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Keywords beginning with C

On this page you find all our encyclopedia articles on keywords beginning with "C". Indented lines indicate articles on related topics. Further below, you find the acronyms.

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C band → optical fiber communications

cameras → beam profilers

carbon dioxide lasers → CO2 lasers

carrier–envelope offset

carrier lifetime → upper-state lifetime

cascade lasing → cooperative lasing


caustic → beam quality


cavity bandwidth → resonator modes

cavity design → resonator design

cavity dumpers → pulse pickers

cavity dumping

cavity modes → resonator modes

cavity resonances → resonator modes

ceramic gain media

chalcogenide fibers → mid-infrared fibers

chemical lasers → gas lasers

chemical vapor deposition → fiber fabrication



Spotlight 2008-02-03: Quantifying the chirp of ultrashort pulses

chirped mirrors

chirped-pulse amplification

Spotlight 2017-08-01: Fiber amplifiers: modeling of ultrashort pulse amplification with saturation of wavelength-dependent gain

chirped pulses → chirp

chromatic aberrations

chromatic dispersion

Tutorial chapter on the chromatic dispersion of optical fibers

chromium-doped gain media

circular multipass cells → multipass gas cells

cladding → fibers

cladding mode strippers

cladding modes

cladding-pumped fibers → double-clad fibers

class-A and class-B regime of a laser → relaxation oscillations

cleaner cavities → mode cleaners

cleavers → fiber cleavers

cleaving of fibers


CO2 lasers

coatings → dielectric coatings


Spotlight 2009-11-03: Coherent light from a bulb?

Spotlight 2009-06-23: Coherence – a black-or-white issue?

Spotlight 2008-04-22: Abused photonics terms: coherence

coherence function → coherence time

coherence length

Spotlight 2006-09-22: Coherence length of ultrashort pulses

coherence time

coherent beam combining

coherent detection → optical heterodyne detection

coherent states

cold cathode fluorescent lamps → fluorescent lamps

collimated beams

collimation optics → collimated beams

color filters → optical filters

comb spectra → frequency combs

compact fluorescent lamps → fluorescent lamps

complex degree of temporal coherence → coherence time

complex refractive index → refractive index

composite laser crystals

concentration of dopant → doping concentration

concentration quenching → quenching

confocal microscopy → laser microscopy

confocal parameter → Rayleigh length

conical emission → laser-induced breakdown

connectors for fibers → fiber connectors

continuous-wave operation

cooperative lasing

copper vapor lasers → gas lasers

core → fiber core

core-less end caps

coupled-mode theory → mode coupling

critical phase matching

cross-phase modulation

Spotlight 2008-02-12: Factor 2 in the equation for cross-phase modulation

cross relaxation → energy transfer

cross sections → transition cross sections

cryogenic lasers

crystal ovens

crystalline fibers → single-crystal fibers

crystalline mirrors

cut-off wavelength

cycle jitter → timing jitter

cylindrical lenses → lenses

Acronyms beginning with C

CCFL = cold cathode fluorescent lamp

CEO = carrier–envelope offset

CEP = carrier–envelope phase → carrier–envelope offset

CFL = compact fluorescent lamp

CPA = chirped-pulse amplification

CWDM = coarse wavelength division multiplexing

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