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(Acronyms: see below)


Tutorial chapter on gain and absorption in rare-earth-doped fibers

gain bandwidth

Spotlight 2007-10-25: The gain bandwidth of laser crystals and glasses

gain clamping

gain compression → gain saturation

gain efficiency

gain equalization

gain guiding

gain media

gain modules → laser heads

gain narrowing

gain saturation

Spotlight 2015-08-08: Gain saturation with pulses

gain switching

gas discharge lamps → fluorescent lamps

gas lasers

Gaussian beams

Spotlight 2009-10-03: Peak intensity of Gaussian beam

Gaussian pulses

Geiger mode → avalanche photodiodes

giant pulses → Q switching

Giles parameters

Gires–Tournois interferometers

glass fibers → fibers

Glauber states → coherent states

goggles → eye protection

gold mirrors → metal-coated mirrors

Gordon–Haus jitter

Gouy phase shift

graded-index fibers

graded-index fibers → multimode fibers

gradient-index filters → rugate filters

gradient index lenses → lenses

grating compressors → pulse compression

gratings → diffraction gratings

gray tracking → photodarkening

green-induced infrared absorption → photodarkening

green lasers

Spotlight 2009-08-14: Progress on green laser diodes

green problem → intracavity frequency doubling

GRISMs → dispersion compensation

ground state laser transitions → four-level and three-level gain media

group delay

group delay dispersion

group index

group refractive index → group index

group velocity

group velocity dispersion

group velocity mismatch

guide stars → laser guide stars

guided modes → modes

guided waves

Acronyms beginning with G

GDD = group delay dispersion

GM-APD = Geiger mode avalanche photodiode

GRENOUILLE → FROG → frequency-resolved optical gating

GRIIRA = green-induced infrared absorption → photodarkening

GTI = Gires–Tournois interferometer

GVD = group velocity dispersion

GVM = group velocity mismatch

… and if you need any more help on such topics, consider to use the consulting services of RP Photonics Consulting GmbH! There is a variety of various services available in topical areas such as lasers, amplifiers, nonlinear optics, fiber optics, ultrashort pulses, multilayer mirrors, noise and fluctuations, and other topics in photonics and optoelectronics.