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Directory of Photonics Products – M

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Mach–Zehnder interferometers → interferometers52 SE
machine vision devices11 S
magnifying glasses5 SE
market reports2 S
market research---
marketing in photonics7 S
measurement and calibration services16 S
mechanical fiber splicing equipment3 SE
medical lasers37 SE
mercury vapor lamps5 SE
metal-coated mirrors65 SE
metal halide lamps6 SE
metal–semiconductor–metal photodetectors1 SE
Michelson interferometers5 SE
micro-displays1 S
micro-optics59 SE
microchannel plate detectors9 SE
microchip lasers17 SE
microelectromechanical systems1 S
microlasers7 S
microlens arrays18 SE
microlenses18 SE
microscope cameras19 S
microscope objectives29 SE
microscopes39 SE
microwave over fiber systems → RF over fiber systems5 SE
mid-infrared fibers14 SE
mid-infrared laser sources54 SE
mirror mounts30 S
mirror substrates10 SE
mirrors192 SE
mode cleaners1 SE
mode converters1 S
mode division multiplexing devices3 SE
mode field adapters → fiber mode field adapters10 SE
mode locking devices11 SE
mode field converters → fiber mode field adapters10 SE
mode-locked diode lasers3 SE
mode-locked fiber lasers30 SE
mode-locked lasers47 SE
mode lockers → mode locking devices11 SE
modulators → optical modulators58 SE
monochromators25 SE
monoculars6 S
monomode fibers → single-mode fibers38 SE
multi-core fibers9 SE
multilayer coatings → dielectric coatings140 SE
multimode fibers42 SE
multimode laser diodes → broad area laser diodes19 SE
multimode pump combiners → fiber-optic pump combiners23 SE
multipass gas cells4 SE
multiphoton microscopes → fluorescence microscopes17 SE
multiple element lenses12 S
multispectral imaging instruments9 SE