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Products in the Area of Materials

absorbing coatings → black coatings7 SE
birefringent materials24 SE
black coatings7 SE
ceramic gain media1 SE
chromium-doped gain media13 SE
coating materials5 S
composite laser crystals13 SE
erbium-doped gain media29 SE
forsterite crystals → chromium-doped gain media13 SE
glass ceramics9 S
holmium-doped gain media7 S
immersion oils1 S
index matching fluids4 SE
laser ceramics2 S
laser crystals80 SE
laser dyes6 S
laser gain media58 SE
laser glasses8 SE
mirror substrates8 SE
neodymium-doped gain media44 SE
nonlinear crystal materials70 SE
optical glasses31 SE
optical materials135 SE
periodically poled nonlinear crystals10 SE
phosphate glasses1 SE
phosphors1 SE
photorefractive materials4 S
protective coatings2 S
rare-earth-doped gain media51 SE
scintillator crystals5 S
terahertz crystals9 S
thulium-doped gain media7 S
titanium-doped gain media16 S
transition-metal-doped gain media20 SE
transparent adhesives1 S
ytterbium-doped gain media41 SE

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