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List of Suppliers

We have 1032 registered suppliers in this resource. Those who are not yet registered are asked to fill out a registration form. Use our ad package for improved visibility!

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We first show the list of those suppliers having an ad package (in random order); further below you find the list of all suppliers.

DK PhotonicsDK Photonics Technology Co., Ltd.10 products
IDIL Fibres OptiquesIDIL Fibres Optiques30 products
DILAS DiodenlaserDILAS Diodenlaser GmbH11 products
RefleKronRefleKron Ltd.11 products
LaseroptikLaseroptik18 products
DPM PhotonicsDPM Photonics38 products
DatarayDataRay Inc.6 products
OplitecOplitec Ingenieurbüro1 product  
Stable Laser SystemsStable Laser Systems11 products
Gooch & HousegoGooch & Housego PLC48 products
Fraunhofer Institute for TelecommunicationsFraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications15 products
MONTFORT LaserMONTFORT Laser GmbH11 products
LightMachineryLightMachinery15 products
Laser QuantumLaser Quantum30 products
YSL PhotonicsYSL Photonics20 products
Advanced Laser Diode SystemsAdvanced Laser Diode Systems GmbH15 products
Qioptiq PhotonicsQioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co KG78 products
TOPTICA PhotonicsTOPTICA Photonics AG80 products
HC PhotonicsHC Photonics Corp.10 products
APICAPIC Corporation7 products
El.En.El.En. S.p.A.10 products
TeraXionTeraXion16 products
RP PhotonicsRP Photonics Consulting GmbH29 products
NKT PhotonicsNKT Photonics51 products
Kapteyn-Murnane LaboratoriesKapteyn-Murnane Laboratories Inc.21 products
RPMC LasersRPMC Lasers, Inc.79 products
eagleyard Photonicseagleyard Photonics GmbH16 products
Megawatt LasersMegawatt Lasers10 products
Knight OpticalKnight Optical (USA) LLC36 products
CovesionCovesion10 products
OptikexpertisenOptikexpertisen10 products
Technica Optical ComponentsTechnica Optical Components, LLC

See also our white papers: "Reinforced FBG Sensors Serve Demanding Applications", "Gold and Steel Protected FBGs Enable Robust Sensing in Harsh and High Temperature Environments", "Small-Diameter Thin FBGs Ideally Suited for Embedded Sensing in Composites", "Technologies for high temperature fibre Bragg gratings"

10 products
Growth Technical MarketingGrowth Technical Marketing1 product  
LasertonLaserton Optic Co., Ltd.15 products
Intrinsic Crystal TechnologyIntrinsic Crystal Technology, Inc.19 products
HBM FiberSensingHBM FiberSensing, S.A.9 products
NaneoNANEO Precision IBS Coatings GmbH10 products
APEAPE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH29 products
VexlumVexlum Ltd10 products
Menlo SystemsMenlo Systems GmbH48 products
Photon LaserOptikPhoton LaserOptik22 products

All Suppliers

Here you find all 1032 registered suppliers in alphabetical order. Click on a letter to find more quickly the suppliers beginning with that letter:

10Gtek Transceivers Co., Ltd. 10 products
3-GIS 1 product  
3photon 10 products
3SP Technologies S.A.S. 1 product  
A. Optical Components Ltd. 10 products
A.R.C. Laser GmbH 7 products
A.R.W. Optical Corporation 10 products
AA Sa Opto-Electronic 6 products
Abacus Laser 4 products
aBeam Technologies, Inc. 6 products
Abrisa Technologies 5 products
ABSee-Laser 6 products
AC Photonics 10 products
Acal BFi 10 products
Accusy Photontech, Ltd. 6 products
Acexon 10 products
Acktar Ltd. 3 products
ACM Coatings GmbH 1 product  
Acree Technologies 1 product  
Active Fiber Systems GmbH 6 products
AcuTech Scientific Inc. 6 products
Adam Gates Company LLC 6 products
Adaptica Srl 3 products
AdlOptica GmbH 3 products
ADVA AG Optical Networking 3 products
Advalight 8 products
AdValue Photonics 10 products
Advanced Fiber Resources Ltd. 10 products
advanced fiber tools GmbH 9 products
Advanced Laser Diode Systems Advanced Laser Diode Systems GmbH 15 products
Advanced Optical Solutions GmbH 6 products
Advanced Optics, Inc. 7 products
Advanced Optowave Corporation 9 products
Advanced Scientific Concepts 1 product  
Advanced Thin Films 10 products
AdvR Applied Photonics 8 products
Aeon Corporation 2 products
AEPONYX Inc. 4 products
Aerodyne Research, Inc. 4 products
AFL 10 products
AFW Technologies Pty Ltd. 10 products
Agilent Technologies 2 products
Agiltron Inc. 10 products
Agnitron Technology, Inc. 1 product  
AiDi USA, Inc. 10 products
Aifotec AG 2 products
AIXTRON SE 1 product  
AKELA Laser Corporation 8 products
Al Dahiyah Group Trading 8 products
Alcon Technologies Inc. 7 products
Alight Technologies ApS 4 products
Align Optics 10 products
Alkor Technologies 10 products
Alliance Fiber Optic Products 10 products
Allied Laser Solutions, LLC 10 products
Allied Scientific Pro 15 products
Alluxa 5 products
Alnair Labs 10 products
ALPAO SAS 3 products
Alpes Lasers SA 6 products
ALPHALAS GmbH 19 products
ALPhANOV 10 products
Alpine Research Optics 9 products
Altechna UAB 10 products
Altos Photonics 10 products
Alxenses Company Ltd. 9 products
Amax Precision Optic 10 products
AME GmbH 1 product  
American Air & Water, Inc. 1 product  
American Laser Enterprises, LLC. 9 products
American Polarizers, Inc. 4 products
Amglo Kemlite Laboratories 3 products
Amonics Ltd. 10 products
AMPHOS GmbH 10 products
Amplitude Laser Group 10 products
AMS Technologies AG 20 products
Analog Modules, Inc. 10 products
Andor Technology 6 products
Andover Corporation 5 products
Andritz Powerlase Ltd. 10 products
Angstrom Engineering 1 product  
Angstrom Precision Optics Inc. 6 products
Anritsu Company 7 products
AOA Technology Co. Ltd 10 products
AP Sensing GmbH 4 products
APE APE Angewandte Physik und Elektronik GmbH 29 products
APEX Technologies 3 products
APIC APIC Corporation 7 products
Apollo Instruments, Inc. 10 products
Apollo Optical Systems Inc. 2 products
Applied Laser Engineering 3 products
Applied Optics Research 2 products
Applied Scientific Instrumentation 3 products
Archer OpTx 9 products
Arden Photonics Ltd. 10 products
ARGES GmbH 9 products
Argyle International 10 products
Armstrong Optical 2 products
Arroyo Instruments, LLC 2 products
art photonics GmbH 10 products
Artemis Optical 5 products
Artifex Engineering 10 products
Ascentta Inc. 10 products
Asclepion Laser Technologies 1 product  
ASLD GmbH 2 products
Aspen Systems, Inc. 1 product  
Asphera Incorporated 10 products
asphericon 9 products
AS-Photonics 2 products
Astanza Lasers, Inc. 7 products
AT-Fachverlag GmbH 2 products
ATLA Lasers, AS 3 products
Ato ID, UAB 1 product  
Attodyne Inc. 9 products
AUREA Technology 10 products
Avantes BV 7 products
Avesta Ltd. 10 products
Aviation Magneto Optical Sensor Corp. (AMOS) 10 products
Axcel Photonics, Inc. 7 products
AZ Displays 1 product  
AZ Technologies 1 product  
Azastra Opto Inc 3 products
Azpect Photonics AB 10 products
Azur Light Systems 9 products
AZURE Photonics Co., Ltd. 10 products
B&M Optik GmbH 9 products
B&W Tek, Inc. 10 products
BAE Systems, Inc. 4 products
Bandweaver 2 products
Base Lab Tool Inc 10 products
Basler AG 3 products
Baspik Ltd. 1 product  
BATOP GmbH 8 products
BaySpec Inc. 10 products
BeamQ 10 products
Beehive Solutions Ltd: 6 products
Beijing JIEPU TREND Technology 10 products
Belford Research Ltd. 2 products
Bentham Instruments, Ltd. 10 products
Bentham Press 2 products
Beratron GmbH 1 product  
Berlin Optic (HK) INT'L Group Limited 10 products
Berliner Glas KGaA 10 products
BerlinFibre 3 products
Bernhard Halle Nachfolger GmbH 7 products
Bettonville NV 2 products
Beyondtech, Inc. 7 products
BIFO Company Ltd. 3 products
BihurCrystal 2 products
Biophotonics Solutions Inc. Laboratories 7 products
Bioptica 2 products
Block Engineering 6 products
Blue Sky Research 7 products
Bluebean Optical Tech Ltd. 10 products
BMV Optical Technologies Inc. 10 products
Bond Optics 8 products
Bones Electronics Co., Ltd 4 products
Borer Chemie AG 1 product  
Boston Electronics Corporation 10 products
BRD Optical Co., Ltd. 9 products
Breault Research Organization, Inc 1 product  
Bright Photonics BV 7 products
Bright Solutions SRL 10 products
Brimrose 10 products
Bristol Instruments, Inc. 4 products
Brolis Semiconductors 3 products
Broptics Technology Inc. 7 products
Bystronic Laser AG 10 products
Calmar Laser 10 products
Cambridge Technology, Inc. 4 products
Cambridge University Press 2 products
Canlas Laser Processing GmbH 10 products
Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH 10 products
Cascade Laser Corporation 10 products
Cascade Optical Corporation 8 products
CASIX Inc. 18 products
CASTECH 10 products
CDGM Glass Company Europe GmbH 2 products
CeNing Optics Co., Ltd 10 products
Central Glass Co., Ltd. 1 product  
CeramOptec GmbH 3 products
Chang Chun Jiu Tian Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. 10 products
Changchun Juncheng Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. 8 products
Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. 10 products
Chengdu Yasi Opteoelectronics Co. Ltd. 3 products
Chiral Photonics 10 products
Christoph Deininger 2 products
Chroma Technology Corp 2 products
Chromacity Ltd. 10 products
Ciena 8 products
CILAS 10 products
CINOGY Technologies GmbH 7 products
CivilLaser Laser Source Technology Co., Ltd. 10 products
Clark MXR 10 products
Class 5 Photonics 2 products
CLZ Precision Optics Co., Ltd. 10 products
Cobolt AB 10 products
CodeSeeder KG 5 products
CodeSScientific - Photonics 6 products
CODIXX AG 1 product  
Coherent Inc. 12 products
Coherent Solutions Ltd 10 products
collischon Optik-Design 2 products
ColVisTec 3 products
Comar Optics Ltd 10 products
Comcore 10 products
Conoptics 7 products
Control Laser Corporation 10 products
Control Micro Systems / CMS Laser 10 products
CorActive High-Tech Inc. 10 products
Core Optronics Co.,Ltd 10 products
Corelase Oy 10 products
Corning Inc. 10 products
Couriertronics 10 products
Covesion Covesion 10 products
COX Co. Ltd. 1 product  
Cristal Laser S. A. 2 products
CryLaS GmbH 10 products
Crysmit Photonics Co., Ltd. 7 products
Crystal GmbH 10 products
Crystal IS, Inc. 1 product  
Crystalaser 10 products
Crystalline Mirror Solutions 2 products
Crystech Inc. 10 products
Crytur, spol. s r.o. 10 products
Custom Scientific, Inc. 6 products
Cutera 2 products
CVD Equipment Corporation 1 product  
CVI Laser Optics 10 products
CYBEL, LLC. 10 products
Dataray DataRay Inc. 6 products
Dausinger & Giesen GmbH 10 products
Dayoptics, Inc. 10 products
Deep Photonics 10 products
Del Mar Photonics, Inc. 10 products
Deposition Sciences, Inc. 10 products
DIAMOND GmbH 8 products
Diamond SA 10 products
DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc. 8 products
DILAS Diodenlaser DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH 11 products
Dimetix AG 2 products
Directed Light Inc. 4 products
DirectPhotonics Industries GmbH 9 products
Discovery Semiconductors, Inc. 7 products
DK Photonics DK Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. 10 products
DNA Equipment, Inc. 8 products
Dolan-Jenner Industries 8 products
Doric Lenses Inc. 10 products
DoroTEK GmbH 10 products
DPM Photonics DPM Photonics 38 products
DPSS Lasers Inc. 9 products
H+P SPECTROSCOPY ¦ Dr. Hoerlein + Partner 5 products
Dr. Türck Ingenieurbüro 1 product  
DRS Technologies 2 products
Dynamic Optics s.r.l. 3 products
Dyneos AG 10 products
eagleyard Photonics eagleyard Photonics GmbH 16 products
Eblana Photonics 10 products
EC System International 4 products
Eckhardt Optics LLC 3 products
EdgeWave GmbH 10 products
Edinburgh Instruments Ltd. 10 products
Edmund Optics 20 products
eFiberTools.com 4 products
Egismos Technology Corporation 11 products
EigenLight Corp. 6 products
EKSPLA EKSPLA 35 products
El.En. El.En. S.p.A. 10 products
Electro Optical Components, Inc. 10 products
Electro Optical Industries, LLC 4 products
Electron Test Equipment Limited 2 products
Electro-Optical Products Corporation 10 products
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc. 4 products
Element Six Ltd. 1 product  
Elforlight 10 products
Elixir Photonics 8 products
Elk Industries, LLC 10 products
Elliot Scientific Ltd. 10 products
Elsevier Inc. 2 products
ELUXI Ltd. 20 products
EMCORE Corporation 10 products
Emit Technology Co., Ltd. 7 products
Empire Precision Plastics 1 product  
Beyond Technology 10 products
Enlight Technologies, Inc. 9 products
EO Technics Co., Ltd. 5 products
EOLITE Systems 10 products
EPIGAP Optronic 7 products
EQ Photonics GmbH 10 products
Escitec 10 products
Esco Optics 10 products
ET Enterprises Ltd. 3 products
Eurolan Ltd. 9 products
European Physical Society 2 products
Evaporated Coatings, Inc. 10 products
Evergreen Laser Corporation 1 product  
EXALOS AG 9 products
Excelitas Technologies Corp. 10 products
Exciton 2 products
Exfiber Optical Technologies Co., Ltd. 10 products
EXFO Inc. 10 products
FARO Scanner Production GmbH 1 product  
Fastlite 10 products
Fastpulse Technology, Inc. 9 products
FBG TECH 6 products
FBGS International NV 6 products
FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH 7 products
FEDAL, LLC 3 products
FEE GmbH 10 products
Feinwerkoptik Zünd AG 8 products
Felastec GmbH 2 products
Femto Blanc Inc. 6 products
Femto Easy SAS 3 products
FEMTO Messtechnik GmbH 2 products
Femtochrome Research 3 products
FemtoFiberTec GmbH 6 products
Femtum 6 products
Fermionics Opto-Technology 2 products
Fianium 10 products
Fiber Connections, Inc. 8 products
Fiber Optical Solution Ltd. 3 products
FiberBridge Photonics GmbH 10 products
Fibercore Limited 10 products
Fibercryst 10 products
Fiberguide Industries 10 products
Fiberinthebox 10 products
Fiberise 10 products
FiberLabs Inc. 7 products
FiberLAST Inc. 10 products
FiberLogix Intl. Ltd. 10 products
Fiberon Technologies 10 products
FIBERPRO, Inc. 10 products
Fibersense & Signals Inc. 10 products
Fiberstore Co., Ltd. 10 products
FiberTech Optica Inc. 4 products
Fiberware 9 products
FibreFab 8 products
Finger Lakes Instrumentation 4 products
Finisar Corporation 10 products
FireflySci, Inc. 3 products
First Light Lamps Ltd 4 products
FISBA AG 10 products
Flexible Optical B. V. 4 products
FLIR Systems GmbH 3 products
FluxLight, Inc. 7 products
FOCtek Photonics, Inc. 10 products
FOP Faseroptische Produkte 5 products
Forth Dimension Displays Ltd. 4 products
fos4X GmbH 3 products
Frank Optic Products GmbH 10 products
Frankfurt Laser Company 10 products
Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications 15 products
Fresnel Optics GmbH 2 products
FR-Lasertechnik GmbH 10 products
FUJI Science & Technology 10 products
Fujikura 10 products
Furukawa Electric 10 products
Fuzhou Caston Optronics Co., Ltd. 10 products
Fuzhou Farview Optics Co., Ltd. 10 products
Galaxy Scientific 4 products
Galvoptics Ltd 10 products
GAMDAN Optics Inc. 10 products
Gamma Scientific 10 products
GEHT International Ltd 10 products
Genia Photonics Inc. 8 products
Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc. 10 products
Gigahertz-Optik GmbH 3 products
Glass Fab Inc. 2 products
GLOphotonics SAS 7 products
GLsun Science And Tech Co., Ltd 10 products
GMP SA, Büro Zürich 14 products
GMT Europe GmbH 1 product  
Gooch & Housego Gooch & Housego PLC 48 products
greenTEG AG 1 product  
Growth Technical Marketing Growth Technical Marketing 1 product  
G-S Plastic Optics 4 products
GWU-Lasertechnik Vertriebsges. mbH 10 products
Haas Laser Technologies, Inc. 10 products
HAM Kristall-Technologie Andreas Maier GmbH 10 products
Hamamatsu Photonics 10 products
Hardin Optical 8 products
HBM FiberSensing HBM FiberSensing, S.A. 9 products
HC Photonics HC Photonics Corp. 10 products
HEBO Spezialglas 6 products
Heidelberg Instruments Inc. 1 product  
Heliotis AG 3 products
Hellma Optik GmbH 10 products
Hembach Photonik 2 products
Heraeus Noblelight GmbH 10 products
HibriLaser 8 products
HighFinesse GmbH 10 products
HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie GmbH 10 products
Hind High Vacuum Company Pvt Ltd. 9 products
HJ Optronics Inc. 10 products
HLJ Technology Co., Ltd. 5 products
HOLOEYE Photonics AG 10 products
Holoor 8 products
Holo-Spectra, Inc. 10 products
Holoxica Ltd. 3 products
HORIBA Scientific 10 products
HT Laser UG 10 products
HTA s.r.l. 1 product  
Hübner GmbH & Co. KG 5 products
Hylax Technology Pte Ltd 6 products
I.L.E.E. AG 10 products
Ibsen Photonics A/S 8 products
ID Quantique 3 products
ID&T GmbH 10 products
IDIL Fibres Optiques IDIL Fibres Optiques 30 products
IEEE 3 products
II-VI Inc. 7 products
IL Photonics 12 products
ILX Lightwave 2 products
Imagine Optic SA 6 products
Imaging Solutions Group of NY 6 products
IMOS Gubela GmbH 10 products
Impex High Tech 10 products
IMRA America 8 products
Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc. 10 products
Industrial Optics Unlimited 9 products
Infini Fiber Optic Cable 10 products
Infinon Research 2 products
Infrared Fiber Systems 6 products
INGENERIC GmbH 9 products
Inkron Oy 5 products
InnoLas Laser GmbH 10 products
Innolume GmbH 10 products
Innotech Laser 4 products
Innowit Co., Ltd. 10 products
Inometrix Inc. 2 products
InPhenix, Inc. 10 products
INRAD Optics 10 products
Insight Photonic Solutions, Inc. 2 products
Inspired Photonics 1 product  
Instrument Systems GmbH 3 products
Integra Optics 10 products
Integrated Optics, Ltd. 10 products
Intense 10 products
Intepon 7 products
Intor Inc. 2 products
Intrinsic Crystal Technology Intrinsic Crystal Technology, Inc. 19 products
Invigon GmbH 4 products
ios Optics 10 products
IPG Photonics Corporation 10 products
IRflex Corporation 10 products
Irisiome Solutions 4 products
IRsweep AG 4 products
Isowave 6 products
ISP Optics Corporation 10 products
ITF Technologies Inc. 4 products
iXBlue 10 products
Jamieson Laser, LLC 9 products
JENOPTIK Laser GmbH 10 products
Jenoptik Optical Systems GmbH 10 products
j-fiber GmbH 5 products
JG International 10 products
JGM Associates, Inc. 3 products
JGR Optics, Inc. 8 products
Jiangsu Tianning Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd 5 products
Jilin Tianhua Opto-electrical Technology Development Co, Ltd. 10 products
Jinan Nanosecond Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. 10 products
Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision, Inc. 8 products
Kantner Präzisionsoptik 10 products
Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories Kapteyn-Murnane Laboratories Inc. 21 products
Kent Displays 1 product  
KENTEK Corporation 10 products
Keopsys SA 10 products
Kern Technologies, LLC 1 product  
KEYMILE GmbH 7 products
Keysight Technologies, Inc. 10 products
Kigre, Inc. 10 products
Kimmon Koha Co., Ltd. 9 products
Kingfisher International 10 products
KINSOM Technology Ltd. 10 products
KLASTECH GmbH 7 products
Knight Optical Knight Optical (USA) LLC 36 products
Kokyo, Inc. 10 products
Komlas Optische Komponenten und Lasersysteme GmbH 10 products
Korth Kristalle 9 products
Korvus Technology Ltd 1 product  
Kotura 10 products
Kunshan Daxinhua Laser Technology Co.,Ltd. 4 products
LaCroix Optical Co. 5 products
Lambda Photonics Co., Ltd. 10 products
Lambda Research Corporation 1 product  
Larsen Equipment Design 1 product  
Lasag AG 10 products
Lasea S. A. 4 products
Laser 2000 GmbH 10 products
Laser Components GmbH 14 products
Laser Electronics 1 product  
Laser Institute of America 3 products
Laser Interlock Solutions Ltd. 4 products
Laser Lab Components, Inc. 10 products
Laser Mechanisms, Inc. 2 products
Laser Quantum Laser Quantum 30 products
Laser S.O.S. Ltd. 10 products
Laser Sources Ltd. 10 products
Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. 10 products
LaserAnimation Sollinger 1 product  
Laserax 10 products
Laserex Technologies 9 products
Laser-Femto, Inc. 10 products
Laserglow Technologies 10 products
Laserline GmbH 10 products
Lasermate Group, Inc. 10 products
LaserMax, Inc. 6 products
Lasermet Ltd. 10 products
LaserMotive 1 product  
Laseroptik Laseroptik 18 products
LaserPro 10 products
LasersCom LLC 3 products
LaserStar Technologies 7 products
Lasertec Inc. 10 products
Lasertechnik AG 3 products
LaserTechs e. K. 3 products
Lasertel 10 products
Laserton Laserton Optic Co., Ltd. 15 products
LASERVISION GmbH & Co.KG 4 products
LASOS Lasertechnik GmbH 10 products
Lastek Pty Ltd 10 products
Lastronics GmbH 6 products
LaVision GmbH 2 products
Layertec GmbH 10 products
L-com Global Connectivity 8 products
LC-Tec 7 products
Le Verre Fluore 10 products
LED Microsensor NT, LLC. 4 products
Leica Geosystems AG 4 products
Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd 10 products
Leoni Fiber Optics GmbH 10 products
LEUKOS 10 products
Lexel Laser 6 products
Leysop Ltd. 10 products
LIDARIS Ltd. 2 products
Light Age, Inc. 10 products
Light Conversion 10 products
Lightcomm Technology Co., Ltd. 10 products
Lightel 10 products
Lighthouse Photonics Inc. 4 products
LightMachinery LightMachinery 15 products
LightPath Technologies, Inc. 8 products
LightSmyth Technologies, Inc. 1 product  
LightTrans International UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 5 products
Lightwaves2020 10 products
LightWorks Optics, Inc. 6 products
Limo Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH 10 products
LIOP-TEC GmbH 6 products
LIOS Technology 7 products
LISA laser products OHG 5 products
Litech Optics Co., Ltd. 10 products
Litron Lasers Ltd. 10 products
LIVE Lasersystems 7 products
LongWave Photonics LLC 2 products
LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH 10 products
Lovalite 5 products
LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH 10 products
Luciol Instruments SA 6 products
LuckLaser Technology Co., Ltd 6 products
Lumenera Corporation 4 products
Lumenis Inc. 4 products
Lumentron 3 products
Lumentum Operations, LLC 10 products
Lumerical Solutions, Inc. 2 products
Lumics GmbH 6 products
Lumina Power, Inc. 2 products
Luminit, LLC 1 product  
Lumos Laser Ltd. 7 products
Luna 9 products
Lusospace 1 product  
Luxmux Technology Corporation 3 products
Lytid SAS 6 products
M Squared Lasers Ltd. 10 products
M. W. Kennedy Associates 1 product  
m2k-laser GmbH 6 products
Maier Photonics, Inc. 6 products
Maiman Electronics LLC 2 products
Mark Optics, Inc 5 products
Market Tech, Inc. 10 products
Materion Corporate Headquarters 6 products
Matrix Global Networks 10 products
McPherson 10 products
Mefibo Limited 10 products
Megaopto Co., Ltd. 10 products
Megawatt Lasers Megawatt Lasers 10 products
Meller Optics 10 products
Melles Griot 10 products
Menlo Systems Menlo Systems GmbH 48 products
Meridian AG 7 products
Mesa Photonics 4 products
Metrolux optische Messtechnik 10 products
Meuser Optik GmbH 6 products
MG Laser 6 products
MG Optical Solutions GmbH 10 products
MH GoPower Co., Ltd 1 product  
Micro Laser Systems, Inc. 10 products
MICRO-EPSILON Optronic GmbH 2 products
Micromaterials, Inc. 6 products
Micron Optics, Inc. 9 products
MICROS Optics GmbH & Co. KG 10 products
Microtech Instruments, Inc. 10 products
Midwest Laser Products, LL 10 products
Mildex Inc. 1 product  
Minioptic Technologies, Inc 2 products
Miracrys LLC 10 products
Mitsubishi Cable Industries 10 products
MK Photonics Inc. 6 products
Modu-Laser 3 products
Modulight, Inc. 10 products
MOG Laboratories Pty Ltd 10 products
MOK Optics Co. Ltd. 9 products
Moltech GmbH 10 products
Monocrom 10 products
MONTFORT Laser MONTFORT Laser GmbH 11 products
Mountain Photonics GmbH 20 products
MoviTHERM 3 products
MOXTEK, Inc. 5 products
MPB Communications 10 products
MWTechnologies, Lda. 10 products
NaKu Technology Co., Ltd 10 products
Naneo NANEO Precision IBS Coatings GmbH 10 products
Nano-Giga 16 products
nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH 10 products
Nanoscribe GmbH 1 product  
National Laser Company 10 products
neoLASE GmbH 6 products
Neolight Technologies LLC 10 products
NeoPhotonics 10 products
New Technologies and Consulting 4 products
Newlight Photonics Inc. 11 products
Newport Corporation 20 products
Ningbo Eonkey Fiber Telecommunication Co., Ltd. 8 products
NKT Photonics NKT Photonics 51 products
nLight Photonics Corporation 10 products
nmLaser Products, Inc. 2 products
Norlase 5 products
Northrop Grumman - Cutting Edge Optronics 10 products
nortus Optronic GmbH 10 products
Novae 10 products
NP Photonics, Inc. 10 products
Nufern 10 products
Nuphoton Technologies 10 products
NUSOD Institute 3 products
Nüvü Camēras 2 products
Nyfors 3 products
OASYS GmbH Optics and Systems 6 products
Ocean Optics 10 products
Oclaro, Inc. 10 products
Oculus Optikgeräte GmbH 8 products
OECA - Optoelektronische Componenten und Applikations GmbH 10 products
Oelabs Inc. 10 products
Oerlikon Metco 1 product  
OEwaves, Inc. 5 products
OF-LINK Communications Co., Ltd. 10 products
OFS Global Headquarters 10 products
OFS Specialty Photonics Division 10 products
Ohara Corporation 2 products
Omega Optical, Inc. 9 products
Omicron Laserage Laserprodukte GmbH 10 products
Ondax, Inc. 10 products
Onyx Optics, Inc. 5 products
OPCO Laboratory 10 products
OpenAPC Project Group 5 products
Ophir Optics 3 products
Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd. 10 products
Oplitec Oplitec Ingenieurbüro 1 product  
Opotek Inc. 3 products
Optacore d.o.o. 4 products
Optech Consulting 1 product  
Optenso 2 products
Optical Building Blocks 9 products
Optical Comb, Inc. 10 products
Optical Engines Inc. 1 product  
Optical Physics Company 3 products
Optical Pulse Machines 8 products
Optical Sciences Corporation 1 product  
The Optical Society of America 3 products
Optical Works Corporation 1 product  
Optico AG 10 products
OptiConcepts Inc. 10 products
Optics & Allied Engg. Pvt. Ltd. 10 products
Optics Balzers AG 10 products
Optiforms 10 products
OptiGrate 10 products
OPTI-KEN 1 product  
Optikexpertisen Optikexpertisen 10 products
Optikron GmbH 10 products
Optilab, LLC 10 products
Optimax Systems, Inc 10 products
OptiPro 1 product  
Optiwave Photonics Limited 10 products
Optiwave Systems Inc. 2 products
Opto Diode Corporation 3 products
Opto Enginee LLC 10 products
OPTO Precision Pte Ltd 6 products
OptoCity 10 products
OPTOcon GmbH 4 products
UAB Optogama 7 products
Optogear Oy 2 products
Optoi Microelectronics 5 products
Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc. 10 products
MB Optola 10 products
Opto-Link 10 products
OPTOMAN 10 products
Optometrics Corporation 10 products
Optomistic Products 3 products
Optonyx AB 10 products
Optoplex Corporation 10 products
Optoprim Germany GmbH 13 products
Optores GmbH 9 products
OptoSigma 10 products
Optoskand AB 5 products
Optosky Photonics, Inc. 1 product  
Optosystems 9 products
Optotek, Inc. 1 product  
Optotune AG 4 products
Optromix, Inc. 9 products
Optron Systems, Inc. 1 product  
Optronis GmbH 2 products
Orbits Lightwave, Inc. 6 products
Orientir, Inc 10 products
Orion Photonics 9 products
OSI Laser Diode, Inc. 8 products
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH 10 products
OsTech 1 product  
OWIS GmbH 10 products
Oxalis-Laser 3 products
Oxford Instruments Industrial Analysis 3 products
Oxide Corporation 7 products
Oxxius 7 products
OZ Optics 10 products
Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. 1 product  
Pantec Engineering AG - Medical Laser 10 products
PaR Systems (Pty) Ltd 10 products
Passat Ltd. 10 products
PD-LD Inc. 10 products
PEAK Instruments Inc 1 product  
Pegasus Optik GmbH 8 products
Penn Optical Coatings 5 products
PennWell Corporation 2 products
Perfos 5 products
PerkinElmer 5 products
PHASICS 10 products
Phoenix Photonics Ltd 10 products
Phosctech Photonics 10 products
Photek 5 products
Photodigm Inc. 5 products
Photon Design 7 products
Photon Energy AWL GmbH 10 products
Photon Engineering 2 products
Photon Etc. Inc. 9 products
Photon LaserOptik Photon LaserOptik 22 products
Photonchina 10 products
Photonic Science Limited 3 products
Photonic Solutions Ltd 10 products
photonicfab 6 products
Photonics Industries International, Inc. 10 products
Photonics Technologies 10 products
PHOTONIS Technologies S.A.S. 10 products
PhotonTec Berlin GmbH 10 products
Photop Technologies, Inc. 10 products
PhotoScribe Technologies, Inc. 5 products
Photran, LLC 2 products
Physical Sciences Inc. 10 products
PicoLAS GmbH 2 products
PicoQuant GmbH 9 products
Picotronic GmbH 5 products
Pioon Laser Technology Co., LTD 1 product  
planarTECH 1 product  
Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization 2 products
Pleiger Laseroptik 9 products
PMS Optik 7 products
POFLink 6 products
PolarOnyx 10 products
Polymicro Technologies 9 products
polyoptics GmbH 10 products
Polytec GmbH 11 products
Port City Instruments, LLC 4 products
Power Technology Inc. 10 products
PowerPhotonic 10 products
Pranalytica Inc. 4 products
Präzisions Glas & Optik GmbH 10 products
PreciSe Hyper-iMage Optics Ltd. 10 products
Precision Fiber Optics Products 8 products
Precitec Optronic GmbH 4 products
Prima Electro S.p.A. 2 products
Primanex Corporation 10 products
Princeton Instruments 7 products
Princeton Lightwave, Inc. 10 products
Princeton Optronics, Inc. 8 products
Pritel 10 products
Prizmatix Ltd. 10 products
Prof. Feierabend GmbH 4 products
Pro-Lite Technologies Ltd 10 products
ProPhotonics Ltd. 10 products
PROTECT-Laserschutz GmbH 2 products
PROTEKT Laserschutz GmbH 3 products
Proximion AB 10 products
Prüftechnik Dieter Busch AG 2 products
Prysmian Group 10 products
Pulsar Photonics GmbH 10 products
Pure Photonics 8 products
PureWavePolarizers Ltd 1 product  
PVD Products, Inc. 1 product  
Qbic Laser System Inc. 10 products
Qingdao E-jiaxun Optical and Electrical Info Co., Ltd. 6 products
Qingdao NovelBeam Technology Co. Ltd. 10 products
Qioptiq Photonics Qioptiq Photonics GmbH & Co KG 78 products
QPC Lasers (Quintessence Photonics Corporation) 10 products
Q-Peak 10 products
QPhotonics, LLC 10 products
Quanta System S.p.A. 10 products
Quanta Tech 1 product  
Quantel Group 10 products
Quantum Composers Inc. 10 products
Quantum Design, Inc. 1 product  
Quantum Light Instruments 9 products
Qubig GmbH 5 products
R&D Ultrafast Lasers Kft. 10 products
Radiant Dyes Laser & Accessoires GmbH 10 products
Radiant Zemax 3 products
Radiantis 9 products
Raicol Crystals Ltd. 10 products
Rainbow Photonics AG 8 products
Rainbow Research Optics, Inc. 10 products
RAM Photonics LLC 5 products
RANOVUS 4 products
Raptor Photonics 3 products
Rauscher GmbH 3 products
Raybium AB 7 products
Raylase AG 2 products
Raymax Lasers 10 products
Raytec Systems AG 2 products
RayTools AG 2 products
Red Optronics 10 products
RedShift Systems Corporation 4 products
RedWave Labs Ltd, 4 products
RefleKron RefleKron Ltd. 11 products
Research Electro-Optics, Inc. 10 products
RESOLUTION Spectra Systems 10 products
Retainagroup Ltd. 3 products
Reynard Corporation 10 products
RFOptic 5 products
RGB Photonics 10 products
Rising Electro-Optics Ltd. 10 products
RMI Laser Sales 10 products
RMT - Revolution Machine Tools 3 products
Rochester Precision Optics 8 products
Roditi International Corporation Ltd. 10 products
Rofam GmbH 5 products
Rofin Sinar Laser GmbH 10 products
Rofin-Baasel UK Ltd 10 products
Roithner LaserTechnik 10 products
Rosenberger-OSI GmbH & Co. OHG 5 products
RP Photonics RP Photonics Consulting GmbH 29 products
RPC Photonics 5 products
RPMC Lasers RPMC Lasers, Inc. 79 products
RT Technologies, Inc. 6 products
Rudzinsky Associates 1 product  
Rugate Technologies, Inc. 7 products
S1 Optics GmbH 9 products
Sacher Lasertechnik 10 products
Saint-Gobain Crystals 2 products
Santec Corporation 8 products
Savvy Optics Corp. 2 products
SCANLAB AG 10 products
Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd. 10 products
Schaefer Technologie GmbH 2 products
Schäfter + Kirchhoff 10 products
Schmidt Marking Systems 8 products
Schneider Kreuznach 10 products
Schneider Optical Machines 1 product  
Schneider Optics 5 products
Schott AG 10 products
Scientific Computing International 4 products
Scientific Materials Corp. 10 products
Sciopt Enterprises 3 products
SCONTEL 2 products
SCRICO, Inc. 9 products
SEDI-ATI Fibres Optiques 10 products
Semicore Equipment, Inc. 2 products
SemiNex Corporation 10 products
Semrock, Inc 6 products
Sensuron 1 product  
Sercalo Microtechnolgy Ltd. 8 products
Shanghai SICCAS High Technology Corporation 4 products
Shanghai Tarluz Telecom Tech. Co., Tld. 10 products
Shasta Crystals 7 products
Shenzhen Teco Optic Co., Ltd. 8 products
SHF Communication Technologies AG 3 products
SHKE Communication Tech 10 products
Sigma Laser GmbH 7 products
Silitec Fibers SA 9 products
Simphotek Inc. 4 products
Simuloptics GmbH 2 products
Single Quantum 2 products
Sinoceramics (USA), LLC. 10 products
Sinoptix 10 products
Sintec Optronics Pte Ltd (HQ) 10 products
SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH 5 products
Sirah Lasertechnik GmbH 10 products
Sisma 10 products
SLS Optics Ltd. 10 products
SmarTThermoelectrics Co., LTD 1 product  
Snake Creek Lasers 6 products
SOFRADIR SAS 1 product  
SOL Instruments Ltd. 10 products
Solar Laser Systems 10 products
Soliton Laser- und Messtechnik GmbH 10 products
Soluciones y Tecnolgias de Control Embebido SAPI de CV 7 products
Somerville Laser Technology, LLC. 4 products
Source Photonics 5 products
Southern Photonics Ltd 10 products
Spark Lasers 5 products
Sparkle Optics 10 products
Special Optics 4 products
Spectra Solutions Inc. 4 products
Spectra-Physics Lasers 10 products
Spectrogon 10 products
Spectrolight, Inc. 5 products
Spectrum Scientific, Inc. (SSI) 10 products
Speirs Robertson 1 product  
SPI Lasers 6 products
SPIE 4 products
SPOT Imaging Solutions 7 products
Springer-Verlag GmbH 2 products
SQS Vlaknova optika a.s. 9 products
Stable Laser Systems Stable Laser Systems 11 products
STANDA Ltd. 10 products
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp. 10 products
Superlum Diodes Ltd. 6 products
SUSS MicroOptics SA 10 products
SVS-VISTEK GmbH 5 products
Swamp Optics, LLC 4 products
Sydor Instruments LLC 10 products
Sydor Optics 10 products
Sylex s.r.o. 2 products
Synopsys, Inc. 1 product  
Synrad, Inc. 10 products
Syntec Optics 10 products
Tailored Photons AB 3 products
Taylor & Francis Group LLC 2 products
Te Lintelo Systems BV 10 products
Technica Optical Components Technica Optical Components, LLC

See also our white papers: "Reinforced FBG Sensors Serve Demanding Applications", "Gold and Steel Protected FBGs Enable Robust Sensing in Harsh and High Temperature Environments", "Small-Diameter Thin FBGs Ideally Suited for Embedded Sensing in Composites", "Technologies for high temperature fibre Bragg gratings"

10 products
Technology 4 Medicine 9 products
TecOptics 10 products
Teem Photonics 10 products
Tektronix 3 products
TeraDiode 3 products
TeraXion TeraXion 16 products
The Optoelectronics Company Ltd 10 products
The Photonics Group 1 product  
Thin Film Physics AG 5 products
Thorlabs 20 products
Timbercon, Inc. 6 products
TJS, Inc. 10 products
Topag Lasertechnik GmbH 10 products
TOPTICA Photonics TOPTICA Photonics AG 80 products
Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide 10 products
TriLumina 1 product  
Trioptics Optical Test Instruments 1 product  
TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH 10 products
TRUMPF Inc. 10 products
TRUMPF Scientific Lasers GmbH + Co. KG 10 products
TSI Incorporated 8 products
TSI TopSpeed 8 products
TTI Fiber Communication Tech. Co., Ltd. 10 products
TYKMA Lasers for Marking 6 products
Ubiquilight 4 products
ULO Optics Ltd. 10 products
Ultra Photonics 10 products
UltraFast Innovations GmbH 10 products
Umicore Coating Services Ltd. 5 products
Umicore Thin Film Products AG 1 product  
UniKLasers Ltd. 10 products
United Lens Company, Inc. 10 products
Universal Laser Systems, Inc. 6 products
University Science Books 1 product  
UpTek Solutions Corp. 10 products
Ushio 4 products
Valley Design Corporation 6 products
Veeco 1 product  
Verrillon 10 products
VERTILAS GmbH 9 products
Vertilite 1 product  
Vescent Photonics 10 products
Vexlum Vexlum Ltd 10 products
VFIBRE Ltd. 10 products
VIP GmbH 5 products
Vision Components 4 products
Vision Lasertechnik für Forschung und Industrie GmbH 10 products
Vixar 1 product  
VLC Photonics S.L. 10 products
VLOC 10 products
VM-TIM GmbH 10 products
von Gegerfelt Photonics 10 products
VONJAN Technology GmbH 7 products
Vortex Optical Coatings Ltd. 7 products
VOSCOM Technologies Co. Ltd. 10 products
Voxtel, Inc. 6 products
VPIphotonics GmbH 6 products
Watt Optics Co., Ltd. 10 products
Wavelength Electronics, Inc. 6 products
Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte Ltd 10 products
Westboro Photonics 4 products
Wiedamark 2 products
Wiley 2 products
Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA 2 products
WLoptical Co., Ltd. 10 products
Workshop of Photonics 10 products
World Lasers, Inc. 3 products
World Star Tech 10 products
Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies 2 products
Wuhan Sunma Technology Co, Ltd. 10 products
Wuhan Yilut Technology Co., Ltd. 6 products
Wuxi Qingyuan Laser Technology Co., Ltd 1 product  
wzw optic AG 8 products
Xenics nv 5 products
Xi'an Aofa Optoelectronics Technology Inc. 10 products
Xiences GmbH 1 product  
Xiton Photonics 10 products
Yongan Optics Co. Ltd. 5 products
YSL Photonics YSL Photonics 20 products
Zemax LLC 1 product  
ZETT Optics GmbH 3 products
Zewda Technology Co., Ltd 7 products
ZG Technology Ltd. 4 products
Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG 5 products
Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH 9 products
zünd precision optics 3 products
Zygo Corporation 6 products

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