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Products in the Area of Various Devices

acousto-optic deflectors8 SE
acousto-optic modulators19 SE
acousto-optic Q switches10 SE
acousto-optic tunable filters9 SE
arc lamps12 S
birefringent tuners5 SE
cavity dumping components1 S
chopper wheels → optical choppers8 SE
coherent beam combining optics3 SE
cold cathode fluorescent lamps → fluorescent lamps3 SE
crystal ovens10 SE
delay lines → optical delay lines10 SE
deuterium lamps6 S
dispersion compensation modules17 SE
dispersive pulse stretchers → pulse stretchers9 SE
displays7 S
electroabsorption modulators1 SE
electro-optic modulators23 SE
endoscopes2 S
eye protection equipment23 SE
flash lamps14 S
flow tubes5 S
fluorescent lamps3 SE
frequency shifters → acousto-optic frequency shifters14 SE
gas discharge lamps9 S
goniometers4 S
grating compressors → pulse compressors14 SE
halogen lamps2 SE
hollow cathode lamps3 S
illuminators11 S
incandescent lamps2 SE
infrared emitters7 SE
integrated optical circuits → photonic integrated circuits6 SE
integrating spheres10 SE
intensity modulators10 SE
interlocks4 SE
krypton lamps → flash lamps14 S
laser cooling units6 SE
laser enclosures8 S
laser goggles → eye protection equipment23 SE
laser interlocks → interlocks4 SE
laser processing heads10 S
laser power supplies17 S
laser rangefinders17 SE
laser safety equipment and consulting24 SE
laser safety curtains8 S
laser safety goggles → eye protection equipment23 SE
laser safety interlocks → interlocks4 SE
laser speckle reduction components4 SE
laser stabilization devices16 SE
laser synchronization devices10 SE
laser viewing cards10 SE
laser warning signs2 S
LEDs → light-emitting diodes34 SE
light-emitting diodes34 SE
liquid crystal modulators5 S
Lyot filters3 SE
machine vision devices4 S
micro-displays1 S
microelectromechanical systems1 S
mirror mounts19 S
mode locking devices10 SE
modulators → optical modulators32 SE
monochromators15 SE
noise eaters4 SE
nonlinear pulse compressors → pulse compressors14 SE
optical breadboards11 S
optical choppers8 SE
optical delay lines10 SE
optical modulators32 SE
optical mounts10 S
optical multiplexers10 S
optical switches22 S
optical tables10 S
optical traps2 S
optical tweezers8 SE
optics cleaning equipment18 SE
optoelectronic components and devices17 SE
opto-electronic oscillators1 S
opto-mechanics41 S
passive Q-switches → saturable absorbers18 SE
Peltier elements → thermoelectric coolers3 S
periodically poled nonlinear crystals9 SE
phase modulators10 SE
photonic integrated circuits6 SE
Pockels cell drivers10 SE
Pockels cells19 SE
polarization scramblers10 S
positioning equipment9 S
power over fiber systems3 SE
pulse compressors14 SE
pulse pickers12 SE
pulse shapers8 S
pulse stretchers9 SE
pump chambers1 SE
Q switches24 SE
Raman amplifiers10 SE
Raman microscopes5 S
range finders → laser rangefinders17 SE
reference cavities3 SE
RF drivers15 S
rotating disc choppers → optical choppers8 SE
safety glasses → eye protection equipment23 SE
saturable absorber mirrors → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
saturable absorbers18 SE
scanning delay lines → optical delay lines10 SE
semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors2 SE
silicon photonics6 SE
single-photon sources2 S
spatial light modulators8 S
structured light illuminators1 S
surface-emitting LEDs → light-emitting diodes34 SE
temperature controllers13 S
laser testing equipment1 S
thermoelectric coolers3 S
terahertz detectors12 S
terahertz sources15 SE
tunable optical filters17 SE
tuning fork choppers → optical choppers8 SE
Ulbricht spheres → integrating spheres10 SE
ultraviolet light sources16 SE
variable optical attenuators22 SE
vibration isolation devices6 S
wavelength tuning devices10 SE
white light sources18 SE
xenon lamps---

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