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Keywords beginning with D

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "D". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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D4σ method → beam radius

damage threshold → laser-induced damage

dark current

data transmission → optical data transmission

data transmission: Case study: data transmission


dechirping → pulse compression


deformable mirrors

deformable phase plates → deformable mirrors

delay lines → optical delay lines

delayed nonlinear response

delayed self-heterodyne interferometer → self-heterodyne linewidth measurement

demagnification → magnification

depolarization loss

depressed cladding → fibers

depth of field

depth of focus


detector cards → laser viewing cards

diameter of laser beam → beam radius

diameter–divergence product


diattenuation → dichroism

dichroic mirrors

dichroic mirrors: Case study: dichroic mirror


dielectric coatings

dielectric materials

dielectric mirrors

dielectric mirrors: Spotlight 2006-11-02: Reflection spectrum of tilted dielectric mirror

dielectric mirrors: Spotlight 2006-10-26: Residual transmission through highly reflecting mirrors

dielectric mirrors: How to design multilayer optical devices

difference frequency generation → sum and difference frequency generation

differential group delay → group delay

differential mode delay

differential photodetection → balanced photodetection


diffraction: Spotlight 2019-11-19: Why are large mode areas problematic?

diffraction: Spotlight 2006-12-03: Diffraction in optical fibers

diffraction: Spotlight 2006-11-28: The role of diffraction in optical resonators

diffraction gratings

diffraction-limited beams

diffractive beamsplitters → diffractive optics

diffractive lenses → diffractive optics

diffractive optics

diffuse scattering → scattering


diffusion bonding → composite laser crystals

diode arrays → diode bars

diode bars

diode bars: Spotlight 2010-04-16: Why large mode area waveguides do not work for laser diodes

diode drivers → laser diode drivers

diode lasers

diode modules → laser diode modules

diode stacks

diode-pumped lasers

diode-pumped lasers: Spotlight 2007-06-01: Characterize your pump beam!

diopters → dioptric power

dioptric power

direct diode lasers

disk lasers → thin-disk lasers


dispersion compensation

dispersion compensation modules

dispersion management

dispersion relations → Kramers–Kronig relations

dispersion slope → third-order dispersion

dispersion-decreasing fibers

dispersion-flattened fibers → dispersion-shifted fibers

dispersion-shifted fibers

dispersive delay lines → optical delay lines

dispersive mirrors

dispersive pulse compression → pulse compression

dispersive pulse stretchers → pulse stretchers

dispersive spectral analysis → spectrometers

dispersive wave

dissipative solitons → solitons

distance measurements with lasers

distributed amplifiers

distributed Bragg reflector lasers

distributed feedback lasers

distributed mirrors → Bragg mirrors

distributed sensors → fiber-optic sensors

divergence angle → beam divergence

divided-pulse amplification

divided-pulse amplification: Spotlight 2007-03-11: Divided-pulse amplification

domain engineering → periodic poling

domain inversion → periodic poling

domain-patterned semiconductors → orientation-patterned semiconductors

domes → optical domes

doped fiber amplifiers → fiber amplifiers

doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

doped insulator lasers

doping concentration

doping concentration: Spotlight 2006-07-01: Lifting the confusion concerning doping concentrations

Doppler broadening

Doppler cooling

Doppler limit

double pulses

double refraction → birefringence

double-chirped mirrors → chirped mirrors

double-clad fibers

double-clad fibers: Tutorial chapter on double-clad fibers

double-clad fibers: Case study: Double-clad fiber amplifier

double-clad fibers: Case study: pump absorption in a double-clad fiber

double-clad fibers: Case study: cladding-pumped high-power ytterbium-doped fiber laser

doubly resonant cavities → resonant frequency doubling

doubly resonant oscillators → optical parametric oscillators

dressed states → Sisyphus cooling

drilling heads → laser processing heads

dual-band mirrors → dichroic mirrors

dual-line lasers → multi-line lasers

dual-segment photodiodes → position-sensitive detectors

dual-stage amplifiers → amplifier chains

duty cycle → quasi-continuous-wave operation

dye lasers

dynamically unstable resonators → unstable resonators

Acronyms with D

DBR = distributed Bragg reflector → distributed Bragg reflector lasers

DCF = dispersion compensating fibers

DCM = dispersion compensation module or double-chirped mirrors

DDF = dispersion-decreasing fiber

DDL = direct diode laser

DEDFA = distributed erbium-doped fiber amplifier

DFB laser = distributed feedback laser

DFG = difference-frequency generation

DMD = differential mode delay

DOE = diffractive optical element → diffractive optics

DPA = divided-pulse amplification

DPSSL = diode-pumped solid-state laser

DRO = doubly resonant (parametric) oscillator

DWDM = dense wavelength division multiplexing

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