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Directory of Photonics Products – P

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packaging of optoelectronic modules3 S
PANDA fibers → polarization-maintaining fibers33 SE
parabolic mirrors18 SE
parabolic reflectors → parabolic mirrors18 SE
parametric amplifiers → optical parametric amplifiers20 SE
parametric generators → optical parametric generators4 SE
parametric oscillators → optical parametric oscillators36 SE
particle image velocimetry instruments6 S
passive Q-switches → saturable absorbers21 SE
patent development2 S
pellicle mirrors1 S
Peltier elements → thermoelectric coolers7 S
periodically poled nonlinear crystals10 SE
phase corrector plates1 SE
phase modulators15 SE
phase noise measurement equipment4 SE
phosphate glasses1 SE
phosphors1 SE
photoacoustic gas sensing equipment3 S
photo cameras6 SE
photoconductive detectors10 SE
photodetector arrays → photodiode arrays6 SE
photodetectors103 SE
photodiode amplifiers8 S
photodiode arrays6 SE
photodiodes58 SE
photographic objectives8 SE
photolithography devices → laser lithography equipment6 S
photometers20 SE
photomultipliers18 SE
photon counting detectors27 SE
photonic bandgap fibers4 SE
photonic crystal fibers13 SE
photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers1 SE
photonic integrated circuits13 SE
photonic metamaterials2 SE
photonic microwave sources1 S
photorefractive materials3 S
photosensitive fibers3 S
phototransistors3 SE
phototubes1 SE
picosecond diode lasers18 SE
picosecond fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers32 SE
picosecond lasers79 SE
p–i–n photodiodes15 SE
pinholes6 SE
planar waveguides2 SE
plastic optical fibers11 SE
plastic optics37 SE
plate beam splitters → beam splitters166 SE
Pockels cell drivers20 SE
Pockels cells36 SE
polarimeters7 SE
polarization beam combining optics15 SE
polarization controllers13 S
polarization mode dispersion measurement and compensation equipment3 SE
polarization scramblers12 S
polarization-maintaining fibers33 SE
polarizers120 SE
polarizing beam splitters → polarizers120 SE
polarizing cubes → polarizers120 SE
polishing of fibers → fiber polishing equipment15 S
polycrystalline fibers → mid-infrared fibers16 SE
polymer optical fibers → plastic optical fibers11 SE
polymer optics → plastic optics37 SE
polyimide fibers5 S
positioning equipment18 S
position-sensitive detectors13 SE
power monitors → optical power monitors18 SE
power over fiber systems2 SE
pressure sensors → optical force and pressure sensors6 S
praseodymium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers20 SE
praseodymium-doped laser gain media1 S
prism retroreflectors → corner cube prisms15 SE
prisms168 SE
profilometers → optical profilometers10 SE
projection objectives10 S
proposal writing---
protective coatings6 S
prototype building and testing8 S
pulse characterization instruments33 SE
pulse compressors23 SE
pulse duration measurement devices23 SE
pulse pickers17 SE
pulse propagation modeling software5 SE
pulse shapers10 SE
pulse stretchers9 SE
pulsed laser deposition machinery3 S
pulsed lasers127 SE
pump chambers1 SE
pump–probe measurement equipment9 SE
pyroelectric detectors9 SE