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Frequently Asked Questions
on the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

Why Use a Buyer's Guide – Don't People Use Google Nowadays?

Yes, they often do. However, it would be wrong to conclude that a enhanced listing in the best buyer's guide is not needed.

Because of our excellent search engine ranking (better than for any other photonics buyer's guide), Google searches bring many people to our photonics encyclopedia or directly to our buyer's guide pages (e.g. to listings of suppliers), rather than to the website of a particular supplier. Therefore, it is essential to be found in our buyer's guide.

By the way, general Internet search engines are not a good replacement for a high-quality buyer's guide. They deliver a lot of search results which are not relevant (= indicating a potential supplier) and miss others. For quickly getting a reliable overview on available suppliers, you need to use a high-quality buyer's guide like ours.

Also note that people will see the information from our advertisers when reading encyclopedia articles; that's important branding.

Isn't It Enough to Advertise with, Laser Focus World and

That would be enough if most users were using their buyer's guides. But apparently they aren't! Some of our advertisers reported that they checked their referral traffic and found that receive much more referral traffic from RP Photonics ( than from any other domain – and we never hear the opposite. That is consistent with the answer to the following question:

What Is the Most Popular Website in Photonics?

Engineers and scientists working in the field of laser technology, for example, frequently use the probably most useful resource on such topics on the Internet – our website, containing both the famous RP Photonics Encyclopedia and the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide. (Who else is offering such valuable resources for free??)

You can verify two things yourself:

  • that our search engine ranking is far better than that of any other photonics website
  • that you get more traffic from us to your website (check your server statistics!)

Can I Trust Buyer's Guides?

As a user, you generally can trust at least for the common buyer's guides e.g. that they don't suppress prevent important suppliers from being listed. Well, they may present companies for a product which don't really offer that, but such poor data quality is just a nuisance, not a risk. The risk of overlooking important suppliers is much greater if you rely on Internet searches.

As an advertiser, you should be very careful. For example, many published traffic statistics for websites are highly misleading, and some are even completely wrong – essentially always presenting too high numbers, by the way! Our recommendations:

  • Treat all published traffic data with great care. Ask what exactly they apply to (e.g. the buyer's guide or the whole website, also containing thousands of articles which are irrelevant for your purposes?). Check their plausibility by investigating the search engine ranking (at least with a quick search for some important keywords).
  • Check yourself what is most relevant for you: the incoming traffic on your web server. You should at least study statistics on how many visits you obtain from different web domains. If possible, compare that with what they claim and draw your own conclusions.

We emphasize that our adverting offers are honest and trustworthy throughout.

How to Objectively Compare Online Advertising Resources?

We warmly recommend that you check your referral traffic. This is a good indication for how much marketing value is delivered by different websites. It depends on how many professionals actually use the sites and their features.

Of course, not everything of importance can be quantified. However, the nicest website doesn't deliver for your marketing if it cannot generate substantial referrals traffic.

Why Should I Sell More When Having the Ad Package? Aren't Free Entries Enough?

First of all, others do sell substantially more as you can see from the following statistical data:

referral statistics for suppliers with ad package referral statistics for suppliers with ad package
Relation between the number of displayed products and the number of obtained referrals to the supplier website within one month – separately for suppliers with and without the ad package. Each dot corresponds to one supplier.

How do we achieve that? The usual yellow-pages effects such as using bold letters and showing your logo wouldn't do it. However, our ad package gives you far more than just some “hello-look-here” effect. The main point is easily understood:

Imagine a product where we have 50 suppliers, five of which display their product description based on the ad package. If a reader finds something suitable there, he or she is unlikely to check the website of the other 45 suppliers to find out what they offer. So the point is: Show in our resource what you offer in order to capture their interest, because otherwise people may not be motivated to visit your website.

Besides, with the ad package your information will even appear in related encyclopedia articles – that greatly supports your brand!

In addition, you profit from features like the strongly enhanced company profile, social media links, display of upcoming exhibitions, a prominent display in the alphabetical list of suppliers, one included banner and a special promotion etc.

For more details, see the page on buyer's guide entries.

What Is the Cost?

The cost structure of our ad packages is very simple: a base price plus a price for each product. For more details, see the page on buyer's guide entries.

Our prices are very competitive. When comparing with other offers, think about the following:

  • Nobody else in the photonics area can offer such a wealth of high quality information for buyers, and therefore our resource is outstandingly popular. Nevertheless, we offer lower prices than some competitors.
  • When comparing with pay-per-click offers like Google Ads, be aware that the quality of traffic from those sources is far lower (e.g. according to measured engagement on your site), so that the effective cost per sales lead is usually higher (despite tentatively lower cost per click) – while the branding effect is also largely missing and service is minimal.

We are firmly convinced that nobody else gives you a better deal for online marketing in photonics. If you think you know a better place, please tell us!

How Much Time Will I Have to Spend?

Because of our diligent service, it is realistic that within a single hour you can

  • learn how our system works,
  • enter the required information, and
  • get your entries activated,

even if you have 50 products, for example. We offer to collect your product descriptions and images from your website!

How Can I Get Started?

First you should check whether your company is already listed in our buyer's guide – see the list of suppliers. If your company is not listed yet, please use the simple registration form.

If your company is listed already, please click on the entry of your company in the list of suppliers in order to get to your profile. At the top right corner of the profile page, you find the button “Edit Profile”, which brings you to a form for submitting modified entry details. That form already contains the details registered so far; you can just add what is missing.

Our form for submitting your company data (see above) is easy to use. It contains a list of the many products which can be registered. Indicating that your company offers a certain product takes just one click. If you have an ad package, you can then enter a product description, or just the URL of a page on your website on which we can find your product description and image.

Will the Entries Be Active and Legally Binding When I Submit the Data?

If you submit your data with the form, they will first be reviewed by RP Photonics. If any ad package is ordered, you will obtain an e-mail with the details from us. Only when you confirm your consent with those, the enhanced entries will be displayed.

By the way, we also don't automatically prolong your entries; we always ask for your consent.

Can I Change the Entries Later On?

Sure, you are welcome to update your address data, product information etc. at any time; we will do the corresponding changes on the website without additional cost, assuming that you do not request such changes many times per year.

You can even upgrade your enhancements at any time; we will make an offer if you tell us what you need.

We do our best to be very flexible and serve you with an excellent service.

See also our article on photonics buyer's guides.

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