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Buyer's Guide Entries for Suppliers

Here we explain all essentials of entries for suppliers and their products in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide. Note that we also have an article on photonics buyer's guides which discusses the use of buyer's guides in general.

Free Basic Entries

Without any cost, as a supplier you can obtain the following:

Advertising Package

We offer you an advertising package, which gives you the following huge advantages:

(1) Enhanced company profile

  • It can contain your company logo, slogan and a company description. The description can be several sentences long and can contain links to specific pages on your website.
  • We can display an image (up to 1000 × 800 px) – for example, a photograph of your main building, of a great exhibition booth, a collection of products, …
  • You can also have links to your social media pages (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube) and quality certificates (e.g. ISO 9001) displayed.
  • You can list your distributors, or as a distributor you can list the companies you represent.
  • We will announce your participation in upcoming exhibitions, if you tell us about them.
  • You also get far more visibility in the list of all suppliers.

(2) Much improved display of your products

  • You can display an unlimited number of products.
  • Each product appears (a) in your company profile and (b) on the page listing suppliers for a specific product. On the latter page, products of suppliers with ad package additionally appear in a separate table above the table with all suppliers (in random order).
  • Each product is displayed with much improved visibility: with your company logo, slogan, product description and a product image (up to 250 × 250 px), plus various extras (upcoming exhibitions, social media links etc.).

As an example, see what appears on the page with suppliers for laser diodes:

(click here)

supplier listing
  • Your product description can obtain several links to specific pages on your website.
    Note: The display of product descriptions and images helps users a lot for deciding which supplier websites to visit!
    By the way, we regularly check the links in your product descriptions – if we find any broken ones, we will report that to you.
  • Every enhanced product entry includes an additional well visible advertisement displayed on the page of the related encyclopedia article, if there is one for that kind of product.
  • You are listed as an alternative supplier on the profile pages of other companies which offer such products without having an ad package!

(3) Advertising banner

Included in the ad package is one skyscraper banner, which can be displayed in the right column of the buyer's guide pages (see the right side of this page as an example – many are our own ads).

Whenever a page of the buyer's guide or the encyclopedia is called, the web server randomly selects one of the banners.

More details of banners …

All banners resulting from ad packages have the same display probability. For the buyer's guide pages, the total display probability of those banners is limited to 50%, and the display probability for each banner is limited to 5%. For the encyclopedia pages, the total display probability of the banners is limited to 10%, and the display probability for each banner is limited to 1%.

Banners are graphics with the following characteristics:

  • width: 234 px, height 500 to 600 px
  • animated GIFs are allowed, as long as the animation is not too distracting (to be determined by RP Photonics)
  • HTML link connected to the banner: URL can be freely determined by the advertiser

Our additional service: we produce your banner graphics from your inputs. For example, you may send us an image and some text which we will place on the image, together with your company logo. We can also cut off superfluous margins, rescale images etc. It may thus be sufficient to send us materials from other areas which we adapt to meet the above described characteristics.

It is also possible to obtain additional such banners, possibly with higher display probability and for a limited time; see our page on advertising banners for details.

(4) White paper or video promotion

One white paper or video promotion is included in the ad package. We place a preview in the corresponding encyclopedia article, so that it is seen by exactly those people who have an interest in the specific topic!

(5) Website statistics

RP Photonics provides substantial statistical data to customers with an ad package. Such customers obtain a website link, containing a secret password, with which they can access the statistical information at any time. The data are regularly updated on the first day of each month or slightly later.

The provided statistical data include at least the following:

  • Traffic by pages: number of page views and referrals to the supplier's website – for the company profile, for each supplier page for a product of the supplier, and for each encyclopedia article in which an ad of the supplier appears. These data are the sums from the beginning of the current advertising period to the previous month.
  • Traffic by months: number of page views and referrals by month for up to 36 months (possibly even beyond the beginning of the advertising). Shown are the data for the company profile and sums for all supplier pages and for all encyclopedia articles.

We are happy to demonstrate to our customers how much our website is used, and how much benefit in the form of branding and lead generation they obtain from us.

We strongly encourage you also to check the statistics of your own web server, so that you can find out how much traffic you get from as compared with other websites – for example, from other buyer's guides.

What is the Cost of My Ad Package?

The cost per year:

  • basic price: 2,400 € (2,750 USD)
  • add 75 € (90 USD) for each further product up to 50
  • add 50 € (60 USD) for each further product beyond 50


  • 3,900 € (4,550 USD) for 20 products
  • 6,150 € (7,250 USD) for 50 products
  • 8,650 € (10,250 USD) for 100 products

We also offer a trial for 6 months, costing just half the amount of one year.

prices of ad packages

Price Calculation

Number of products:
Price per year (€): calc
Price per year (USD): calc

Enter input values with units, where appropriate. After you have modified some values, click a "calc" button to recalculate the field left of it.

After one year, we will ask you whether you want to prolong your advertising. There will be no renewal without your explicit consent.

Decide Based on Data!

If you are not yet advertising in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, we suggest the following:

How to Get Started?

This is pretty simple:

(If your company is not registered yet, use the registration form for new suppliers to create your profile.)

Then just fill out the form, which is easy.

In case of any difficulties, please:

Marketing people who do not know our website well yet can have an easy introduction with our video on RP Photonics marketing solutions:

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