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Get Your Company Listed in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

Free Listings

Every company offering products in the area of photonics is welcome to get listed for free in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide – with only few basic requirements: you need to have a reasonable website, describing your offers in English and displaying proper contact information.

Please use our registration form for this.

Effective Digital Marketing of Photonics Products

We warmly recommend using our advertising package. With that, you can generate more sales leads than with any other digital resource in photonics! The cost is moderate, and due to our diligent support, you will not require much time to get it done!

The key feature of our ad package is the display of product descriptions, which allow our users to decide within seconds whether to visit your website, and lead them to the exactly suitable page with a single click.

See the many suppliers already using our ad package. Nearly all of them prolong their entries year by year, being happy about the success.

How to start this:

  • If there are still any questions or concerns, contact us to discuss the matter with Dr. Paschotta, e.g. by telephone or video.
  • Find the profile page of your company, using the search field “Supplier name” at the top. (If your company is not registered yet, use the registration form for new suppliers to create your profile.)
  • In the profile, click on the button “Edit profile data” (right of the heading).
  • Finally, just fill out the registration form.

We also offer a page describing the details of the required data, with helpful recommendations. In any case, you will be supported during to the whole process to get everything done easily.