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Products in the Category "Optical Components and Devices"


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List of Products

acousto-optic deflectors9 SE
acousto-optic modulators30 SE
acousto-optic frequency shifters17 SE
acousto-optic tunable filters12 SE
achromatic optics71 SE
adaptive optics19 SE
add–drop multiplexers15 S
anamorphic prism pairs20 SE
anti-reflection coatings143 SE
anti-reflection microstructures5 S
apochromats → achromatic optics71 SE
arrayed waveguide gratings11 SE
articulated mirror arms → beam delivery systems36 SE
aspheric optics92 SE
attenuators → optical attenuators83 SE
axicons17 SE
Babinet–Soleil compensators7 SE
ball lenses27 SE
beam blocks → beam dumps19 SE
beam collimators61 SE
beam combining optics38 SE
beam delivery systems36 SE
beam dumps19 SE
beam expanders54 SE
beam homogenizers22 SE
beam shapers37 SE
beam shifting devices1 S
beam shutters14 SE
beam splitters178 SE
beam traps → beam dumps19 SE
Berek compensators3 SE
binoculars6 S
birefringent tuners5 SE
borescopes6 S
Bragg gratings27 SE
Brewster plates15 SE
Brewster windows24 SE
camera objectives23 S
chirped mirrors15 SE
chromatic dispersion emulators1 S
coherent beam combining components8 SE
cold mirrors25 SE
color filters → optical filters255 SE
condensers12 SE
corner cube prisms17 SE
crystalline mirrors---E
custom optics140 SE
cylindrical lenses100 SE
deformable mirrors17 SE
diaphragms5 SE
dichroic mirrors75 SE
dielectric coatings150 SE
dielectric mirrors127 SE
diffraction gratings41 SE
diffractive optics32 SE
diffusers29 SE
digital cameras → photo cameras6 SE
digital microscopes → microscopes47 SE
dispersion compensation modules20 SE
dispersion management devices7 SE
dispersion measurement devices → chromatic dispersion measurement devices5 SE
dispersive mirrors19 SE
dispersion-shifted fibers7 SE
electroabsorption modulators1 SE
electro-optic modulators45 SE
enhancement cavities2 SE
etalons31 SE
Fabry–Perot interferometers14 SE
Faraday circulators35 SE
Faraday isolators72 SE
Faraday rotator mirrors10 SE
Faraday rotators38 SE
fiber mode field adapters11 SE
fiberscopes6 S
filters → optical filters255 SE
first surface mirrors60 SE
flat optics → photonic metasurface optics2 S
focusing objectives2 S
free form optics18 S
frequency shifters → acousto-optic frequency shifters17 SE
Fresnel lenses12 SE
f–theta lenses → scanning lenses27 SE
gain equalization filters3 SE
gas cells8 SE
Gires–Tournois interferometers3 SE
goniometers8 S
gradient-index lenses9 SE
half-wave plates → waveplates91 SE
harmonic separators → dichroic mirrors75 SE
high-speed imaging cameras11 S
holographic bulk gratings → volume Bragg gratings5 SE
holographic diffraction gratings → diffraction gratings41 SE
holographic optical elements3 S
homogenizing rods → beam homogenizers22 SE
hot mirrors24 SE
infrared optics131 SE
interference coatings → dielectric coatings150 SE
interference filters26 SE
large diameter optics19 SE
laser beam delivery systems → beam delivery systems36 SE
laser beam shapers → beam shapers37 SE
laser beam shutters → beam shutters14 SE
laser diode collimators17 SE
laser diode testing equipment and services6 SE
laser line optics20 SE
laser mirrors128 SE
laser optics108 SE
laser resonators6 SE
laser scanners25 SE
laser scanning lenses → scanning lenses27 SE
laser scanning mirrors → scanning mirrors8 S
laser speckle reduction components6 SE
lenses230 SE
light pipes6 S
loupes3 SE
Lyot filters4 SE
magnifying glasses5 SE
metal-coated mirrors78 SE
metalenses → photonic metasurface optics2 S
Mach–Zehnder interferometers → interferometers51 SE
Michelson interferometers → interferometers51 SE
microlens arrays20 SE
microlenses18 SE
microscope objectives35 SE
microscopes47 SE
micro-optics65 SE
mirror substrates16 SE
mirrors202 SE
mode cleaners---E
mode converters2 S
mode field adapters → fiber mode field adapters11 SE
mode field converters → fiber mode field adapters11 SE
modulators → optical modulators63 SE
monoculars6 S
multilayer coatings → dielectric coatings150 SE
multimode laser diodes → broad area laser diodes17 SE
multipass gas cells5 SE
multiple element lenses13 S
neutral density filters38 SE
nonplanar ring oscillators3 SE
optical apertures17 SE
optical attenuators83 SE
optical bonding services or machinery8 S
optical cage systems5 S
optical domes17 SE
optical filters255 SE
optical flats47 SE
optical materials134 SE
optical mirrors → mirrors202 SE
optical multiplexers21 S
optical profilometers12 SE
optical prototyping systems7 S
optical rail systems14 S
optical resonators4 SE
optical surface characterization equipment15 S
optical surface profilers → optical profilometers12 SE
optical windows172 SE
optics characterization equipment10 S
optics cleaning equipment26 SE
output couplers27 SE
parabolic mirrors18 SE
parabolic reflectors → parabolic mirrors18 SE
pellicle mirrors1 S
phase conjugating cells1 S
phase corrector plates1 SE
photo cameras6 SE
photographic objectives → camera objectives23 SE
photonic metasurface optics2 S
pinholes7 SE
planar waveguides2 SE
plastic optics41 SE
polarization beam combining optics16 SE
polarization controllers14 S
polarizers129 SE
polarizing beam splitters → polarizers129 SE
polarizing cubes → polarizers129 SE
polymer optics → plastic optics41 SE
prism retroreflectors → corner cube prisms17 SE
prisms178 SE
projection objectives10 S
protective coatings11 S
quarter-wave plates → waveplates91 SE
reflectors3 SE
retardation plates → waveplates91 SE
retroreflecting prisms → corner cube prisms17 SE
retroreflectors16 SE
rod lenses17 SE
rugate filters3 SE
ruled diffraction gratings → diffraction gratings41 SE
scanning lenses27 SE
scanning mirrors8 S
slits4 SE
spectral beam combining optics6 SE
supermirrors5 SE
superpolished optics11 S
surface profilers → optical profilometers12 SE
telecentric lenses22 SE
telecom optics10 S
telescopes10 SE
terahertz optics9 S
thin-film coatings → dielectric coatings150 SE
thin-film mirrors → dielectric mirrors127 SE
thin-film polarizers39 SE
transmission gratings18 SE
trihedral prisms → corner cube prisms17 SE
tunable lenses7 S
ultrafast optics24 SE
ultraviolet optics73 SE
vacuum beam delivery systems1 S
variable optical attenuators41 SE
variable reflectivity mirrors11 SE
video cameras5 S
videoscopes5 S
volume Bragg gratings5 SE
waveguides17 SE
waveplates91 SE
wedge prisms28 SE
wire grid polarizers → polarizers129 SE

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