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Keywords beginning with L

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "L". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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L band → optical fiber communications

Lambertian emitters and scatterers

lamp power supplies

lamp-pumped lasers

lanthanide lasers → rare-earth-doped laser gain media

large diameter optics

large mode area fibers

large mode area fibers:
Spotlight 2006-08-10: Single-mode fibers with large mode areas
Spotlight 2007-02-04: Continuing struggle for larger fiber mode areas
Spotlight 2007-04-28: Easier launching into fibers with large mode area?
Spotlight 2019-11-19: Why are large mode areas problematic?

large-core fibers

laser 3D printing

laser ablation

laser absorption spectroscopy

laser additive manufacturing

laser amplifiers → optical amplifiers

laser applications

laser applications:
Spotlight 2009-04-17: Miniature laser projectors – The next big laser thing?

laser beam characterization

laser beam characterization:
Spotlight 2007-06-01: Characterize your pump beam!

laser beam combining → beam combining

laser beam delivery systems → beam delivery systems

laser beam machining → laser machining

laser beam machining → laser material processing

laser beam quality → beam quality

laser beam shapers → beam shapers

laser beam shutters → beam shutters

laser beams

laser beams:
Spotlight 2007-07-11: What is a beam width, beam size, and a beam waist?
Spotlight 2009-11-22: The beam focus – not just a demagnified version of your beam
Spotlight 2010-04-08: Creating a top-hat laser beam focus
Spotlight 2015-02-05: Attenuating laser beams – not that easy

laser brazing → laser soldering

laser cavities → laser resonators

laser cladding

laser cleaning

laser coating

laser communications → free-space optical communications

laser cooling

laser cooling units

laser cross sections → transition cross sections

laser crystals

laser cutting

laser design

laser design:
Spotlight 2006-07-05: Laser design: side product or the basis of laser development?
Spotlight 2007-04-01: The ideal pump intensity distribution in an end-pumped solid-state laser
Spotlight 2011-02-10: Fiber lasers: more difficult to design than bulk lasers

laser development

laser development:
Spotlight 2006-07-05: Laser design: side product or the basis of laser development?
Spotlight 2017-01-27: Second opinion: a useful tool, also in laser technology!

laser diode bars → diode bars

laser diode collimators

laser diode drivers

laser diode modules

laser diode stacks → diode stacks

laser diode testing

laser diodes

laser diodes:
Spotlight 2009-08-14: Progress on green laser diodes

laser disks → thin-disk lasers

laser distance meters → distance measurements with lasers

laser drilling

laser dyes → dye lasers

laser dynamics

laser energy meters → optical energy meters

laser engraving → laser marking

laser eye protection → laser safety glasses

laser fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

laser gain → gain

laser gain media

laser glasses

laser goggles → laser safety glasses

laser guide stars

laser hardening

laser hazards → laser safety

laser heads

laser light

laser line mirrors → laser mirrors

laser line optics

laser line polarizers → thin-film polarizers

laser lines

laser linewidth → linewidth

laser links → free-space optical communications

laser machining

laser marking

laser material processing

laser material processing:
Spotlight 2022-08-04: Encyclopedia Articles on Laser Material Processing

laser media → laser gain media

laser micromachining

laser microscopy

laser mirrors

laser mirrors:
Spotlight 2006-10-26: Residual transmission through highly reflecting mirrors
Spotlight 2006-11-02: Reflection spectrum of tilted dielectric mirror

laser modeling

laser modeling:
Spotlight 2006-11-16: Laser models – not always useful
Spotlight 2012-02-03: Simulation software: use commercial products or home-made software?
Spotlight 2013-09-24: Simulation of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser: numerical beam propagation reveals what happens, analytical reasoning explains it
Spotlight 2017-12-04: Energy levels of solid-state gain media
The transparent laser
Transverse dependencies in fiber amplifier and laser modeling
Tutorial on Modeling of Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers
What makes a good physics model

laser modules → laser heads

laser noise

laser noise:
Noise in Laser Technology
Spotlight 2006-08-01: Lasers disturbed by vacuum?
Spotlight 2006-08-20: Lower noise from longer lasers
Spotlight 2006-10-09: Correct specifications for laser noise – valuable but hard to obtain

laser optics

laser oscillators → lasers

laser physics

laser physics:
Spotlight 2020-03-16: Laser physics helps to understand the corona virus crisis

laser pointers

laser pointers:
Spotlight 2006-12-16: Dangerous green laser pointers
Spotlight 2009-04-06: Laser pointers in soccer games: not necessarily harmless
Spotlight 2010-01-11: Beams of laser pointers: visible in air?

laser power meters → optical power meters

laser processing heads

laser projectors:
Spotlight 2009-04-17: Miniature laser projectors – The next big laser thing?

laser pulses:
Field Guide to Laser Pulses
Spotlight 2014-04-02: Lower emission cross-section leads to higher pulse energy?!?

laser pulses → light pulses

laser pump chambers → pump chambers

laser radar → LIDAR

laser radiation → laser light

laser rangefinders

laser refrigeration → optical refrigeration

laser resonator design → resonator design

laser resonators

laser resonators:
Spotlight 2006-10-01: Stability zones of laser resonators
Spotlight 2009-04-05: Stability of resonators – an ambiguous term
Spotlight 2009-09-19: Are laser resonators power scalable?
Spotlight 2015-05-14: Alignment sensitivity of laser resonators – an important design criterion

laser rods

laser safety

laser safety:
Spotlight 2006-12-16: Dangerous green laser pointers
Spotlight 2007-07-01: Nonsensical regulations undermine laser safety
Spotlight 2007-07-06: Promoting dangerous practices in laser labs
Spotlight 2007-12-18: The role of laser safety goggles

laser safety glasses

laser scanners

laser soldering

laser specifications

laser specifications:
Spotlight 2013-12-13: Avoiding trouble with laser specifications

laser speckle

laser speckle:
Spotlight 2007-06-24: The plague of a narrow emission linewidth

laser spectroscopy

laser surface modification

laser threshold

laser threshold:
Spotlight 2007-01-21: Laser operation far above threshold
Spotlight 2007-05-10: Fundamental limitation for sigma–tau product, gain efficiency, and laser threshold
Spotlight 2020-03-16: Laser physics helps to understand the corona virus crisis

laser transitions

laser transitions:
Spotlight 2011-03-13: What if solid-state laser transitions would be much stronger?

laser transmitters → free-space optical communications

laser trepanning → laser drilling

laser viewing cards

laser welding

laser-active glasses → laser glasses

laser-aided manufacturing → laser material processing

laser-induced breakdown

laser-induced damage


At which wavelength will a laser emit?
Spotlight 2006-08-23: Lasers with nonlinear input–output characteristics
Spotlight 2007-02-22: Lossy laser cavities
Spotlight 2007-08-27: Distant healing of lasers
Spotlight 2008-05-25: Einstein and the laser
Spotlight 2015-11-28: How to store light – and to understand the laser principle

lasers for material processing

Field Guide to Lasers

lasing without inversion

lateral effect photodiodes → position-sensitive detectors

lateral modes → higher-order modes

launching light into fibers → fiber launch systems

law of Snellius → refraction

leaky modes

LEDs → light-emitting diodes

Spotlight 2010-09-02: Why LEDs are energy-efficient, and why they could well increase energy consumption

left-handed metamaterials → photonic metamaterials

lens arrays → microlens arrays

lens speed → f-number


level manifolds → Stark level manifolds


lifetime broadening → gain bandwidth


light absorption → absorption

light beams

light choppers → optical choppers

light detection and ranging → LIDAR

light diffusers → diffusers

light forces

light forces:
Spotlight 2006-10-22: Lasers attract dust to cavity mirrors

light intensity → optical intensity

light pulses

light pulses:
Tutorial on Modeling of Pulse Amplification

light-emitting diodes

light-emitting diodes:
Spotlight 2010-09-02: Why LEDs are energy-efficient, and why they could well increase energy consumption

light-induced absorption → photodarkening

lightwave communications → optical data transmission

line lasers → alignment lasers

linear absorption → absorption

linear polarization → polarization of light

linear polarizers → polarizers

linear resonators → standing-wave resonators

linear versus ring resonators → optical resonators


Derivation of the Schawlow–Townes linewidth
Spotlight 2007-06-24: The plague of a narrow emission linewidth
Spotlight 2008-07-26: Beat signals with zero linewidth
Spotlight 2015-10-17: The linewidth of single-frequency lasers

linewidth enhancement factor

liquid crystal displays

liquid crystal modulators

lithium niobate and tantalate → nonlinear crystal materials

Littrow gratings → diffraction gratings

longitudinal pumping → end pumping

long-pass gas cells → gas cells

long-period fiber Bragg gratings → fiber Bragg gratings

long-wave infrared detectors → infrared detectors


low pressure discharge lamps → gas discharge lamps

lower-state lifetime

LP modes

lumen → luminous flux


Spotlight 2021-03-08: Luminance – a term which is worth some thoughts


luminescence quenching → quenching


luminosity functions

luminous efficacy and efficiency

luminous flux

luminous intensity

lux → illuminance

luxmeters → photometers

Lyot filters

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