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Directory of Photonics Products – D

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deformable mirrors17 SE
delay lines → optical delay lines17 SE
dermatology laser devices2 S
design and development services34 S
deuterium lamps10 S
diaphragms4 SE
dichroic mirrors70 SE
dielectric coatings143 SE
dielectric mirrors127 SE
diffraction gratings40 SE
diffractive optics35 SE
diffusers29 SE
digital cameras → photo cameras6 SE
digital microscopes → microscopes40 SE
diode bars26 SE
diode lasers85 SE
diode stacks18 SE
diode-pumped lasers119 SE
direct diode lasers15 SE
disk lasers → thin-disk lasers4 SE
dispersion compensation modules22 SE
dispersion management devices6 SE
dispersion measurement devices → chromatic dispersion measurement devices5 SE
dispersion-shifted fibers7 SE
dispersive mirrors17 SE
dispersive pulse stretchers → pulse stretchers10 SE
displays8 S
distance measurements with lasers12 SE
distributed Bragg reflector lasers9 SE
distributed feedback lasers37 SE
distributed sensors → fiber-optic sensors60 SE
distributors → resell services1 S
dot lasers → alignment lasers26 SE
double-clad fibers15 SE
dual-segment photodiodes → position-sensitive detectors13 SE
dual-wavelength lasers → multi-line lasers4 SE
due diligence → investment analysis and due diligence---
dye lasers17 SE