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2022-09-21 from Perkins Precision Developments:

2022 Fall News - Kipp Bauchert and Dr. Emmett Randel join PPD's growing team

We are very pleased to announce that Emmett Randel and Kipp Bauchert have accepted the positions of Senior Thin Films Coating Engineer and Production Control Engineer respectively.

Mr. Randel has nearly completed his PhD in Physics at Colorado State University, specializing in the growth of and characterization of residual stress in ion beam sputtered coatings. He will oversee coating design and production here at Perkins Precision Developments, and will be a strong asset to the Coating department moving forward. We are excited to have him!

Mr. Bauchert joins us with over 30 years experience and a proven track record of success in the Optics & Photonics industry. With a technical background in engineering, physics and chemistry and extensive experience in project management and systems engineering, we believe that Kipp will be invaluable in meeting our goals and objectives company-wide.

We hope you join us in welcoming them both to our team!

Emily Kubacki and the PPD Team

Ph: 970-785-2706

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