RP Photonics

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Products beginning with F

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Fabry–Perot interferometers14 SE
Faraday circulators21 S
Faraday isolators35 SE
Faraday rotators23 SE
feasibility studies5 S
femtosecond fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers17 SE
femtosecond lasers41 SE
fiber amplifiers34 SE
fiber arrays15 S
fiber Bragg gratings23 SE
fiber bundles16 SE
fiber cables54 SE
fiber cleaning equipment1 S
fiber cleavers20 SE
fiber collimators28 SE
fiber connectors45 SE
fiber couplers45 SE
fiber coupling stages → fiber launch systems4 SE
fiber end inspection devices1 S
fiber fabrication equipment3 S
fiber lasers56 SE
fiber launch systems4 SE
fiber mode field adapters8 SE
fiber mode converters1 S
fiber optics113 SE
fiber patch cables46 SE
fiber patch panels11 S
fiber polarization controllers9 SE
fiber polishing equipment10 S
fiber preforms1 S
fiber recoaters---
fiber simulation software11 SE
fiber strippers12 S
fiber to the home equipment22 SE
fiber-coupled diode lasers46 SE
fiber-optic adapters34 S
fiber-optic attenuators25 S
fiber-optic bundles → fiber bundles16 SE
fiber-optic cables → fiber cables54 SE
fiber-optic connectors → fiber connectors45 SE
fiber-optic depolarizers8 S
fiber-optic links10 SE
fiber-optic networks11 SE
fiber-optic plates4 SE
fiber-optic polarizers15 S
fiber-optic probes8 S
fiber-optic pump combiners15 SE
fiber-optic sensors35 SE
fiber-optic tapers3 SE
fiber-optic tool kits8 S
fibers70 SE
fiberscopes5 S
filters → optical filters95 SE
Fizeau interferometers1 S
flash lamps14 S
flow tubes5 S
fluorescence microscopes10 SE
fluorescence spectroscopy equipment5 S
fluorescent lamps3 SE
fluoride fibers3 SE
focusing objectives2 S
force and pressure sensors3 S
forsterite crystals → chromium-doped gain media12 SE
free electron lasers---E
free form optics14 S
free-space optical communication systems6 SE
frequency comb sources9 SE
frequency doubling devices26 SE
frequency metrology equipment5 SE
frequency quadrupling devices14 SE
frequency shifters → acousto-optic frequency shifters14 SE
frequency tripling devices17 SE
frequency-resolved optical gating devices9 SE
Fresnel lenses6 SE
f–theta lenses → scanning lenses14 SE
fusion splicers17 SE

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