RP Photonics

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Products beginning with R

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R & D → research and development14 S
radiation-resistant fibers4 S
Raman amplifiers10 SE
Raman crystals10 S
Raman lasers6 SE
Raman microscopes5 S
Raman spectroscopy equipment26 SE
range finders → laser rangefinders14 SE
rare-earth-doped fibers15 SE
rare-earth-doped gain media30 SE
recruiting for the photonics industry3 S
red–green–blue sources → RGB sources14 SE
red lasers39 SE
reference cavities3 SE
reflectors1 S
refractometers5 SE
regenerative amplifiers10 SE
repair services9 S
research and development14 S
resell services1 S
resonator design software9 SE
retardation plates → waveplates45 SE
retroreflecting prisms → corner cube prisms9 SE
retroreflectors11 SE
RF drivers15 S
RF over fiber systems3 S
RGB sources14 SE
rotating disc choppers → optical choppers8 SE
ruby lasers1 SE
rugate filters6 SE

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