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Revision of the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide in 10/2018

In October 2018, we have introduced substantial changes to our advertising offers. Here, we explain what changed and for what purpose.

The essence is that our new ad package has become much more powerful for branding and lead generation, and only for special promotions you need to pay extra. So our advertisers get strongly improved results with the system, which also became substantially simpler for them to handle.

What Has Changed?

In our previous system, we offered ad packages of various sizes – limiting the number of products which can be displayed – and enhanced product entries for further improving the visibility of specific products. That concept was quite flexible, but it had two problems:

  • Only a few advertisers extensively used enhanced product entries, and they got particularly substantial benefits. Typically, the number of leads generated for such products is several times higher!
  • We also realized that some people were confused about the fact that we offered two different levels of enhanced product entries: some significant improvement of visibility from the ad package alone, and a very substantial improvement from additionally paid enhanced product entries.

Now we have decided to offer a single kind of all-inclusive ad package:

  • Most importantly, you get enhanced product entries for all registered products without paying extra. For each product, you can get a product description and a product image displayed. Moreover, you get an additional advertisement (in somewhat revised form) displayed in the corresponding encyclopedia article, if there is one.
  • We also expand our service: we can collect product descriptions and images from your website. You then only have to check your profile page when we have done that for you. (We realized that for some people it seemed too cumbersome to collect so many product descriptions.)

  • You can now display a large image or video on your company profile page.

  • One advertising banner, which appears with a certain display probability on our encyclopedia and buyer's guide pages, is included. We can even assemble your banner from some inputs – we do not charge extra for that service.
  • You obtain a regularly updated page with detailed statistical data, with which you can now much better estimate the value of your advertising (both branding and lead generation).

Further, we have removed some features which have not been used much because simplicity is important for your convenience. And our registration form became substantially simpler – for example, no product-dependent additions to the cost anymore.

We also implement some enhancements of our website design.

And the Cost?

In most cases, you now only have to pay a fixed price for your ad package, which only depends on the number of registered products.

Due to the much expanded features of an ad package, the entry price became substantially higher. On the other hand, the prices are substantially lower than what you would have paid for all these enhanced product entries with our old system. Also, you would pay substantially more elsewhere for a lower value. We hope to convince you that you obtain excellent value, i.e,. a great return on investment.

Anticipated Effects

We anticipate the following effects of those changes:

  • Advertisers will appreciate the much simpler price structure and easier entry of the required data.
  • Advertisers will also enjoy the further expanded service – for example, letting us collect the product descriptions and images, so that they only have to check the results in the end.
  • Due to the provided statistical data, advertisers can better estimate the value of our advertising and better compare it with competing offers.
  • More and more people will realize that RP Photonics gives the best online advertising offers in the area of photonics, and will act accordingly.
  • Many more product descriptions and images will appear on supplier pages for products, on company profiles and in encyclopedia articles because this is now the standard for all suppliers with an ad package. This is also a great advantage for our users: they can now more easily determine which supplier websites are most interesting for further investigation.

Handling of Previous Agreements

Essentially, advertisers who got an ad package of the now outdated kind can just keep the features for the rest of their advertising period. However, we also offer them to upgrade their ad package to the new style, so that they can also benefit from the much improved features.

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