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Photonics Products by Categories

Here, you find all 739 types of products which have been registered for this buyer's guide. They are grouped in various categories:

ApplicationsNon-laser Light Sources
Calculations, Software and DesignNonlinear Optics
Detectors and MeasurementsOptical Components and Devices
Fiber opticsOptical Modulators
InformationServices and Training
Lasers and Laser AmplifiersTelecom
Manufacturing EquipmentVarious Devices
MaterialsVision, Displays and Imaging

Our product categorization scheme works as follows:

  • There is simply a long alphabetic list of all products for which suppliers can be registered – no hierarchical system of categories.
  • There are also shorter lists of those products belonging to certain categories. They are available with the buttons which you find above. Some products appear in more than one category.
  • For each of the 739 products, there is a page with suppliers for that product, containing links to their profile pages and their websites. For most products, there is also a related encyclopedia article. For example, see the supplier list for ultrafast lasers and the related encyclopedia article. Before buying expensive items, learn about the technology!
  • On each company profile page, there is a list of all products registered for that company. For each product, there is a link to the corresponding suppliers page and (if available) the encyclopedia article. Suppliers can register only products which they also mention on their own website.
  • Product descriptions and images can be displayed by suppliers having our ad package. They appear on the supplier's company profile, on the lists of suppliers for those products, and also in related encyclopedia articles (for example, see the one on ultrafast lasers, section “Suppliers” at the end). Users of the buyer's guide profit from the chance to easily find out which suppliers appear to have products which are suitable for them – before searching through websites of suppliers.
Suppliers: Make sure that your company and your products are registered here. Those who are not yet registered are asked to fill out a registration form. Use our ad package for publishing your product information and for generally improved visibility!