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Keywords beginning with A

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "A". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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Abbe number

ABCD matrix

aberrations → optical aberrations

absolute phase → carrier–envelope offset


absorbing coatings → black coatings



absorption coefficient

absorption cross sections → transition cross sections

absorption efficiency → pump absorption

absorption length

absorption saturation → pump absorption

absorption spectroscopy → laser absorption spectroscopy

absorptivity → absorptance

acceptance angle in fiber optics

acceptance angle in nonlinear optics → critical phase matching

achromatic lenses → lenses

achromatic optics

acousto-optic deflectors

acousto-optic frequency shifters

acousto-optic modulators

acousto-optic Q switches

acousto-optic tunable filters


active fibers

active laser media → laser gain media

active mirror → thin-disk lasers

active mode locking

active mode locking:
Case study: actively mode-locked laser

active optical cables → fiber-optic links

active Q switching → Q switching

active stabilization of lasers → stabilization of lasers

add–drop multiplexers → wavelength division multiplexing

additive-pulse mode locking

adiabatic soliton compression

adiabatic soliton compression:
Case study: adiabatic soliton compression

adjoint modes → resonator modes

afocal optical systems

air-guiding fibers → hollow-core fibers

air-spaced etalons:
Case study: air-spaced etalon

alexandrite lasers

alignment lasers

alignment sensitivity:
How to calculate misalignment effects in laser resonators
Spotlight 2011-06-10: Are compact resonators more stable?
Spotlight 2015-05-14: Alignment sensitivity of laser resonators – an important design criterion

alignment sensitivity of optical resonators

alkali vapor lasers → metal vapor lasers

allowed transitions → forbidden transitions

all-solid-state lasers

alpha factor → linewidth enhancement factor

aluminum mirrors → metal-coated mirrors

amplification bandwidth → gain bandwidth

amplification factor

amplified spontaneous emission

amplified spontaneous emission:
Spotlight 2007-07-30: Fiber amplifiers: stronger ASE in backward direction
Spotlight 2007-08-06: Fiber amplifiers: more ASE for larger core with higher NA?
Spotlight 2013-07-08: Amplified spontaneous emission in fiber amplifiers
Spotlight 2015-03-11: Strange time dependence of ASE from a fiber amplifier
Tutorial chapter on ASE in fiber amplifiers

amplifier chains

amplifier chains:
Modeling multi-stage amplifiers with RP Fiber Power
Tutorial chapter on multi-stage fiber amplifiers

amplifier fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

amplifier modeling:
Tutorial on Modeling of Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers

amplifier noise

amplifier noise:
Noise in Laser Technology
Spotlight 2006-07-16: Spontaneous emission and amplifier noise
Tutorial chapter on noise of fiber amplifiers

amplifier stages → amplifier chains

amplifier transitions → laser transitions

amplifiers → optical amplifiers

Spotlight 2007-01-27: Noise figure of amplifiers

amplifying fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

amplitude noise → intensity noise

amplitude-squeezed light

anamorphic prism pairs

anamorphic prisms → prisms

angle cleaving → cleaving of fibers

angle phase matching → critical phase matching

anomalous dispersion → chromatic dispersion

antibunching → nonclassical light

anti-reflection coatings

anti-reflection coatings:
Case study: dual-wavelength anti-reflection coating

anti-Stokes fluorescence cooling → optical refrigeration

aperiodic fiber gratings → fiber Bragg gratings

aperture stops

apochromats → achromatic optics

apodized fiber Bragg gratings → fiber Bragg gratings

applications of lasers → laser applications

arc lamp pumping → lamp-pumped lasers

arc lamps

argon fluoride lasers → excimer lasers

argon ion lasers

arrayed waveguide gratings

artificial saturable absorbers → saturable absorbers

ASE sources:
Case study: ASE source with automatic spectral optimization

aspheric lenses → aspheric optics

aspheric optics


asynchronous sampling → optical sampling

athermal lasers → radiation-balanced lasers

atmospheric correction → laser guide stars

attenuation coefficient → absorption coefficient

attenuators → optical attenuators

Spotlight 2015-02-05: Attenuating laser beams – not that easy

attosecond pulse spectroscopy → time-resolved spectroscopy

attosecond pulses → high harmonic generation



avalanche photodiodes

axial mode spacing → free spectral range

axial modes → resonator modes


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