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Directory of Photonics Products – C

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calibration lamps → spectral lamps6 SE
calorimeters → optical energy meters22 SE
camera objectives22 S
camera sensors → image sensors17 SE
cameras103 SE
carbon dioxide lasers → CO2 lasers39 SE
carrier–envelope offset measurement and stabilization8 SE
cavity design software → resonator design software10 SE
cavity dumping components1 S
cavity-dumped lasers---E
CCD cameras → cameras103 SE
CCD sensors → image sensors17 SE
ceramic gain media1 SE
chalcogenide fibers → mid-infrared fibers14 SE
characterization of optics → optics characterization equipment10 S
chirped mirrors15 SE
chirped-pulse amplifier systems8 SE
choppers → optical choppers11 SE
chromatic dispersion emulators1 S
chromatic dispersion measurement devices4 SE
chromium-doped gain media15 SE
cladding mode strippers5 SE
cladding-pumped fibers → double-clad fibers13 SE
CMOS cameras → cameras103 SE
CMOS sensors → image sensors17 SE
CO lasers1 S
CO2 lasers39 SE
coating materials7 S
coherence measurement devices2 SE
coherent beam combining optics5 SE
cold cathode fluorescent lamps → fluorescent lamps6 SE
cold mirrors21 SE
color filters → optical filters233 SE
colorimeters6 SE
composite laser crystals12 SE
condensers12 SE
conferences on photonics and laser technology5 S
confocal scanning microscopes8 SE
contract manufacturing15 S
corner cube prisms12 SE
cross lasers → alignment lasers26 SE
cryogenic lasers2 SE
crystal ovens13 SE
crystalline fibers → single-crystal fibers6 SE
crystalline mirrors2 SE
custom optics121 SE
cutting and polishing services28 S
cylindrical lenses82 SE