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Products beginning with H

(see also: encyclopedia articles for the letter H)

half-wave plates → waveplates76 SE
halogen lamps4 SE
harmonic separators → dichroic mirrors68 SE
helium–cadmium lasers4 S
helium–neon lasers25 SE
high brightness laser diodes21 SE
high harmonic generation equipment8 SE
high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers26 SE
high-power lasers80 SE
high-speed imaging cameras6 S
hollow cathode lamps3 S
hollow-core fibers9 SE
holmium-doped gain media7 S
holographic bulk gratings → volume Bragg gratings6 SE
holographic diffraction gratings → diffraction gratings40 SE
holographic optical elements2 S
holography devices12 SE
homogenizing rods → beam homogenizers16 SE
hot mirrors15 SE
hyperspectral imaging instruments14 SE

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