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The RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

There are various buyer's guides in the area of photonics and laser technology … but this is the one next to the famous RP Photonics Encyclopedia – with supplier listings always being just a click away from an encyclopedia article!

Whether you are a user or a supplier, or a photonics marketing specialist – check it and you will see: There is no better buyer's guide for photonics products than this one!

The Best Photonics Buyer's Guide
 for Finding Suppliers 

Comprehensive & high quality information

Find hundreds of products and over 1000 suppliers in the field of photonics, including laser technology, fiber optics and general optics and others.

We care about quality – for example, we check whether suppliers really offer certain products!

Popular photonics encyclopedia

You probably know already our extremely popular RP Photonics Encyclopedia, which is intimately linked with our buyer's guide. One click from there, and you are here!

Excellent reputation

RP Photonics enjoys an excellent reputation for technical quality, reliability and diligent service among academic and industry users.

Easy to use

We have a clear page layout, not cluttered with ads – easily find what you really search for. Our server achieves a very fast response, and the pages are well displayed even on tablets.

It is all free, and there is no registration required.

Respecting your privacy

Many website operators are collecting user data and use them in questionable ways (e.g. for targeted spam). Be sure that we never engage in any such activities. We respect your privacy and thus do not attempt any user tracking.

The Best Photonics Buyer's Guide
 for Advertisers 

More visibility and referrals than from any other photonics website

because our buyer's guide is the only one connected with a comprehensive encyclopedia!

Our website is extremely popular. Thousands of photonics and laser experts use it regularly.

Search engines also know that. Our website has the highest search engine ranking of all photonics websites!

Attractive ad package

Greatly improve the visibility for your products and your brand with an advertising package, with which you can also generate a lot of leads.

In October 2018, we have further boosted the advertising value while further simplifying the system. With the new ad package, get descriptions and images published for all your products and many extras such as an advertising banner and a special promotion.

We deliver true value and are honest and trustworthy throughout.

Helpful service

We do all we can to make things simple for you. We can even collect your product descriptions and images from your website!

Get started!

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