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News From Suppliers

2019-10-16 from NKT Photonics:

NKT Photonics deliver lasers for 20-kW defense project

Cologne, Germany, October 15th 2019

On September 11th 2019, Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH announced the successful test of a 20-kW laser source based on spectral combining of 12 fiber lasers supplied by NKT Photonics.

Based on a close co-operation and team approach, Rheinmetall Waffe und Munition and NKT Photonics have reached a new milestone with its laser technology.

The 12 narrow-linewidth high-power lasers are a main component of the effector. They are based on NKT Photonics’ industrial and space qualified Koheras single-frequency laser platform.

“The results from the projects were achieved in a very short time frame and demonstrate the robustness and scalability of our high-performance fiber laser platform”, says Thomas Oldemeyer, Senior VP of NKT Photonics’ Aerospace & Defense division.

Aerospace and defense applications, like the current project with Rheinmetall, are among the most demanding in terms of performance and requirements on robustness in a harsh environment. For such applications, fiber lasers are ideal as the monolithic design is inherently robust and scalable.

Furthermore, as a vertically integrated fiber laser manufacturer, NKT Photonics can tailor the lasers to the application all the way from the raw glass going into the fibers to the final design of the laser.

“NKT Photonics is proud to be the selected partner in this project and to further support our growth ambitions in the Aerospace and Defense industry, we will continue to invest in our production facility in Germany”, says Basil Garabet, CEO and President of NKT Photonics.

Both parties intend to further increase the level of co-operation aiming for a volume and power optimized version aiming for 100 kW within the next 2 years.

For more information, please contact Thomas Oldemeyer, Senior VP Aerospace & Defense, Tel. +49 221 99887 101.

2019-10-10 from TOPTICA Photonics:

New Senior Director Biophotonics & Materials

TOPTICA Photonics AG is pleased to announce that Dr. Holger Quast has been appointed as Senior Director Biophotonics & Materials effective October 1st, 2019.

Dr. Holger Quast will take over the strategic and operational management of TOPTICA's Biophotonics & Microscopy and Test & Measurement divisions.

He received his doctorate at the TU Berlin under Prof. Dieter Bimberg (Semiconductor Physics). During his distinguished career, Dr. Quast has been the Managing Director of SynView GmbH – a long-standing partner of TOPTICA in the field of Terahertz technology. Since 2013 he has been working for Siemens as Venture Director of the Siemens Technology Accelerator in the area of technology transfer and start-up building.

“Holger is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of turning technology and IP into bottom line success. Together with our existing product management team and his strong professional skills, we have a strong team in order to fulfill our ambitious goals in these market segments,” says Dr. Thomas Renner, Member of Executive Board (CSO) of TOPTICA Photonics AG.

Holger is looking ahead to his new position, “I am very excited about the opportunity to join a forward-looking and technology-oriented company like TOPTICA – one of the leading laser photonics companies. I am looking forward to using my experience in finding applications for technology to develop new offerings to market.”

2019-10-03 from NIL Technology:

NIL Technology appoints Tobias Senn as VP of Engineering

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 3, 2019 – NIL Technology ApS (NILT), a specialist in the replication of advanced optics, today announced that it is adding Tobias Senn to the global management team as the VP of Engineering. Tobias will also lead NILT’s prototyping team in Zürich, Switzerland, with a focus on the prototyping of advanced optical components using NILT’s unique masters.

Previously, Tobias Senn worked on establishing the mass production of refractive optics for consumer electronics. Asked about this new role, Tobias commented, “Having worked in a company that grew very large and expanded broadly, I look forward to going back to working on core optics and leveraging advanced nanoscale structures, at a company that is in an exciting growth phase.”

Theodor Nielsen, NILT’s CEO, commented further. “We are excited to have Tobias joining the company and leading our engineering team with a focus on opening up a new aspect of our technology portfolio. NILT is known for advanced, high-quality masters for the replication of advanced optical structures, and with the Engineering team focused on prototyping, we will be able to provide masters to our customers that are designed for manufacturing from the start. I welcome the new team, and I look forward to presenting our new capabilities to our customers.

About NILT

NIL Technology specializes in the mastering and replication of micro- and nanostructures. NILT offers best-in-class solutions for advanced high-tech components, focusing on optical applications for sensors, 3D imaging, and displays that enable future optical solutions for mobile, augmented reality, automotive, and more. NILT covers all aspects of advanced optics, from optical design over highly precise mastering and prototyping to the mass production of optical components.

Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn.

Media contact: Theodor Nielsen (CEO, Founder), Tel. +45 31719036,

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News From RP Photonics

2019-07-11: Up to 100 product listings even with free entries

We have decided now to allow 100 (instead of only 10) product listings even for suppliers not having our ad package. This allows us to display more suppliers for many products, which benefits our users. For the suppliers, it should be clear that although you don't need the ad package to appear with many of your products, the chances to be recognized among so many suppliers will be far better if you engage: you can then publish your product descriptions and images.

2018-11-12: New Page with Company News

This new page will be a place where you can find the following:

  • RP Photonics presents news concerning its buyer's guide and its encyclopedia, e.g. about new features.
  • Suppliers who are listed in our resource with an ad package can e.g. report new product lines, mergers and acquisitions and publish general press releases. (The rules are explained in a section near the bottom of this page.)

2018-11-12: Comprehensive Improvements of the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

In October 2018 we have (a) substantially revised the buyer's guide and the advertising offers and (b) further improved the design of the whole website.

Since then, we have further improved the buyer's guide for our advertisers:

  • The supplier ads have been better integrated into the encyclopedia.
  • For every advertiser, one special promotion is included in the ad package.
  • Suppliers can now publish a company slogan, which appears in the company profile and on all supplier listings.

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2018-11-12: New Video on Marketing

We have published a video on advertising on our site. Particularly for marketing people who are not yet very familiar with our site, it may be quite useful to learn within a couple of minutes how our resource works, why it is so extremely popular, and what kind of online advertising is available there.

2018-11-12: New Articles on Marketing in Photonics

We have published several comprehensive articles on marketing in photonics – not only discussing advertising possibilities which we offer ourselves, but trying to give a comprehensive overview on available options and also presenting many potentially helpful thoughts in this area.

Note also that we have published a useful glossary on photonics marketing.