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Products in the Area of Lasers and Laser Amplifiers

alexandrite lasers5 SE
alignment lasers17 SE
amplifiers41 SE
argon ion lasers12 SE
blue lasers40 SE
Brillouin lasers2 S
broad area laser diodes11 SE
carbon dioxide lasers → CO2 lasers26 SE
cavity-dumped lasers---E
chirped-pulse amplifier systems8 SE
CO lasers1 S
CO2 lasers26 SE
diode bars21 SE
diode lasers44 SE
diode stacks15 SE
diode-pumped lasers58 SE
direct diode lasers10 SE
disk lasers → thin-disk lasers4 SE
distributed Bragg reflector lasers6 SE
distributed feedback lasers26 SE
dye lasers15 SE
erbium-doped fiber amplifiers23 SE
excimer lasers10 SE
external-cavity diode lasers12 SE
eye-safe lasers15 SE
femtosecond fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers17 SE
femtosecond lasers41 SE
fiber amplifiers34 SE
fiber lasers55 SE
fiber-coupled diode lasers45 SE
free electron lasers---E
gain-switched lasers4 SE
gas lasers25 SE
green lasers56 SE
helium–cadmium lasers4 S
helium–neon lasers17 SE
high brightness laser diodes → broad area laser diodes11 SE
high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers14 SE
high-power lasers44 SE
injection-locked lasers---E
injection-seeded lasers2 SE
Kerr lens mode-locked lasers6 SE
krypton fluoride lasers → excimer lasers10 SE
krypton ion lasers2 S
lamp-pumped lasers16 SE
laser amplifiers → amplifiers41 SE
laser diode bars → diode bars21 SE
laser diode drivers37 SE
laser diode modules46 SE
laser diode stacks → diode stacks15 SE
laser diodes56 SE
laser heads12 SE
laser stabilization devices17 SE
lasers119 SE
medical lasers28 SE
microchip lasers10 SE
microlasers10 S
mid-infrared laser sources30 SE
mode-locked diode lasers2 SE
mode-locked fiber lasers17 SE
mode-locked lasers34 SE
nanosecond lasers42 SE
narrow-linewidth lasers40 SE
nitrogen lasers5 S
optical amplifiers → amplifiers41 SE
picosecond lasers44 SE
pulsed lasers58 SE
Q-switched lasers50 SE
quantum cascade lasers15 SE
Raman amplifiers10 SE
Raman lasers7 SE
red–green–blue sources → RGB sources14 SE
red lasers39 SE
regenerative amplifiers10 SE
RGB sources14 SE
ruby lasers1 SE
seed lasers7 SE
semiconductor disk lasers → vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers5 SE
semiconductor lasers57 SE
semiconductor optical amplifiers10 SE
single-emitter laser diodes → broad area laser diodes11 SE
single-frequency lasers37 SE
slab lasers2 SE
solar-powered lasers---
solid-state lasers59 SE
superluminescent diodes13 SE
superluminescent sources22 SE
surface-emitting semiconductor lasers12 SE
surgical lasers → medical lasers28 SE
tapered amplifiers8 S
tapered laser diodes6 S
thin-disk lasers4 SE
titanium–sapphire lasers15 SE
tunable lasers46 SE
tungstate lasers4 SE
ultrafast amplifiers16 SE
ultrafast lasers48 SE
ultraviolet lasers47 SE
upconversion lasers---E
vanadate lasers10 SE
vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers16 SE
vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers5 SE
waveguide lasers2 SE
wavelength-swept lasers6 SE
wavelength-tunable lasers → tunable lasers46 SE
X-ray lasers1 SE
YAG lasers42 SE
yellow and orange lasers24 SE
YLF lasers10 SE

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