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Technical consulting services on lasers, nonlinear optics, fiber optics etc.
Profit from the knowledge and experience of a top expert!
Powerful simulation and design software.
Make computer models in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your devices!
Success comes from understanding – be it in science or in industrial development.
The famous Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology – available online for free!
The ideal place for finding suppliers for many photonics products.
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… the one with the Encyclopedia!

Products beginning with L


(see also: encyclopedia articles for the letter L)

lamp-pumped lasers
(… and replacement lamps)
15 suppliersarticle
large mode area fibers7 suppliersarticle
large-core fibers10 suppliersarticle
laser ablation
(equipment for …)
19 suppliers
laser applications22 suppliersarticle
laser beam characterization16 suppliers
laser beam delivery systems16 suppliers
laser beam profilers---
laser beam shapers---
laser beam shutters---
laser cleaning
(equipment for …)
7 suppliers
laser cooling units6 suppliers
laser crystals versus glasses
(laser crystals and glasses)
8 suppliersarticle
laser crystals31 suppliersarticle
laser cutting
(equipment for …)
30 suppliers
laser design
(… services)
12 suppliersarticle
laser development
(… services)
17 suppliersarticle
laser diode drivers31 suppliersarticle
laser diode modules40 suppliersarticle
laser diodes54 suppliersarticle
laser drilling
(equipment for …)
17 suppliers
laser dyes6 suppliers
laser enclosures9 suppliers
laser energy meters10 suppliers
laser engraving17 suppliers
laser guide stars
(equipment for …)
5 suppliersarticle
laser hardening4 suppliers
laser heads11 suppliersarticle
laser lithography5 suppliers
laser machining
(equipment for …)
45 suppliers
laser marking
(equipment for …)
37 suppliersarticle
laser material processing
(equipment for …)
52 suppliers
laser microscopy
(laser microscopes)
10 suppliersarticle
laser mirrors40 suppliersarticle
laser modeling
(… services and software)
7 suppliersarticle
laser noise
(low-noise lasers or equipment for the characterization of …)
6 suppliersarticle
laser pointers15 suppliersarticle
laser power meters---
laser power supplies16 suppliers
laser printing
(equipment for …)
3 suppliers
laser projectors9 suppliers
laser rangefinders---
laser repair---
laser resonators4 suppliersarticle
laser safety goggles---
laser safety
(… equipment and consulting)
24 suppliersarticle
laser safety curtains7 suppliers
laser scanners12 suppliers
laser scribing
(equipment for …)
9 suppliers
laser shows6 suppliers
laser simulation software10 suppliers
laser soldering
(equipment for …)
7 suppliers
laser speckle
(equipment for reducing …)
4 suppliers
laser spectroscopy
(equipment for …)
26 suppliers
laser surface treatment
(equipment for …)
10 suppliers
laser viewing cards10 suppliersarticle
laser warning signs3 suppliers
laser welding
(equipment for …)
27 suppliers
laser-based displays---
laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
(equipment for …)
7 suppliers
laser-induced damage
(damage threshold measurements and related equipment)
7 suppliersarticle
lasers116 suppliersarticle
lenses59 suppliersarticle
(… equipment)
13 suppliers
light-emitting diodes29 suppliersarticle
line cameras5 suppliers
(narrow-linewidth lasers or equipment for linewidth measurements)
15 suppliersarticle
liquid crystal modulators4 suppliers
Lyot filters3 suppliersarticle

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