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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Use a Buyer's Guide – Don't People Use Google Nowadays?

Yes, they do. However, it would be wrong to conclude that a enhanced listing in the best buyer's guide is not needed.

Because of our excellent search engine ranking (probably better than for any other photonics buyer's guide), Google searches bring many people to our photonics encyclopedia or directly to our buyer's guide pages (e.g. to listings of suppliers), rather than to the website of a particular supplier. Therefore, it is essential to be found in our buyer's guide.

Another aspect is that many buyers want to get an overview on available suppliers before deciding for a specific supplier.

What Is the Most Popular Website in Photonics?

Engineers and scientists working in the field of laser technology, for example, frequently use the probably most useful resource on such topics on the Internet – our website, containing both the famous Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology and the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide. (Who else is offering such valuable resources for free??) Google and other search engines know that and therefore rank our pages very highly – much higher than the websites of many well-known publishers and suppliers.

We publish the data very transparently: see our page on the usage statistics.

Note that everybody can claim high traffic numbers, but you can make plausibility checks: see whether it is believable that people use such pages, and check the search engine ranking.

What Are the Advantages of Enhanced Entries?

An ad package not only gives you:

In addition, you can use enhanced product entries, which give you far better visibility on the pages where suppliers for specific products are listed. (As an example, see the page with suppliers of diode lasers, where a couple of companies with enhanced entries are listed above dozens of others.) Furthermore, your product information even appears in the related article in our encyclopedia, if there is one (example: the article on diode lasers).

Typically, enhanced entries generate several times more leads (visits to your company website) than the basic entries.

For more details, see the page on buyer's guide entries.

What Is the Cost?

The basis for all enhanced entries is to have some ad package. This determines the maximum number of products you can get displayed, and you can see the yearly cost in the table below:

PackageMaximum number of displayed productsCost per year
Ad package 1010500 €
Ad package 1515600 €
Ad package 2020700 €
Ad package 3030800 €
Ad package 4040900 €
Ad package 60601100 €
Ad package 80801300 €
Ad package 1001001500 €
Ad package max(unlimited)1750 €

In addition to an ad package, you can have enhanced product entries – which is recommended for your most important products, as it is further boosts your visibility for those. Here, the yearly cost is variable, depending on the popularity of the corresponding pages. (For some products, we have very popular encyclopedia articles, while other pages are not used that frequently.) The cost for each enhanced product entry is displayed in the submission form. If you select multiple enhanced entries, you automatically get a discount; the resulting total cost is displayed near the bottom of the form.

With that online system, we have a convenient tool which can be used by the advertisers themselves, so that they can already see the cost. In case of any difficulty, we are happy to help. For example, we will gladly call you back if you send us an e-mail.

If you compare the cost per click with that on other sites, please take into account that from our websites you obtain very high quality traffic, as only those people visit a website like ours who are really interested in photonics and laser technology. There is no point in getting possibly somewhat cheaper traffic to your site e.g. with Google Adwords, which places ads on all sorts of websites with user communities which are much less focused on our topic. Also keep in mind that we give you a diligent service. Our offers are very fair and competitive.

Note that for the cost of a single print ad in one of the usual journals, you can obtain very good coverage of your products in our buyer's guide for a whole year.

How Can I Get Started?

First you should check whether your company is already listed in our buyer's guide – see the list of suppliers. If your company is not listed yet, please use the simple registration form.

If your company is listed already, please click on the entry of your company in the list of suppliers in order to get to your profile. At the top right corner of the profile page, you find the button “Edit Profile”, which brings you to a form for submitting modified entry details. That form already contains the details registered so far; you can just add what is missing.

Our form for submitting your company data (see above) is quite long, but not too complicated. It contains a long list of the many products which can be registered. Indicating that your company offers a certain product takes just one click. With another click, you can turn this into an enhanced product entry. There, you should enter a product description to be displayed with that entry.

Will the Entries Be Active and Legally Binding When I Submit the Data?

If you submit your data with the form, they will first be reviewed by RP Photonics. If any ad package is ordered, you will obtain an e-mail with the details from us. Only when you confirm your consent with those, the enhanced entries will be displayed.

Can I Change the Entries Later On?

Yes, you are welcome to update your address data, product information etc. at any time; we will do the corresponding changes on the website without additional cost, assuming that you do not request such changes many times per year.

You can even upgrade your enhancements at any time; we will make an offer if you tell us what you need.

We do our best to be very flexible and provide you with an excellent service.

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