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Products beginning with B

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Babinet–Soleil compensators7 SE
balanced photodetectors9 SE
ball lenses17 SE
bat ear controllers → fiber polarization controllers9 SE
beam characterization → laser beam characterization instruments35 SE
beam collimators58 SE
beam combining optics31 SE
beam delivery systems26 S
beam dumps16 SE
beam expanders49 SE
beam homogenizers16 SE
beam profilers31 SE
beam propagation software14 S
beam quality measurement devices29 SE
beam scanners → laser scanners20 SE
beam shapers25 SE
beam shutters17 SE
beam splitters152 SE
Berek compensators3 SE
binoculars6 S
birefringent materials26 SE
birefringent tuners5 SE
bit error rate testers7 SE
black coatings7 SE
blue lasers73 SE
books on photonics and laser technology13 S
borescopes5 S
Bragg grating sensors → fiber-optic sensors54 SE
Bragg gratings27 SE
Brewster plates17 SE
Brewster windows22 SE
Brillouin lasers2 S
broad area laser diodes18 SE