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Keywords beginning with B

On this page you find all our encyclopedia articles on keywords beginning with "B". Indented lines indicate articles on related topics. Further below, you find the acronyms.

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B integral

Babinet–Soleil compensators

balanced photodetection

ball lenses

band gap


Spotlight 2007-10-11: Understanding Fourier spectra

bandwidth–distance product

bandwidth-limited pulses

bat ear controllers → fiber polarization controllers

beam blocks → beam dumps

beam collimation → collimated beams

beam collimators

beam combining

beam diagnostics → beam profilers

beam diameter → beam radius

beam distortions → beam quality

beam divergence

beam dumps

beam expanders

beam focus → beam waist

beam homogenizers

beam parameter product

beam pointing fluctuations

beam pointing stability → beam pointing fluctuations

beam profilers

beam propagation factor → M2 factor

beam quality

Spotlight 2008-03-04: What is a ''high'' laser beam quality?

Spotlight 2007-06-11: Beam quality measurements can easily go wrong

Spotlight 2006-07-24: Beam distortions in laser cavities

beam quality factor → M2 factor

beam radius

Spotlight 2007-07-11: What is a beam width, beam size, and a beam waist?

beam shapers

Spotlight 2010-04-08: Creating a top-hat laser beam focus

beam shutters

beam splitters

beam traps → beam dumps

beam viewing cards → laser viewing cards

beam waist

beat length → polarization beat length

beat note

Spotlight 2009-07-29: No beat note for orthogonal modes

Beer–Lambert law

bend losses

Case study: bend effects in a large mode area fiber

Berek compensators

Berek tunable waveplates → Babinet–Soleil compensators

binoculars → telescopes


Tutorial chapter on polarization issues in optical fibers

birefringent fibers → polarization-maintaining fibers

birefringent filters → birefringent tuners

birefringent phase matching

birefringent polarizers → polarizers

birefringent tuners

birefringent walk-off → spatial walk-off

bit error rate

black coatings

blackbody radiation → thermal radiation

blazed gratings → diffraction gratings

blue lasers

bound modes → guided waves

Bragg fibers → photonic bandgap fibers

Bragg grating sensors → fiber-optic sensors

Bragg gratings

Bragg mirrors

Case study: Bragg mirror

breakdown → laser-induced breakdown

Brewster plates

Brewster windows

Brewster's angle


brightness converters

Brillouin scattering

Spotlight 2010-03-03: Thresholds for nonlinear effects in fiber amplifiers

Spotlight 2007-09-01: Stimulated Brillouin scattering: lower peak power, stronger effect?

broad area laser diodes

broadband light sources → superluminescent sources

bulk Bragg gratings → volume Bragg gratings

bulk lasers

bulk lasers versus fiber lasers → fiber lasers versus bulk lasers

bundled fibers → fiber bundles

Acronyms beginning with B

BBAR = broadband anti-reflection

BER = bit error rate

BERT = bit error rate tester

BLIIRA = blue-induced infrared absorption → photodarkening

BPP = beam parameter product

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