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Products in the Area of Detectors and Measurements

avalanche photodiodes14 SE
autocollimators6 S
autocorrelators12 SE
beam characterization → laser beam characterization instruments18 SE
beam profilers18 SE
beam quality measurement devices17 SE
bit error rate testers5 SE
calorimeters → laser energy meters10 S
cameras57 SE
carrier–envelope offset measurement and stabilization7 SE
CCD cameras → cameras57 SE
characterization of optics → optics characterization equipment8 S
chromatic dispersion measurement devices6 SE
CMOS cameras → cameras57 SE
coherence measurement devices2 SE
colorimeters2 S
dispersion measurement devices → chromatic dispersion measurement devices6 SE
displacement sensors6 S
distance measurements with lasers11 SE
distributed sensors → fiber-optic sensors35 SE
electro-optic sampling systems1 SE
Fabry–Perot interferometers14 SE
fiber-optic sensors35 SE
Fizeau interferometers1 S
fluorescence microscopes10 SE
fluorescence spectroscopy equipment5 S
force and pressure sensors3 S
frequency comb sources9 SE
frequency metrology equipment6 SE
frequency-resolved optical gating devices9 SE
Gaussian beams characterization → laser beam characterization instruments18 SE
goniometers4 S
hyperspectral imaging instruments4 S
image amplifiers4 S
image intensifiers → image amplifiers4 S
infrared sensor cards → laser viewing cards10 SE
image sensors9 SE
infrared cameras10 S
infrared detectors6 S
infrared viewers10 SE
infrared-to-visible converters5 S
intensity noise measurement equipment1 SE
interferometers31 SE
knife edge beam profilers → beam profilers18 SE
laser beam characterization instruments18 SE
laser beam profilers → beam profilers18 SE
laser distance meters → laser rangefinders14 SE
laser energy meters10 S
laser noise measurement equipment5 SE
laser power meters → powermeters33 SE
laser trackers2 S
laser viewing cards10 SE
laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy equipment8 S
laser-induced damage threshold measurements and equipment6 S
line scan cameras5 S
linewidth measurement equipment16 SE
luxmeters → photometers10 SE
M2 factor → laser beam characterization instruments18 SE
Mach–Zehnder interferometers → interferometers31 SE
machine vision devices2 S
measurement and calibration services8 S
metal–semiconductor–metal photodetectors1 SE
Michelson interferometers2 SE
microchannel plate detectors9 S
microscope cameras14 S
multiphoton microscopes → fluorescence microscopes10 SE
optical alignment systems2 S
optical clocks2 SE
optical damage measurements → laser-induced damage threshold measurements and equipment6 S
optical metrology equipment31 SE
optical power monitors14 SE
optical powermeters → powermeters33 SE
optical profilometers7 SE
optical sampling systems3 SE
optical sensing instruments15 S
optical sensors26 S
optical spectrum analyzers13 S
optical surface profilers → optical profilometers7 SE
optical thickness sensors5 S
optical time domain reflectometry systems15 S
optics characterization equipment8 S
phase noise measurement equipment4 SE
photodetectors49 SE
photodetector arrays → photodiode arrays4 SE
photodiode amplifiers3 S
photodiode arrays4 SE
photodiodes35 SE
photometers10 SE
photomultipliers11 SE
photon counting detectors13 SE
phototransistors3 SE
phototubes1 SE
polarimeters7 S
polarization mode dispersion measurement and compensation equipment4 SE
position-sensitive detectors8 S
power monitors → optical power monitors14 SE
powermeters33 SE
pressure sensors → force and pressure sensors3 S
profilometers → optical profilometers7 SE
pulse characterization instruments17 SE
pulse duration measurement devices12 SE
pump–probe measurement equipment6 SE
pyroelectric detectors → laser energy meters10 S
p–i–n photodiodes10 SE
pyroelectric detectors4 S
Raman spectroscopy equipment25 SE
range finders → laser rangefinders14 SE
reference cavities3 SE
refractometers5 SE
scanning beam profilers → beam profilers18 SE
scintillation detectors6 S
Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensors4 S
silicon detectors → photodiodes35 SE
spectral interferometry instruments4 SE
spectrographs7 SE
spectrometers54 SE
spectrophotometers10 SE
spectroradiometers → spectrometers54 SE
spectroscopy equipment47 SE
strain sensors5 S
streak cameras7 SE
surface profilers → optical profilometers7 SE
temperature sensors7 S
terahertz detectors11 S
thermal imaging cameras8 S
thermal powermeters → powermeters33 SE
thermography thermography → thermal imaging cameras8 S
timing jitter measurement devices1 SE
time-of-flight measurement devices10 SE
time-resolved spectroscopy equipment5 SE
traveling-wave photodetectors → velocity-matched photodetectors---E
two-photon microscopes → fluorescence microscopes10 SE
Twyman–Green interferometers2 SE
velocity-matched photodetectors---E
vibration sensors4 S
wavefront analyzers13 S
wavemeters14 SE
white light interferometers6 SE
X-ray detectors5 S

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