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Keywords beginning with F

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "F". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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f–2f interferometer → frequency combs

f–theta lenses → scanning lenses

F-centers → color centers


f-stop number → f-number

fabrication of optical fibers → fiber fabrication

Fabry–Pérot interferometers

Fabry–Perot laser diodes

Faraday circulators

Faraday effect

Faraday isolators

Faraday isolators: Spotlight 2010-06-09: Poor man's isolator

Faraday mirrors

Faraday rotators

fast absorbers → saturable absorbers

fast axis → diode bars

fast light → superluminal transmission

faster than light → superluminal transmission

femtosecond fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers

femtosecond lasers

femtosecond lasers: Solid state lasers for ultrashort pulses – a diverse family

femtosecond pulse amplifiers → ultrafast amplifiers

ferroelectric domain engineering → periodic poling

few-cycle pulses → ultrashort pulses

few-mode fibers

fiber amplifiers

fiber amplifiers: Tutorial: Fiber amplifiers

fiber amplifiers: Tutorial: Modeling of fiber amplifiers and lasers

fiber amplifiers: Case study: Erbium-doped fiber amplifier for a long-wavelength signal

fiber amplifiers: Case study: Erbium-doped fiber amplifier for rectangular nanosecond pulses

fiber amplifiers: Fiber amplifiers – a technology for many applications

fiber amplifiers: Spotlight 2007-07-30: Fiber amplifiers: stronger ASE in backward direction

fiber amplifiers: Pump absorption in amplifier fibers

fiber amplifiers: Modeling multi-stage amplifiers with RP Fiber Power

fiber amplifiers: Pulse amplification in the steady state

fiber amplifiers: Transverse dependencies in fiber amplifier and laser modeling

fiber arrays

fiber Bragg gratings

fiber Bragg gratings: Case study: mode coupling in a fiber Bragg grating

fiber Bragg gratings: Case study: mode coupling in a fiber Bragg grating

fiber bundles

fiber cables

fiber cladding

fiber cleavers

fiber coils

fiber collimators

fiber connectors

fiber connectors: Tutorial chapter on accessories and tools for optical fibers

fiber core

fiber couplers

fiber couplers: Tutorial chapter on fiber couplers

fiber couplers: Case study: fused fiber coupler

fiber coupling stages → fiber launch systems

fiber drawing towers → fiber fabrication

fiber end caps → core-less end caps

fiber ends: Tutorial chapter on fiber ends

fiber fabrication

fiber fuse

fiber joints

fiber joints: Tutorial chapter on fiber joints

fiber lasers

fiber lasers: Tutorial: Modeling of fiber amplifiers and lasers

fiber lasers: Spotlight 2011-02-10: Fiber lasers: more difficult to design than bulk lasers

fiber lasers: Spotlight 2008-06-06: Fiber lasers which are no fiber lasers

fiber lasers: Ytterbium fiber lasers emitting at 975~~nm

fiber lasers versus bulk lasers

fiber launch systems

fiber loop mirrors

fiber loop reflectors → fiber loop mirrors

fiber manufacturing → fiber fabrication

fiber modes → fibers

fiber modes: Tutorial chapter on fiber modes

fiber modes: Case study: Mode structure of a step-index multimode fiber

fiber modes: Spotlight 2014-07-28: How to define the mode radius of a fiber?

fiber modes: Spotlight 2008-04-15: Abused photonics terms: modes

fiber modes: Spotlight 2006-10-04: Higher-order modes of fibers: a solution for single-mode guidance with large mode area?

fiber nonlinearities: Tutorial chapter on nonlinearities of optical fibers

fiber nonlinearities: Spotlight 2010-03-09: Nonlinearities in fiber amplifier modeling

fiber nonlinearities: Spotlight 2010-03-03: Thresholds for nonlinear effects in fiber amplifiers

fiber optics

fiber optics: Tutorial: Passive fiber optics

fiber optics: Launching light into step-index multimode fibers

fiber optics:: Field Guide to Fiber Optics

fiber patch cables

fiber polarization controllers

fiber polishing → polishing of fibers

fiber preforms

fiber rods → fiber bundles

fiber sensors → fiber-optic sensors

fiber simulation software

fiber splices → fiber joints

fiber splitters: Tutorial chapter on fiber couplers and splitters

fiber to the home

fiber-coupled diode lasers

fiber-feedback parametric oscillators → optical parametric oscillators

fiber-optic arrays → fiber arrays

fiber-optic attenuators

fiber-optic cables → fiber cables

fiber-optic communications → optical fiber communications

fiber-optic connectors → fiber connectors

fiber-optic links

fiber-optic networks

fiber-optic parametric amplifiers → optical parametric amplifiers

fiber-optic patch cords → fiber cables

fiber-optic plates

fiber-optic pump combiners

fiber-optic sensors

fiber-optic splitters → fiber couplers

fiber-optic tapers


fibers: Tutorial: Passive fiber optics

fibers: Spotlight 2016-09-12: An apparent paradox concerning light beams in fibers

fibers: Spotlight 2009-10-08: Nobel Prize for Charles K. Kao for pioneering work on optical fibers

fibers: Spotlight 2009-07-09: Gain-guiding index-antiguiding fibers

fibers: Spotlight 2006-12-03: Diffraction in optical fibers

field curvature → optical aberrations

field lenses

field of view

field propagation: Tutorial chapter on power propagation vs. field propagation

field stops

figure-eight lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers

figure-of-eight laser → mode-locked fiber lasers

filters → optical filters


first surface mirrors

Fizeau interferometers

flash lamp pumping → lamp-pumped lasers

flash lamps

flat optics

flat-top beams

flat-top beams: Spotlight 2010-04-08: Creating a top-hat laser beam focus

flint glasses



fluorescence lifetime → upper-state lifetime

fluorescence microscopy

fluorescence quenching → quenching

fluorescence spectroscopy

fluorescent cooling → optical refrigeration

fluorescent lamps

fluoride fibers

fluoride glasses

fluorine lasers → excimer lasers

fluorozirconate fibers → fluoride fibers

fly-wheel oscillators → frequency metrology

FM mode locking → mode locking

focal distance

focal length

focal plane arrays

focal points and focal planes

Fock states → nonclassical light


focusing of light beams: Spotlight 2009-11-22: The beam focus – not just a demagnified version of your beam

focusing power → focal length

forbidden transitions

forbidden transitions: Spotlight 2011-03-13: What if solid-state laser transitions would be much stronger?

forsterite crystals → chromium-doped laser gain media

forward and backward pumping: Tutorial chapter on forward and backward pumping of fiber amplifiers

four-level and three-level gain media: Spotlight 2018-08-22: What is different for quasi-three-level lasers?

four-level and three-level gain media: Spotlight 2017-03-15: Interesting features of over-long fiber lasers

four-level and three-level gain media: Spotlight 2006-08-12: Understanding quasi-three-level lasers

four-level and three-level laser gain media

four-level and three-level laser gain media: Case study: Ytterbium-doped 975-nm fiber lasers

four-wave mixing

Fourier limit → transform limit

Fourier optics

Fourier spectrum: Spotlight 2007-10-11: Understanding Fourier spectra

Fourier transform spectral phase interferometry → spectral phase interferometry

Fourier transform spectroscopy

fourth-harmonic generation → frequency quadrupling

Frantz–Nodvick equation → gain saturation

Franz–Keldysh effect → electroabsorption modulators

free electron lasers

free spectral range

free-space communications → free-space optical communications

free-space modes → modes

free-space optical communications

frequency chains → frequency metrology

frequency combs

frequency combs: Spotlight 2006-07-01: Characterizing a cavity with a frequency comb

frequency combs: Spotlight 2006-07-01: With wavelength combs to picometer resolution

frequency conversion → nonlinear frequency conversion

frequency domain interferometry → spectral phase interferometry

frequency doubling

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2014-11-14: Correctly designing frequency conversion stages: not easy, but worthwhile!

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2013-08-26: Frequency doubling and the reverse process

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2008-01-27: Beam quality in second-harmonic generation

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2008-01-14: Frequency doubling: long pulses cause trouble

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2007-10-17: Why the second-harmonic beam is smaller

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2007-09-21: Optimum crystal length for frequency doubling

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2007-03-05: More efficient frequency doubling with shorter pulses?

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2006-09-29: Frequency dependence of the conversion efficiency for frequency doubling

frequency doubling: Spotlight 2006-08-15: The effect of a double pass in a frequency doubler

frequency metrology

frequency noise

frequency quadrupling

frequency standards → optical frequency standards

frequency synthesizers → frequency combs

frequency tripling

frequency-resolved optical gating

frequency-stabilized lasers

Fresnel equations

Fresnel lenses

Fresnel number

Fresnel reflections

Fresnel zone plates → zone plates

front surface mirrors → first surface mirrors

frustrated total internal reflection → total internal reflection

fundamental mode locking

fused quartz → fused silica

fused silica

fused silica fibers → silica fibers

fusion splicing of fibers

Füchtbauer–Ladenburg equation

Acronyms with F

FASOR = frequency addition source of optical radiation → sum and difference frequency generation

FBG = fiber Bragg grating

FCPA = fiber-based chirped-pulse amplification

FEL = free electron laser

FLIM = fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy → fluorescence microscopy

FLM = fiber loop mirror

FMF = few-mode fiber

FOP = fiber-optic plate

FOV = field of view

FPA = focal plane array

FRM = Faraday rotator mirror

FROG = frequency-resolved optical gating

FS mirror = first surface mirror

FTIR = Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy → Fourier transform spectroscopy

FTS = Fourier transform spectroscopy

FTTH = fiber to the home

FWM = four-wave mixing

FZP = Fresnel zone plate

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