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Directory of Photonics Products – B

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Babinet–Soleil compensators7 SE
balanced photodetectors9 SE
ball lenses27 SE
bat ear controllers → fiber polarization controllers9 SE
beam characterization → laser beam characterization instruments29 SE
beam collimators61 SE
beam combining optics38 SE
beam delivery systems36 SE
beam dumps19 SE
beam expanders54 SE
beam homogenizers22 SE
beam profilers34 SE
beam propagation software12 S
beam quality measurement devices25 SE
beam scanners → laser scanners25 SE
beam shapers37 SE
beam shifting devices1 S
beam shutters14 SE
beam splitters178 SE
Berek compensators3 SE
binoculars6 S
birefringent materials28 SE
birefringent tuners5 SE
bit error rate testers6 SE
black coatings7 SE
blue lasers83 SE
books on photonics and laser technology12 S
borescopes6 S
Bragg grating sensors → fiber-optic sensors63 SE
Bragg gratings27 SE
Brewster plates15 SE
Brewster windows24 SE
Brillouin lasers1 S
broad area laser diodes17 SE
burst mode lasers17 SE