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lamp-pumped lasers21 SE
large-core fibers15 SE
large mode area fibers7 SE
laser ablation machinery21 S
laser additive manufacturing devices9 S
laser amplifiers → optical amplifiers67 SE
laser applications31 SE
laser beam characterization instruments32 SE
laser beam delivery systems → beam delivery systems25 S
laser beam profilers → beam profilers31 SE
laser beam shapers → beam shapers25 SE
laser beam shutters → beam shutters16 SE
laser cavity design software → resonator design software9 SE
laser ceramics2 S
laser cleaning machinery9 S
laser cooling units7 SE
laser crystals79 SE
laser cutting machinery43 S
laser design services17 S
laser design software---E
laser development services21 SE
laser diode bars → diode bars26 SE
laser diode collimators16 SE
laser diode drivers62 SE
laser diode modules87 SE
laser diode stacks → diode stacks20 SE
laser diodes126 SE
laser distance meters → laser rangefinders19 SE
laser drilling machinery25 S
laser dyes6 S
laser enclosures9 S
laser energy meters → optical energy meters22 SE
laser engraving machinery24 S
laser gain media56 SE
laser glasses7 SE
laser goggles → eye protection equipment35 SE
laser guide stars4 SE
laser hardening machinery3 S
laser heads14 SE
laser line optics9 SE
laser lithography equipment6 S
laser machining equipment73 S
laser marking machinery51 SE
laser material processing devices80 S
laser microscopes14 SE
laser mirrors109 SE
laser modeling services1 S
laser modeling software7 SE
laser noise measurement equipment6 SE
laser optics86 SE
laser pointers21 SE
laser power meters → optical power meters61 SE
laser power supplies27 S
laser printers4 S
laser processing heads10 S
laser projectors10 S
laser rangefinders19 SE
laser repair services2 S
laser resonators5 SE
laser safety curtains8 S
laser safety equipment and consulting43 SE
laser safety goggles → eye protection equipment35 SE
laser scanners20 S
laser scribing machinery9 S
laser show equipment7 S
laser simulation software → laser modeling software7 SE
laser soldering machinery8 S
laser speckle reduction components4 SE
laser spectroscopy equipment38 SE
laser stabilization devices21 SE
laser surface treatment machinery9 S
laser synchronization devices13 SE
laser testing equipment4 S
laser trackers2 S
laser viewing cards15 SE
laser warning signs2 S
laser welding machinery36 S
laser-based displays---
laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy equipment9 S
laser-induced damage threshold measurements and equipment6 S
lasers267 SE
LEDs → light-emitting diodes56 SE
lenses191 SE
LIDAR equipment22 SE
light detection and ranging equipment → LIDAR equipment22 SE
light-emitting diodes56 SE
line lasers → alignment lasers26 SE
line scan cameras10 S
linewidth measurement equipment22 SE
liquid crystal displays---E
liquid crystal modulators6 SE
long-period fiber Bragg gratings → fiber Bragg gratings34 SE
loupes2 SE
luxmeters → photometers15 SE
Lyot filters3 SE

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