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ABCD matrix software → resonator design software10 SE
M2 factor → laser beam characterization instruments34 SE
absorbing coatings → black coatings8 SE
absorption spectroscopy equipment11 S
achromatic optics58 SE
acousto-optic deflectors10 SE
acousto-optic frequency shifters17 SE
acousto-optic modulators27 SE
acousto-optic Q switches12 SE
acousto-optic tunable filters11 SE
adaptive optics20 S
add–drop multiplexers14 S
advice on product selection3 S
alexandrite lasers5 SE
alignment lasers27 SE
amplifiers → optical amplifiers69 SE
anamorphic prism pairs19 SE
anti-reflection coatings125 SE
anti-reflection microstructures5 S
apochromats → achromatic optics58 SE
arc lamps16 SE
argon ion lasers23 SE
arrayed waveguide gratings8 SE
aspheric optics85 SE
attenuators → optical attenuators80 SE
autocollimators8 SE
autocorrelators20 SE
automotive lamps5 S
avalanche photodiodes22 SE
axicons12 SE
Babinet–Soleil compensators7 SE
balanced photodetectors9 SE
ball lenses16 SE
bat ear controllers → fiber polarization controllers9 SE
beam characterization → laser beam characterization instruments34 SE
beam collimators59 SE
beam combining optics33 SE
beam delivery systems28 S
beam dumps17 SE
beam expanders49 SE
beam homogenizers16 SE
beam profilers31 SE
beam propagation software14 S
beam quality measurement devices26 SE
beam scanners → laser scanners22 SE
beam shapers29 SE
beam shutters17 SE
beam splitters151 SE
Berek compensators3 SE
binoculars6 S
birefringent materials25 SE
birefringent tuners5 SE
bit error rate testers7 SE
black coatings8 SE
blue lasers75 SE
books on photonics and laser technology13 S
borescopes5 S
Bragg grating sensors → fiber-optic sensors54 SE
Bragg gratings27 SE
Brewster plates16 SE
Brewster windows21 SE
Brillouin lasers2 S
broad area laser diodes18 SE
calibration lamps → spectral lamps6 SE
calorimeters → optical energy meters22 SE
camera objectives22 S
camera sensors → image sensors17 SE
cameras103 SE
carbon dioxide lasers → CO2 lasers39 SE
carrier–envelope offset measurement and stabilization8 SE
cavity design software → resonator design software10 SE
cavity dumping components1 S
cavity-dumped lasers---E
CCD cameras → cameras103 SE
CCD sensors → image sensors17 SE
ceramic gain media1 SE
chalcogenide fibers → mid-infrared fibers13 SE
characterization of optics → optics characterization equipment10 S
chirped mirrors15 SE
chirped-pulse amplifier systems8 SE
choppers → optical choppers11 SE
chromatic dispersion emulators1 S
chromatic dispersion measurement devices4 SE
chromium-doped gain media14 SE
cladding mode strippers5 SE
cladding-pumped fibers → double-clad fibers13 SE
CMOS cameras → cameras103 SE
CMOS sensors → image sensors17 SE
CO lasers1 S
CO2 lasers39 SE
coating materials7 S
coherence measurement devices2 SE
coherent beam combining optics5 SE
cold cathode fluorescent lamps → fluorescent lamps6 SE
cold mirrors21 SE
color filters → optical filters230 SE
colorimeters6 SE
composite laser crystals12 SE
condensers12 SE
conferences on photonics and laser technology5 S
confocal scanning microscopes8 SE
contract manufacturing14 S
corner cube prisms12 SE
cross lasers → alignment lasers27 SE
crystal ovens13 SE
crystalline fibers → single-crystal fibers6 SE
crystalline mirrors2 SE
custom optics120 SE
cutting and polishing services28 S
cylindrical lenses81 SE
deformable mirrors18 SE
delay lines → optical delay lines18 SE
dermatology laser devices3 S
design and development services32 S
deuterium lamps10 S
diaphragms4 SE
dichroic mirrors70 SE
dielectric coatings136 SE
dielectric mirrors119 SE
diffraction gratings38 SE
diffractive optics35 SE
diffusers27 SE
digital cameras → photo cameras6 SE
digital microscopes → microscopes36 SE
diode bars25 SE
diode lasers75 SE
diode stacks18 SE
diode-pumped lasers116 SE
direct diode lasers15 SE
disk lasers → thin-disk lasers4 SE
dispersion compensation modules21 SE
dispersion management devices6 SE
dispersion measurement devices → chromatic dispersion measurement devices4 SE
dispersion-shifted fibers5 SE
dispersive mirrors16 SE
dispersive pulse stretchers → pulse stretchers9 SE
displays8 S
distance measurements with lasers12 SE
distributed Bragg reflector lasers8 SE
distributed feedback lasers35 SE
distributed sensors → fiber-optic sensors54 SE
distributors → resell services1 S
dot lasers → alignment lasers27 SE
double-clad fibers13 SE
dual-segment photodiodes → position-sensitive detectors13 SE
due diligence → investment analysis and due diligence---
dye lasers18 SE
educational laser kits4 S
educational optics kits5 S
electroabsorption modulators1 SE
electronic dispersion compensation devices---E
electro-optic modulators42 SE
electro-optic sampling systems2 SE
ellipsometers4 S
endoscopes2 S
enhancement cavities2 SE
erbium-doped fiber amplifiers40 SE
erbium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers21 SE
erbium-doped gain media29 SE
etalons25 SE
excimer lamps5 SE
excimer lasers13 SE
external-cavity diode lasers21 SE
eye pieces → ocular lenses8 SE
eye protection equipment36 SE
eye-safe lasers23 SE
Fabry–Perot interferometers18 SE
Faraday circulators32 S
Faraday isolators65 SE
Faraday rotator mirrors10 S
Faraday rotators34 SE
feasibility studies5 S
femtosecond fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers30 SE
femtosecond lasers84 SE
fiber amplifiers53 SE
fiber arrays24 S
fiber Bragg gratings35 SE
fiber bundles29 SE
fiber cables100 SE
fiber cleaning equipment4 S
fiber cleavers26 SE
fiber collimators52 SE
fiber connectors76 SE
fiber couplers91 SE
fiber coupling stages → fiber launch systems5 SE
fiber end inspection devices3 S
fiber fabrication equipment4 S
fiber lasers115 SE
fiber launch systems5 SE
fiber mode field adapters11 SE
fiber mode converters4 S
fiber optics250 SE
fiber patch cables83 SE
fiber patch panels14 S
fiber polarization controllers9 SE
fiber polishing equipment14 S
fiber preforms1 S
fiber recoaters---
fiber simulation software11 SE
fiber strippers16 S
fiber to the home equipment25 SE
fiber-coupled diode lasers75 SE
fiber-optic adapters46 S
fiber-optic attenuators35 S
fiber-optic bundles → fiber bundles29 SE
fiber-optic cables → fiber cables100 SE
fiber-optic connectors → fiber connectors76 SE
fiber-optic depolarizers8 S
fiber-optic links12 SE
fiber-optic networks15 SE
fiber-optic plates3 SE
fiber-optic polarizers23 S
fiber-optic probes12 S
fiber-optic pump combiners23 SE
fiber-optic sensors54 SE
fiber-optic tapers2 SE
fiber-optic tool kits10 S
fibers159 SE
fiberscopes5 S
filters → optical filters230 SE
first surface mirrors59 SE
Fizeau interferometers2 SE
flash lamps17 SE
flow tubes5 S
fluorescence microscopes16 SE
fluorescence spectroscopy equipment14 SE
fluorescent lamps6 SE
fluoride fibers4 SE
focusing objectives3 S
force sensors → optical force and pressure sensors5 S
forsterite crystals → chromium-doped gain media14 SE
free electron lasers1 SE
free form optics18 S
free-space optical communication systems8 SE
frequency comb sources14 SE
frequency doubling devices38 SE
frequency metrology equipment7 SE
frequency quadrupling devices17 SE
frequency shifters → acousto-optic frequency shifters17 SE
frequency tripling devices23 SE
frequency-resolved optical gating devices11 SE
Fresnel lenses12 SE
f–theta lenses → scanning lenses21 SE
fusion splicers22 SE
gain equalization filters2 SE
gain-switched lasers6 SE
gas discharge lamps30 SE
gas lasers42 SE
Gaussian beams characterization → laser beam characterization instruments34 SE
Gires–Tournois interferometers3 SE
glass ceramics10 S
goniometers7 S
graded-index fibers → multimode fibers38 SE
gradient index lenses10 SE
grating compressors → pulse compressors20 SE
green lasers113 SE
half-wave plates → waveplates77 SE
halogen lamps10 SE
harmonic separators → dichroic mirrors70 SE
helium–cadmium lasers4 S
helium–neon lasers28 SE
high brightness laser diodes22 SE
high harmonic generation equipment10 SE
high intensity discharge lamps8 SE
high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers30 SE
high-power lasers84 SE
high-speed imaging cameras6 S
hollow cathode lamps3 S
hollow-core fibers11 SE
holmium-doped gain media8 S
holographic bulk gratings → volume Bragg gratings5 SE
holographic diffraction gratings → diffraction gratings38 SE
holographic optical elements3 S
holography devices12 SE
homogenizing rods → beam homogenizers16 SE
hot mirrors20 SE
hyperspectral imaging instruments15 SE
illumination → light sources for lighting7 S
illuminators13 S
image amplifiers → image intensifiers and image converters9 SE
image intensifiers and image converters9 SE
imaging instruments30 SE
image sensors17 SE
immersion oils1 S
incandescent lamps4 SE
index matching fluids4 SE
industrial lasers17 SE
infrared cameras20 SE
infrared detector cards → laser viewing cards15 SE
infrared detectors14 SE
infrared emitters10 SE
infrared fibers → mid-infrared fibers13 SE
infrared optics114 SE
infrared sensor cards → laser viewing cards15 SE
infrared viewers15 SE
infrared-to-visible converters4 S
injection-locked lasers---E
injection-seeded lasers3 SE
integrated optical circuits → photonic integrated circuits10 SE
integrating spheres22 SE
intellectual property → patent development2 S
intensity modulators13 SE
intensity noise measurement equipment1 SE
interference coatings → dielectric coatings136 SE
interference filters21 SE
interferometers51 SE
interlocks4 SE
investment analysis and due diligence---
journals on photonics and laser technology12 S
Kerr lens mode-locked lasers6 SE
knife edge beam profilers → beam profilers31 SE
krypton fluoride lasers → excimer lasers13 SE
krypton ion lasers2 S
krypton lamps → flash lamps17 SE
lamp power supplies11 SE
lamp-pumped lasers22 SE
large-core fibers16 SE
large mode area fibers7 SE
laser ablation machinery22 S
laser additive manufacturing devices9 S
laser amplifiers → optical amplifiers69 SE
laser applications30 SE
laser beam characterization instruments34 SE
laser beam delivery systems → beam delivery systems28 S
laser beam profilers → beam profilers31 SE
laser beam shapers → beam shapers29 SE
laser beam shutters → beam shutters17 SE
laser cavity design software → resonator design software10 SE
laser ceramics3 S
laser cleaning machinery12 S
laser cooling and trapping systems3 SE
laser cooling units7 SE
laser crystals78 SE
laser cutting machinery44 S
laser design services15 S
laser design software3 SE
laser development services21 SE
laser diode bars → diode bars25 SE
laser diode collimators17 SE
laser diode drivers68 SE
laser diode modules90 SE
laser diode stacks → diode stacks18 SE
laser diodes123 SE
laser distance meters → laser rangefinders21 SE
laser drilling machinery26 S
laser dyes6 S
laser enclosures9 S
laser energy meters → optical energy meters22 SE
laser engraving machinery23 S
laser gain media54 SE
laser glasses7 SE
laser goggles → eye protection equipment36 SE
laser guide stars4 SE
laser hardening machinery3 S
laser heads13 SE
laser line optics12 SE
laser lithography equipment6 S
laser machining equipment74 S
laser marking machinery52 SE
laser material processing devices82 S
laser microscopes15 SE
laser mirrors109 SE
laser modeling services1 S
laser modeling software7 SE
laser noise measurement equipment5 SE
laser optics91 SE
laser pointers21 SE
laser power meters → optical power meters62 SE
laser power supplies27 S
laser printers4 S
laser processing heads10 S
laser projectors10 S
laser rangefinders21 SE
laser repair services2 S
laser resonators4 SE
laser safety curtains10 S
laser safety equipment and consulting44 SE
laser safety goggles → eye protection equipment36 SE
laser scanners22 SE
laser scribing machinery9 S
laser show equipment7 S
laser simulation software → laser modeling software7 SE
laser soldering machinery8 S
laser speckle reduction components5 SE
laser spectroscopy equipment40 SE
laser stabilization devices20 SE
laser surface treatment machinery9 S
laser synchronization devices13 SE
laser testing equipment6 S
laser trackers3 S
laser viewing cards15 SE
laser warning signs2 S
laser welding machinery36 S
laser-based displays---
laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy equipment9 S
laser-induced damage threshold measurements and equipment6 S
lasers260 SE
LEDs → light-emitting diodes63 SE
lenses200 SE
LIDAR equipment21 SE
light detection and ranging equipment → LIDAR equipment21 SE
light-emitting diodes63 SE
light sources for lighting7 S
line lasers → alignment lasers27 SE
line scan cameras10 S
linewidth measurement equipment21 SE
liquid crystal displays---E
liquid crystal modulators7 SE
long-period fiber Bragg gratings → fiber Bragg gratings35 SE
loupes3 SE
luxmeters → photometers15 SE
Lyot filters4 SE
Mach–Zehnder interferometers → interferometers51 SE
machine vision devices8 S
magnifying glasses5 SE
market research---
marketing in photonics6 S
measurement and calibration services15 S
mechanical fiber splicing equipment3 SE
medical lasers36 SE
mercury vapor lamps5 SE
metal-coated mirrors62 SE
metal halide lamps6 SE
metal–semiconductor–metal photodetectors1 SE
Michelson interferometers5 SE
micro-displays1 S
micro-optics53 S
microchannel plate detectors9 SE
microchip lasers15 SE
microelectromechanical systems1 S
microlasers9 S
microlens arrays16 SE
microlenses16 SE
microscope cameras19 S
microscope objectives29 SE
microscopes36 SE
microwave over fiber systems → RF over fiber systems5 SE
mid-infrared fibers13 SE
mid-infrared laser sources52 SE
mirror mounts30 S
mirror substrates11 SE
mirrors184 SE
mode cleaners1 SE
mode converters1 S
mode division multiplexing devices2 SE
mode field adapters → fiber mode field adapters11 SE
mode locking devices12 SE
mode field converters → fiber mode field adapters11 SE
mode-locked diode lasers3 SE
mode-locked fiber lasers30 SE
mode-locked lasers49 SE
mode lockers → mode locking devices12 SE
modulators → optical modulators60 SE
monochromators26 SE
monoculars6 S
monomode fibers → single-mode fibers37 SE
multi-core fibers9 SE
multilayer coatings → dielectric coatings136 SE
multimode fibers38 SE
multimode pump combiners → fiber-optic pump combiners23 SE
multipass gas cells4 SE
multiphoton microscopes → fluorescence microscopes16 SE
multiple element lenses12 S
multispectral imaging instruments9 SE
nanosecond lasers81 SE
narrow-linewidth lasers76 SE
neodymium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers21 SE
neodymium-doped gain media45 SE
neutral density filters35 SE
night vision devices4 SE
nitrogen lasers5 S
noise eaters4 SE
nonlinear crystal materials71 SE
nonlinear frequency conversion equipment29 SE
nonlinear optics software6 S
nonlinear pulse compressors → pulse compressors20 SE
nonplanar ring oscillators2 SE
ocular lenses8 SE
OEM laser modules20 SE
ophthalmology equipment9 S
optical alignment services4 S
optical alignment systems2 S
optical amplifiers69 SE
optical apertures15 SE
optical attenuators80 SE
optical bonding services or machinery8 S
optical breadboards21 SE
optical cage systems6 S
optical choppers11 SE
optical clocks3 SE
optical coherence tomography instruments and components13 SE
optical crystals86 SE
optical damage → laser-induced damage threshold measurements and equipment6 S
optical data transmission systems84 SE
optical delay lines18 SE
optical design services43 S
optical design software27 S
optical displacement sensors10 S
optical domes11 SE
optical energy meters22 SE
optical fiber cables → fiber cables100 SE
optical fiber communication systems and devices97 SE
optical filters230 SE
optical flats44 SE
optical force and pressure sensors5 S
optical frequency standards5 SE
optical glasses32 SE
optical materials133 SE
optical metrology equipment46 SE
optical metrology services3 S
optical mirrors → mirrors184 SE
optical modulators60 SE
optical mounts21 S
optical multiplexers13 S
optical networks → fiber-optic networks15 SE
optical parametric amplifiers16 SE
optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers8 SE
optical parametric generators3 SE
optical parametric oscillators34 SE
optical power meters62 SE
optical power monitors17 SE
optical profilometers9 SE
optical prototyping systems7 S
optical rail systems14 S
optical resonators3 SE
optical sampling systems2 SE
optical sensing instruments19 S
optical sensors44 SE
optical spectrum analyzers22 SE
optical strain sensors8 SE
optical surface characterization equipment13 S
optical surface profilers → optical profilometers9 SE
optical switches29 S
optical tables21 SE
optical temperature sensors10 SE
optical thickness sensors5 S
optical tilt sensors3 S
optical time-domain reflectometers17 SE
optical traps2 S
optical tweezers11 SE
optical vibration sensors8 S
optical windows141 SE
optics characterization equipment10 S
optics cleaning equipment26 SE
optics fabrication equipment8 SE
optoelectronic components and devices25 SE
opto-electronic oscillators2 S
opto-mechanics85 SE
output couplers26 SE
PANDA fibers → polarization-maintaining fibers28 SE
parabolic mirrors15 SE
parabolic reflectors → parabolic mirrors15 SE
parametric amplifiers → optical parametric amplifiers16 SE
parametric generators → optical parametric generators3 SE
parametric oscillators → optical parametric oscillators34 SE
particle image velocimetry instruments5 S
passive Q-switches → saturable absorbers21 SE
patent development2 S
pellicle mirrors1 S
Peltier elements → thermoelectric coolers7 S
periodically poled nonlinear crystals8 SE
phase modulators15 SE
phase noise measurement equipment4 SE
phosphate glasses1 SE
phosphors1 SE
photoacoustic gas sensing equipment3 S
photo cameras6 SE
photoconductive detectors11 SE
photodetector arrays → photodiode arrays5 SE
photodetectors101 SE
photodiode amplifiers8 S
photodiode arrays5 SE
photodiodes60 SE
photographic objectives8 SE
photolithography devices → laser lithography equipment6 S
photometers15 SE
photomultipliers19 SE
photon counting detectors25 SE
photonic bandgap fibers3 SE
photonic crystal fibers12 SE
photonic integrated circuits10 SE
photonic metamaterials1 SE
photonic microwave sources1 S
photorefractive materials4 S
photosensitive fibers4 S
phototransistors3 SE
phototubes1 SE
picosecond lasers78 SE
p–i–n photodiodes16 SE
pinholes8 SE
planar waveguides3 SE
plastic optical fibers12 SE
plastic optics37 SE
plate beam splitters → beam splitters151 SE
Pockels cell drivers20 SE
Pockels cells35 SE
polarimeters8 SE
polarization beam combining optics16 SE
polarization controllers15 S
polarization mode dispersion measurement and compensation equipment4 SE
polarization scramblers12 S
polarization-maintaining fibers28 SE
polarizers114 SE
polarizing beam splitters → polarizers114 SE
polarizing cubes → polarizers114 SE
polishing of fibers → fiber polishing equipment14 S
polycrystalline fibers → mid-infrared fibers13 SE
polymer optical fibers → plastic optical fibers12 SE
polymer optics → plastic optics37 SE
positioning equipment17 S
position-sensitive detectors13 SE
power monitors → optical power monitors17 SE
power over fiber systems3 SE
pressure sensors → optical force and pressure sensors5 S
praseodymium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers21 SE
prism retroreflectors → corner cube prisms12 SE
prisms158 SE
profilometers → optical profilometers9 SE
projection objectives7 S
proposal writing---
protective coatings5 S
prototype building and testing7 S
pulse characterization instruments31 SE
pulse compressors20 SE
pulse duration measurement devices21 SE
pulse pickers17 SE
pulse propagation modeling software5 SE
pulse shapers9 SE
pulse stretchers9 SE
pulsed laser deposition machinery3 S
pulsed lasers119 SE
pump chambers1 SE
pump–probe measurement equipment8 SE
pyroelectric detectors9 SE
quadrant photodiodes → position-sensitive detectors13 SE
Q switches45 SE
Q-switched lasers88 SE
quantum cascade lasers27 SE
quantum cryptography systems5 SE
quantum key distribution systems3 SE
quarter-wave plates → waveplates77 SE
R & D → research and development16 S
radiation-resistant fibers4 S
radiometers3 SE
Raman amplifiers12 SE
Raman crystals10 S
Raman lasers6 SE
Raman microscopes6 S
Raman spectroscopy equipment47 SE
range finders → laser rangefinders21 SE
rare-earth-doped fibers21 SE
rare-earth-doped gain media51 SE
ray tracing software5 S
recruiting for the photonics industry3 S
red–green–blue sources → RGB sources21 SE
red lasers77 SE
reference cavities4 SE
reflectometers4 S
reflectors1 S
refractometers5 SE
regenerative amplifiers10 SE
repair services9 S
research and development16 S
resell services1 S
resonator design software10 SE
retardation plates → waveplates77 SE
retroreflecting prisms → corner cube prisms12 SE
retroreflectors15 SE
RF drivers20 S
RF over fiber systems5 SE
RGB sources21 SE
rod lenses11 SE
rotating disc choppers → optical choppers11 SE
ruby lasers---E
rugate filters6 SE
ruled diffraction gratings → diffraction gratings38 SE
safety glasses → eye protection equipment36 SE
sapphire fibers → single-crystal fibers6 SE
saturable absorber mirrors → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
saturable absorbers21 SE
scanning beam profilers → beam profilers31 SE
scanning delay lines → optical delay lines18 SE
scanning lenses21 SE
scientific lasers17 SE
scintillation detectors7 S
scintillator crystals8 S
seed lasers11 SE
semiconductor disk lasers → vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers5 SE
semiconductor fabrication equipment10 S
semiconductor lasers104 SE
semiconductor optical amplifiers14 SE
semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
SESAMs → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensors11 SE
side-polished fibers2 S
signal lamps5 SE
silica fibers10 SE
silicon detectors → photodiodes60 SE
silicon photonics6 SE
single-crystal fibers6 SE
single-emitter laser diodes → broad area laser diodes18 SE
single-frequency lasers56 SE
single-mode fibers37 SE
single-photon sources2 S
single-polarization fibers4 SE
slab lasers1 SE
slits5 SE
solar-blind photodetectors4 SE
solar-powered lasers---
solar simulators6 S
solid-state lasers134 SE
space division multiplexing devices3 SE
space photonics1 S
spatial light modulators9 S
specialty fibers54 SE
spectral beam combining optics3 SE
spectral lamps6 SE
spectral phase interferometry instruments6 SE
spectrographs11 SE
spectrometers106 SE
spectrophotometers16 SE
spectroradiometers5 S
spectroscopy equipment68 SE
spot lasers → alignment lasers27 SE
streak cameras7 SE
structured light illuminators1 S
sum and difference frequency generators11 SE
supercontinuum sources23 SE
superluminescent diodes21 SE
superluminescent sources33 SE
supermirrors5 SE
superpolished optics8 S
surface-emitting LEDs → light-emitting diodes63 SE
surface-emitting semiconductor lasers12 SE
surface profilers → optical profilometers9 SE
tapered amplifiers12 SE
tapered fibers14 SE
tapered laser diodes7 SE
technical writing1 S
telecentric lenses16 SE
telecom fibers and cables20 SE
telecom optics8 S
telecom receivers34 S
telecom transmitters30 S
telescopes11 SE
temperature controllers19 S
terahertz cameras8 S
terahertz crystals10 S
terahertz detectors22 SE
terahertz optics7 S
terahertz reflectometers1 S
terahertz spectrometers12 S
terahertz sources25 SE
thermal imaging cameras13 SE
thermal power meters → optical power meters62 SE
thermoelectric coolers7 S
thermography equipment → thermal imaging cameras13 SE
thin-disk lasers4 SE
thin-film coatings → dielectric coatings136 SE
thin-film design software4 S
thin-film measurement systems3 S
thin-film mirrors → dielectric mirrors119 SE
thin-film polarizers34 SE
thin-film production equipment11 S
thulium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers21 SE
thulium-doped gain media8 S
tilt sensors → optical tilt sensors3 S
time division multiplexing devices---E
time-of-flight measurement devices10 SE
time-resolved spectroscopy equipment9 SE
timing jitter measurement devices2 SE
titanium-doped gain media17 S
titanium–sapphire lasers19 SE
training on fiber lasers and amplifiers2 S
training on fiber optics3 S
training on laser beams1 S
training on laser material processing2 S
training on laser safety6 S
training on laser technology2 S
training on nonlinear optics1 S
training on optical technology5 S
training on optoelectronics---
training on photodetection1 S
training on specialized topics in photonics4 S
transition-metal-doped gain media21 SE
transparent adhesives1 S
traveling-wave photodetectors → velocity-matched photodetectors---E
trihedral prisms → corner cube prisms12 SE
trouble shooting technical problems3 S
tunable lasers85 SE
tunable lenses6 S
tunable optical filters21 SE
tuning fork choppers → optical choppers11 SE
tungstate lasers4 SE
two-photon microscopes → fluorescence microscopes16 SE
Twyman–Green interferometers2 SE
Ulbricht spheres → integrating spheres22 SE
ultrafast amplifiers27 SE
ultrafast lasers100 SE
ultrafast optics14 SE
ultraviolet lasers81 SE
ultraviolet light sources28 SE
ultraviolet optics61 SE
ultraviolet sensors3 S
upconversion lasers---E
vanadate lasers12 SE
variable optical attenuators35 SE
variable reflectivity mirrors13 SE
velocity-matched photodetectors---E
vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers19 SE
vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers5 SE
vibration isolation devices9 S
video cameras4 S
videoscopes4 S
volume Bragg gratings5 SE
wavefront analyzers19 S
waveguide lasers2 SE
waveguides14 SE
wavelength division multiplexing devices59 SE
wavelength-swept lasers11 SE
wavelength-tunable lasers → tunable lasers85 SE
wavelength-tunable light sources18 SE
wavelength tuning devices12 SE
wavemeters21 SE
waveplates77 SE
websites on photonics and laser technology2 S
wedge prisms17 SE
white light interferometers7 SE
white light sources31 SE
wire grid polarizers → polarizers114 SE
X-ray cameras7 S
X-ray detectors6 S
X-ray lasers3 SE
xenon lamps5 SE
YAG lasers70 SE
VCSEL arrays9 SE
yellow and orange lasers38 SE
YLF lasers18 SE
ytterbium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers21 SE
ytterbium-doped gain media42 SE

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