RP Photonics

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Products in the Area of Materials

(birefringent materials)
16 suppliersarticle
ceramic gain media---article
chromium-doped gain media12 suppliersarticle
coating materials4 suppliers
composite laser crystals12 suppliersarticle
cutting and polishing of optical materials17 suppliers
erbium-doped gain media20 suppliersarticle
gain media
(laser crystals and glasses)
29 suppliersarticle
holmium-doped gain media7 suppliers
laser crystals32 suppliersarticle
laser crystals versus glasses
(laser crystals and glasses)
8 suppliersarticle
laser dyes6 suppliers
neodymium-doped gain media25 suppliersarticle
nonlinear crystal materials31 suppliersarticle
optical glasses15 suppliers
optical materials54 suppliers
periodic poling
(periodically poled nonlinear crystals)
9 suppliersarticle
phosphate glasses2 suppliersarticle
photorefractive crystals4 suppliers
quasi-phase matching
(periodically poled nonlinear crystals)
10 suppliersarticle
rare-earth-doped gain media29 suppliersarticle
thulium-doped gain media7 suppliers
THz crystals7 suppliers
titanium-doped gain media14 suppliers
transition-metal-doped gain media17 suppliersarticle
ytterbium-doped gain media21 suppliersarticle

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