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Keywords beginning with H

On this page you find all our encyclopedia articles on keywords beginning with "H". Indented lines indicate articles on related topics. Further below, you find the acronyms.

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half-wave plates → waveplates

half-wave voltage → Pockels cells

halogen lamps

hand lenses → magnifying glasses

hard apertures → optical apertures

harmonic mode locking

harmonic separators → dichroic mirrors

Haus Master equation

heat capacity lasers → quasi-continuous-wave operation

heat control filters → cold mirrors

heat radiation → infrared light

heavy metal fluoride fibers → fluoride fibers

helium–cadmium lasers → gas lasers

helium–neon lasers

Henry factor → linewidth enhancement factor

Hermite–Gaussian modes

Herriott multipass cells → multipass gas cells

heterodyne detection → optical heterodyne detection

high brightness laser diodes

high harmonic generation

high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers

Spotlight 2018-03-05: Dependence on Raman conversion on the optical bandwidth

Spotlight 2011-05-28: Explanation for the mode instability in high-power fiber amplifiers with few-mode fibers

high-power lasers

high-Q resonators → Q factor

higher-order dispersion → dispersion

higher-order modes

Spotlight 2006-10-04: Higher-order modes of fibers: a solution for single-mode guidance with large mode area?

higher-order solitons

holey fibers → photonic crystal fibers

hollow-core fibers

holographic bulk gratings → volume Bragg gratings


homodyne detection → optical heterodyne detection

homogeneous broadening

homogeneous saturation

hot mirrors

hybrid laser crystals → composite laser crystals

hybrid mode locking → mode locking

hyper Raman scattering

hyperfocal distance

hyperspectral imaging

Acronyms beginning with H

HF = holey fiber → photonic crystal fibers

HHG = high harmonic generation

HNLF = highly nonlinear fiber

HRS = hyper Raman scattering

HSI = hyperspectral imaging

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