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2022-01-20 from Lumibird:

New Peacock 532 from Lumibird

LUMIBIRD and GWU have reinforced their partnership with the release of the Peacock 532, the first in a series of optical parametric oscillators and pump lasers, integrated on a single platform.

The first model in the series includes a compact and rugged CFR-type Nd:YAG laser pumping a state-of-the-art OPO. The whole unit is integrated on a single platform, which can easily be inserted into a complex system. It is the perfect synthesis for all users who want to get a tunable nanosecond pulsed laser source in the NIR.

With its fully automated wavelength selection, real-time output energy control or laser beam shaping capability, the Peacock has an outstanding versatility and will be suitable for all types of environments.

The Peacock integrates all the features that have made Lumibird products so famous around the world. Compactness, robustness, reliability, ease of use etc. have been the key factors in its development and make it the ideal tool for users who are looking for a high quality laser for demanding applications in the medical, biotechnology or spectroscopy fields.

The Peacock 532 will be unveiled for the first time at BIOS and Photonics West, January 22-27 in San Francisco, California.

"The Peacock 532 reflects the joint commitment of Lumibird and GWU to provide a highly technical, easy-to-use product" comments Gérard Le Cam, Sales Director of the Photonics Division of the Lumibird Group.

"Our customers expect us to provide tools that interface easily with their installation, that operate safely and that are easy to forget. These new lasers fit perfectly with Lumibird's philosophy of making products that become everyday partners for all industrial and laboratory applications."

Key features:

- Tunability from 680 nm to 220 nm

- Compact housing with integrated pump laser and OPO

- All-solid state design for maximum reliability

- Real-time output energy control

- Fully automated

- 19" rack mountable

See our website for more information.

2022-01-10 from Diamond SA:

High Power Interconnects up to 16 Watts optical power

Switzerland, Losone, January 2022. DIAMOND SA, the leader in high precision fiber optic interconnect solutions, is pleased to announce the upgrade of the existing series of Power Solutions interconnects to withstand up to 16W of power in Single-mode optical fiber, maintaining exceptional Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) values.

Diamond Power Solution (PS) connectors are based on proprietary ferrules terminated with Graded Index Fibers (GIF). GIF expands the beam with a magnification factor of 2.5 to 4.5 performing like a compact GRIN lens. Compared to ball lenses, GIF terminated connector ferrules offer the advantage of superior optical performance in terms of Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL).

Until now, a high-power ferrule with approximately 25 μm Single mode (SM) expanded beam diameter was used in the DIAMOND PS standard connectors allowing up to 6W long life connectivity. By introducing new manufacturing techniques, we are now able to provide an improved PS+ design offering around 36 μm SM expanded Mode Field Diameter (MFD). This would allow the capability of high-power transmission of up to 16W within Single mode optical connectors.

The improved PS+ is available as E-2000® PC 0°, which will result in an Insertion Loss (IL) of 0.4 dB and Return Loss (RL) of 50 dB and will produce all the features currently stated for the E-2000® as being perfectly suitable for High Power applications, including a protective cap and interlock.


DIAMOND SA is recognized worldwide for providing the highest quality and technically advanced fiber optic interconnect products and solutions. We employ state-of-the-art production methods and techniques that are unparalleled in the market. Our patented two-part ferrule, combined with the precision of our “Active Core Alignment” process, results in superior optical performance. Other products and technologies include Power Solution, Polarization Maintaining, Expanded Beam and High Temperature.

2022-01-04 from Focuslight Technologies:

Focuslight Technologies completes brand unification with LIMO GmbH

Xi'an, China – [Jan. 3, 2022] – Focuslight Technologies, a global provider of high-power diode lasers, laser optics and photonics modules and systems solutions, has announced that its 2017 acquisition with LIMO GmbH, a Focuslight Company, has fully integrated its sales and marketing teams and streamlined its manufacturing facilities, better positioning the organization for expanding its global presence in the industries they serve. With the successful completion of their recent IPO on December 24th, 2021, now is the perfect time to move forward as one company and will now conduct global business as one brand: Focuslight Technologies.

The two entities have been working together over the past five-years to streamline its sales, service, R&D and manufacturing efforts. These changes have significantly reduced administrative duplications while combining engineering expertise and the advantages of shared resources and knowledge, allowing Focuslight to become more efficient at creating quality products while advancing integrated solutions that push the boundaries of exploration and advance the photonics industry and to focus on strengthening core competencies and building a unified global presence in the industries they serve.

Now, fully integrated with LIMO as a global company, Focuslight will continue to grow its major business groups: Diode Lasers, Laser Optics, Automotive Application (LiDAR), Optical Systems. “We believe that as one company and one brand, we can truly be a global photonics solutions provider, by leveraging our combined technological strengths and delivering high performance products and superior service. Our mission is to be the global trusted photonics solution provider through innovation, manufacturing excellence and fast response” states Dr. Victor Liu, Chairman & CEO of Focuslight Technologies.

Stop by Focuslight booth# 1059 at SPIE’s Photonics West in San Francisco, CA January 25-27, 2022, to learn more about our recent IPO and unified global presence.

About Focuslight Technologies

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Xi'an, China, Focuslight Technologies is a fast-growing company that develops and manufactures high power diode lasers (photon generation), laser optics (photon control), and photonic modules and systems (application solutions, including LiDAR transmitter modules and UV-L optical systems) used in advanced manufacturing, health, research, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. Focuslight has over 400 patents worldwide and is ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001:2015, and IATF 16949 certified. Additional information can be found at

Sales Inquiries:

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Zhang, Business Development & Marketing Director, Tel: +86 29 8956 0050,

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