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Products beginning with I

(see also: encyclopedia articles for the letter I)

illumination → light sources for lighting5 S
illuminators12 S
image amplifiers → image intensifiers and image converters9 SE
image intensifiers and image converters9 SE
imaging instruments31 SE
image sensors16 SE
immersion oils1 S
incandescent lamps3 SE
index matching fluids4 SE
infrared cameras20 SE
infrared detector cards → laser viewing cards15 SE
infrared detectors11 SE
infrared emitters8 SE
infrared fibers → mid-infrared fibers12 SE
infrared optics111 SE
infrared sensor cards → laser viewing cards15 SE
infrared viewers14 SE
infrared-to-visible converters4 S
injection-locked lasers---E
injection-seeded lasers3 SE
integrated optical circuits → photonic integrated circuits9 SE
integrating spheres21 SE
intellectual property → patent development2 S
intensity modulators12 SE
intensity noise measurement equipment1 SE
interference coatings → dielectric coatings135 SE
interference filters20 SE
interferometers50 SE
interlocks4 SE
investment analysis and due diligence---

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