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2019-02-09 from TOPTICA Photonics:

TOPTICA receives Prism Award 2019 at Photonics West

TOPTICA's OPO laser system won the Prism Awards 2019 for scientific lasers at Photonics West.

The Prism Awards, often described as the "Oscars of the Photonics Industry", presented ten categories with more than 100 participating companies. TOPTICA’s DLC TOPO, a mid-IR light source for molecular spectroscopy, was announced as a finalist in December 2018 and won in the scientific laser category!

Presenting the award, Prof. Dr. Ursula Keller, Head of Research of ETH Zürich and a pioneer in the field of ultrafast lasers, humorously challenged the perception that scientific lasers are “not good enough for industry” but rather emphasized that the definition should be "exactly the right number of buttons so that the scientist has fun". The TOPO has four knobs and eight switches – just the right amount.

“We are proud to receive this award tonight for our contributions and innovation,” says Mark A. Tolbert, President of TOPTICA Photonics, Inc. “To win this award means more than just being recognized, it means a group of leading industry experts support and believe we have created a valuable product. Contributing to the success of our customers is our goal as a company.”

2019-01-16 from RPMC Lasers:

RPMC Lasers Expands into a New Facility to Support Current Growth

RPMC Lasers Inc, the leading distributor of solid-state lasers in North America, is proud to announce the completion of their new facility in O’Fallon, MO. On December 21st the move into the new and improved facility was officially completed, this newly renovated 6,000 square feet facility will enable RPMC lasers to keep up with and accelerate the rapid growth they have been experiencing over the past several years.

This new location features meeting/conference rooms, an expanded shipping, and inventory area, a larger office area to support our ever-growing staff, and an expanded laser lab for testing and applications services. “We are very excited, about the move and are looking forward to utilizing our additional space to facilitate our future growth.” Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers, continued, “RPMC spent a considerable amount of time and resources renovating the building and making it perfect for our needs.” RPMC plans to grow their sales team by 30% this year.

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News From RP Photonics

2018-11-12: New Page with Company News

This new page will be a place where you can find the following:

  • RP Photonics presents news concerning its buyer's guide and its encyclopedia, e.g. about new features.
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2018-11-12: Comprehensive Improvements of the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide

In October 2018 we have (a) substantially revised the buyer's guide and the advertising offers and (b) further improved the design of the whole website.

Since then, we have further improved the buyer's guide for our advertisers:

  • The supplier ads have been better integrated into the encyclopedia.
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RP Photonics has great ambitions concerning its online marketing activities. It has already built up the website with the highest popularity and the highest search engine ranking of all websites in the area of photonics, optics and laser technology. Based on that, it is in the position to offer the most attractive advertising packages in this technical area. We expect substantial growth, as increasing numbers of marketing people are becoming aware of our great resource and use it for their product marketing.

2018-11-12: New Video on Marketing

We have published a video on advertising on our site. Particularly for marketing people who are not yet very familiar with our site, it may be quite useful to learn within a couple of minutes how our resource works, why it is so extremely popular, and what kind of online advertising is available there.

2018-11-12: New Articles on Marketing in Photonics

We have published several comprehensive articles on marketing in photonics – not only discussing advertising possibilities which we offer ourselves, but trying to give a comprehensive overview on available options and also presenting many potentially helpful thoughts in this area.

Note also that we have published a useful glossary on photonics marketing.

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