloud.)

As you can see, with the ad package a company can acquire thousands of visits from photonics professionals within a year – quite certainly more than you get from any other photonics website. That implies a very favorable cost per lead, even when interpreting the whole cost of the ad package as cost for lead generation only, thus completely ignoring the valuable branding effect.

How Does That Work?

Our ad package offers numerous nice features, but the primary driver of your success is the display of your product information on your company profile page, on all product supplier lists, and even in encyclopedia articles.

Why is that so essential? Imagine a typical user in need of a product, say laser diodes. They are confronted with a list of over 100 suppliers in that category! Clearly, they won't sift through every supplier's website, each time starting on their homepage and searching their way to their product descriptions. That's where our ad package comes in – providing the user with essential product information right at their fingertips, thus strongly increasing the likelihood of your company to get on their short list of suppliers for closer inspection.

Providing relevant information at the right moment is the key to capturing attention in a marketing environment that often struggles to engage users. This strategy aligns perfectly with the user's search intent, making it easier for them to find exactly what they need.

Clearly, the mere application of yellow-pages features – listing your company on top, giving it more space, showing your logo, etc. – would not be remotely as effective as what we are doing.

For detailed features and pricing of our ad package, please visit the dedicated page.

Video Explaining Digital Marketing with RP Photonics

This video explains how your digital marketing becomes effective: by choosing the right platform and using the proper type of advertisement.

Time to Act – How to Get It Done

Now that you understand the importance of enhancing your entry with our ad package, here is how you can proceed:

  • If there are any lingering questions or uncertainties, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You will get helpful assistance from RP himself.
  • Verify whether your company is already registered in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, e.g. using the list of all suppliers.
  • If your company is registered, visit your supplier profile page. Near the top right corner, you'll see a red button labeled “Edit profile data.” Click on it to update the form with your company's details and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. You can later revisit the page at any time to further amend the data; your previously entered data will be there as soon as it has been processed by RP Photonics. You also have the option to email us the pertinent information directly.
  • In case your company isn't registered yet, you can do so using our form for supplier registration form. Its structure is the same as the editing form mentioned earlier, only without any pre-existing data.

Try out the advertising package (e.g. with a three-month trial), see the results (e.g. with your server statistics and the statistics we will give you), and we are confident that you will be thoroughly impressed with the outcome!

In case of doubt:

You may directly contact the managing director:

Rüdiger Paschotta

Talk to RP!

Rüdiger Paschotta, the founder and managing director of RP Photonics, will be very helpful – for example, personally explaining anything you need to know, e.g., how the advertising package works and how to get started.

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