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Directory of Photonics Products – S

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samarium-doped laser gain media---
safety glasses → eye protection equipment41 SE
sapphire fibers → single-crystal fibers5 SE
saturable absorber mirrors → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
saturable absorbers28 SE
saturable Bragg reflectors → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
scanning beam profilers → beam profilers36 SE
scanning delay lines → optical delay lines20 SE
scanning lenses27 SE
scanning mirrors11 S
scientific lasers26 SE
scintillation detectors9 S
scintillator crystals13 S
seed lasers25 SE
semiconductor disk lasers → vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers4 SE
semiconductor fabrication equipment12 S
semiconductor lasers102 SE
semiconductor optical amplifiers21 SE
semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
seminars on photonics and laser technology3 S
SESAMs → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensors9 SE
side-polished fibers2 S
signal lamps6 SE
silica fibers8 SE
silicon detectors → photodiodes75 SE
silicon photonics9 SE
single-crystal fibers5 SE
single-emitter laser diodes → broad area laser diodes18 SE
single-frequency lasers68 SE
single-mode fibers41 SE
single-photon sources4 S
single-polarization fibers4 SE
slab lasers2 SE
slits4 SE
society membership8 S
solar-blind photodetectors5 SE
solar-powered lasers---
solar simulators10 S
solid-state lasers137 SE
space division multiplexing devices4 SE
space photonics6 S
space-qualified lasers5 SE
spatial light modulators11 S
specialty fibers57 SE
spectral beam combining optics6 SE
spectral lamps8 SE
spectral phase interferometry instruments6 SE
spectrographs23 SE
spectrometers131 SE
spectrophotometers21 SE
spectroradiometers12 S
spectroscopy equipment87 SE
spot lasers → alignment lasers29 SE
spun fibers6 SE
squeezed light sources1 SE
streak cameras7 SE
structured light illuminators2 S
sum and difference frequency generators11 SE
supercontinuum sources30 SE
superluminescent diodes27 SE
superluminescent sources38 SE
supermirrors7 SE
superpolished optics11 S
surface-emitting LEDs → light-emitting diodes74 SE
surface-emitting semiconductor lasers12 SE
surface profilers → optical profilometers13 SE

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