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2022-05-18 from Gentec Electro-Optics:

Gentec Electro-Optics announces bea sampler for high power lasers

CANADA Gentec-EO, a provider of laser beam measurement instruments, has announced a new beam sampler for kilowatt-level lasers. The BA32-1KW is enabling technology that allows camera-based beam profiling for high power lasers. This water-cooled beam splitter is ideal for inline beam profiling in a variety of high-power applications, from military to industrial materials processing and R&D.

The BA32-1KW beam splitter measures laser beam profiles with power from milliwatts to 1 kW, and at power densities of up to 10 MW/cm2. This device attenuates extremely high power density beams with an attenuation ratio of 1:1900. This enables the use of very sensitive laser beam profilers to measure beam shape, focal spot and even beam waist. The BA32-1KW can also be equipped with a power meter at the second residual beam window to monitor the laser’s power simultaneously with the beam profiling.

Polarization-neutral Attenuation

The BA32-1KW operates by reflecting a fraction of the incoming laser beam into the camera through the front surfaces of a pair of orthogonally oriented wedges. This reflects the beam in three directions: approximately 0.05% to the beam profiler camera, 7.4% to the power meter sensor, and 92% to the working beam. The result is uniform attenuation of any beam shape, from Gaussian to flat-top and even doughnut.

In-line Power Measurement

A common application for beam samplers is picking off a portion of a beam in order to track changes in beam power vs time using a detector. This information may be used as part of a feedback loop to regulate power, or could simply be used to log power in order to normalize experimental results at a later time. With approximately 92% of the beam that is transmitted, a laser process can keep running while its power and beam profile are monitored.

High-quality Optics for UV & Broadband Applications

The BA32-1KW contains two optical wedges with excellent surface quality and flatness, to provide a transmitted beam with very low wavefront error. Its wedges are made of UV Grade Fused Silica, a colorless silica glass of extremely high purity, providing maximum transmission from 200 to 2100 nm. This glass combines a very low thermal expansion coefficient with good optical qualities, and excellent transmittance in the ultraviolet region. It will not fluoresce under UV light and has extremely high laser damage thresholds.

This beam sampler comes with screw-on caps for each aperture to keep the optics dust-free and clean. Accessories to mount a power detector and beam profiler are sold separately.

To learn more about this new product, check out the product page or get in touch with a laser beam measurement expert in your area.

Availability & Pricing

The BA32-1KW beam attenuators are available for purchase today. OEM prices available on request.

PR contact: Gabrielle Thériault, Marketing Director, Tel. +1 418.651.8003 #330

2022-05-18 from RPMC Lasers:

RPMC Lasers Will Exhibit at CYTO 2022 in Philadelphia

RPMC Lasers will be highlighting their wide selection of lasers at the ISAC's annual CYTO conference in Philadelphia, PA from June 4th-7th. Visit RPMC Lasers there at Booth #255!

Through this conference, RPMC hopes to create new relationships with both OEM companies wanting to integrate a high-quality, reliable light source into their system and researchers and scientists looking to perform lab analysis. “We are really looking forward to seeing our clients and partners in person and forging new relationships within the cytometry world,” says Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers, Inc.

For over 15 years, RPMC has been a key supplier for flow cytometry lasers (high-quality TEM00 beam, low noise, high pointing/power stability) to researchers, OEM development teams, and various industry professionals dealing with flow cytometry-based applications.

RPMC offers a wide selection of CW laser diode and DPSS modules in cytometry-critical wavelengths, as well as multi-wavelength beam combiners, perfect for Life Science applications like flow cytometry. RPMC provides assorted sizes, price points, and integration levels with the right specifications for these applications. RPMC helps their clients sort through the myriad of lasers and their options, ensuring they get the right laser source.

Michael Meyer, RPMC Lasers.
Contact us us here.

2022-05-09 from Focuslight Technologies:

Meniscus SAC for Compact Designs in Blue

Xi'an, China – [May 16, 2022] – Focuslight Technologies Inc., a global provider of high-power diode lasers and micro-optics, has announced the Focuslight Blue Meniscus SAC. This new SAC with an effective focal length (EFL) of 9.7 mm has a concave-convex, acylindrical lens design for the collimation of the slow axis of laser diodes.

Blue meniscus SAC

Blue diode lasers continue to revolutionize the processing of different materials such as copper and aluminum. The high absorption of blue light compared to infrared light results in a great advantage for typical industrial applications such as cutting or welding. In addition to material processing, other applications in medicine (bacterial treatment and surgery), lighting, or pumping also enjoy recent interest.

Focuslight offers optimized optics for blue. A material with low absorption is the key to prevent heating and its detrimental effects. Compared to other more basic designs, the Focuslight meniscus SAC design is much more compact while maintaining minimal divergence in high-power blue lasers.

Comparison of meniscus SAC vs. regular SAC: In case the effective focal length is identical, the total length of the system is much smaller compared with a regular SAC (EFLregular SAC = EFLmeniscus SAC). This enables compact designs with smaller footprints.

Focuslight produces lenses on wafers, which allows several thousand lenses to be fabricated in a single step. The result is a scalable and cost-effective production technology for very high quantities.

About Focuslight Technologies

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Xi'an, China, Focuslight Technologies Inc. is a fast-growing company that develops and manufactures high power diode lasers (photon generation), laser optics (photon control), and photonic modules and systems (application solutions) used in advanced manufacturing, health, research, automotive, and consumer electronics applications. In 2017, Focuslight acquired LIMO, one of the leading manufacturers of micro-optics and beam shaping solutions, and a pioneer in groundbreaking photonics production technologies. Focuslight has over 400 patents worldwide and is ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001:2015, and IATF 16949 certified.

2022-05-09 from NKT Photonics:

The World’s broadest tunable laser

SuperK CHROMATUNE is the new laser that gives you gap-free tuning from 400-1000 nm. Finally, a laser that is easy to use and lets you focus on your work.

Maybe saying that you will never need another laser is taking it too far, but … because of its extremely broad tuning range and constant 1 mW output power, the SuperK CHROMATUNE is ready to cover your wavelength needs.

Industrial reliability

We know that uptime is important to you. CHROMATUNE is a fiber laser, which ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours. It requires no maintenance or service, no alignment or adjustments. It is based on our reliable industrial laser platform, and you can trust it to run 24/7. You will always have the light you need.

Versatile & easy to use

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a laser expert to work with one. Pick your wavelength and press the button to get instant light. It is that easy.

We have designed it for applications such as:

- Microscopy

- Spectroscopy

- Fluorescence

- Lifetime imaging

- Optical characterization

- Plasmonics & metamaterials

Ready. Steady. Go.

A laser that can grow with you

We designed the CHROMATUNE to be extremely easy to use. But flip it into advanced mode, and you can change the linewidth of the laser, increase the power in different wavelength ranges and automate wavelength sweeps and other functionalities. As standard, the laser runs at quasi-CW MHz rep rates, but you can also change that if you are studying lifetime phenomena. Everything is controlled by our intuitive software interface, but should you need even more control or integration, our free SDK got you covered.

For more information about the systems, please contact our Sales Managers at

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