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Directory of Photonics Products – T

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tapered amplifiers14 SE
tapered fibers14 SE
tapered laser diodes7 SE
technical writing1 S
telecentric lenses18 SE
telecom fibers and cables21 SE
telecom optics9 S
telecom receivers36 S
telecom transmitters32 S
telescopes10 SE
temperature controllers19 S
terahertz cameras10 S
terahertz crystals11 S
terahertz detectors23 SE
terahertz optics7 S
terahertz reflectometers2 S
terahertz spectrometers13 S
terahertz sources25 SE
testing equipment and services for optics and photonics12 S
thermal imaging cameras15 SE
thermal power meters → optical power meters65 SE
thermoelectric coolers7 S
thermography equipment → thermal imaging cameras15 SE
thin-disk lasers4 SE
thin-film coatings → dielectric coatings140 SE
thin-film design software4 S
thin-film measurement systems3 S
thin-film mirrors → dielectric mirrors125 SE
thin-film polarizers33 SE
thin-film production equipment11 S
thulium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers20 SE
thulium-doped gain media9 S
tilt sensors → optical tilt sensors4 S
time division multiplexing devices---E
time-of-flight measurement devices10 SE
time-resolved spectroscopy equipment11 SE
timing jitter measurement devices2 SE
titanium-doped gain media17 S
titanium–sapphire lasers20 SE
training on fiber lasers and amplifiers2 S
training on fiber optics3 S
training on laser beams1 S
training on laser material processing2 S
training on laser safety5 S
training on laser technology2 S
training on nonlinear optics1 S
training on optical technology5 S
training on optoelectronics---
training on photodetection1 S
training on specialized topics in photonics4 S
transition-metal-doped gain media19 SE
transmission gratings19 SE
transparent adhesives1 S
traveling-wave photodetectors → velocity-matched photodetectors---E
trihedral prisms → corner cube prisms12 SE
trouble shooting technical problems3 S
tunable lasers91 SE
tunable lenses6 S
tunable optical filters22 SE
tuning fork choppers → optical choppers11 SE
tungstate lasers4 SE
two-photon microscopes → fluorescence microscopes17 SE
Twyman–Green interferometers2 SE