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Technical consulting services on lasers, nonlinear optics, fiber optics etc.
Profit from the knowledge and experience of a top expert!
Powerful simulation and design software.
Make computer models in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your devices!
Success comes from understanding – be it in science or in industrial development.
The famous Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology – available online for free!
The ideal place for finding suppliers for many photonics products.
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Products beginning with C


(see also: encyclopedia articles for the letter C)

cameras32 suppliers
carrier-envelope offset
(equipment for measuring or stabilizing the … of a laser)
6 suppliersarticle
cavity dumping
(equipment for … and cavity-dumped lasers)
7 suppliersarticle
CCD cameras21 suppliers
ceramic gain media---article
characterization of optics6 suppliers
chirped mirrors10 suppliersarticle
chirped-pulse amplification
(chirped-pulse amplifier systems)
9 suppliersarticle
chopper wheels8 suppliers
chromatic dispersion
(equipment for chromatic dispersion measurements)
5 suppliersarticle
chromium-doped gain media11 suppliersarticle
cladding mode strippers4 suppliersarticle
cladding-pumped fibers---
cleaning of optics
(equipment for …)
14 suppliers
cleaving of fibers
(equipment for …)
9 suppliersarticle
CMOS cameras14 suppliers
CO lasers1 supplier  
CO2 lasers27 suppliersarticle
coating materials4 suppliers
(equipment for … measurements)
2 suppliersarticle
coherent beam combining
(components for …)
4 suppliersarticle
collimated beams
(laser beam collimators)
10 suppliersarticle
color filters---
composite laser crystals12 suppliersarticle
conferences on photonics and laser technology6 suppliers
contract manufacturing4 suppliers
core-less end caps
(fibers with …)
2 suppliersarticle
corner cube prisms7 suppliers
crystal ovens10 suppliersarticle
crystalline mirrors1 supplier  article
custom optics57 suppliers
cutting and polishing of optical materials16 suppliers
cylindrical lenses33 suppliers

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