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Keywords beginning with M

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(Acronyms: see below)

M2 factor

Mach–Zehnder interferometers → interferometers

Marcuse formula → mode radius

master equation → Haus Master equation

master laser

master oscillator fiber amplifier

Spotlight 2008-12-16: Why fiber amplifiers, not fiber lasers?

master oscillator power amplifier

Spotlight 2010-03-22: All-in-one concepts versus modular concepts

matrix method for multilayer structures → dielectric mirrors

McCumber theory

metal–semiconductor–metal photodetectors

metal-coated mirrors

metamaterials → photonic metamaterials

metastable states

metrology → optical metrology

Michelson interferometers → interferometers

microbends of fibers

microcavities → cavities

microchannel plate detectors → photomultipliers

microchip lasers

microstructure fibers → photonic crystal fibers

mid-infrared fibers

mid-infrared laser sources


misalignment → alignment sensitivity

misalignment of fibers → fiber joints

mm mrad → beam parameter product

modal bandwidth

modal dispersion → intermodal dispersion

modal refractive index → effective refractive index

mode area → effective mode area

mode cleaner cavities

mode cleaners

mode competition

Spotlight 2007-07-16: Mode competition – increased or decreased by spatial hole burning?

mode coupling

Spotlight 2016-08-11: Mode coupling in optical fibers: selective excitation of a higher-order mode with a fiber Bragg grating

mode cut-off → cut-off wavelength

mode field diameter → mode radius

mode hopping

mode-locked diode lasers

mode-locked fiber lasers

Spotlight 2010-03-22: All-in-one concepts versus modulator concepts

Spotlight 2009-01-05: Extremely long mode-locked fiber laser

Spotlight 2008-03-17: Ultrafast fiber lasers: re-inventing mode Locking

mode-locked lasers

Spotlight 2008-03-26: Mode-locked lasers: lower average powers in shorter pulses

mode locking

mode matching

mode radius

Spotlight 2014-07-28: How to define the mode radius of a fiber?

mode size converters

mode solvers → fiber simulation software

mode strippers → cladding mode strippers

modeling → laser modeling


Tutorial chapter on fiber modes

Spotlight 2008-04-15: Abused photonics terms: modes

modes of laser operation

modified chemical vapor deposition → fiber fabrication

modulation depth

modulators → optical modulators

molecular lasers

monochromaticity → linewidth

monochromators → spectrometers

monocrystalline fibers → single-crystal fibers

monocrystalline mirrors → crystalline mirrors

monofrequency lasers → single-frequency lasers

monolithic solid-state lasers

monomode fibers → single-mode fibers

multi-mode fibers → multimode fibers

multi-phonon transitions

multi-stage amplifiers → amplifier chains

multilayer coatings → dielectric coatings

multilayer mirrors → dielectric mirrors

multimode fibers

Tutorial chapter on multimode fibers

Spotlight 2013-11-12: Beam quality limit for multimode fibers

multimode waveguides → waveguides

multipass amplifiers

multiphonon absorption

multiphoton absorption

multiphoton ionization → laser-induced breakdown

multiphoton microscopy → fluorescence microscopy

multiple pulses → double pulses

Acronyms beginning with M

MCP = multichannel plate → photomultipliers

MCVD = modified chemical vapor deposition → fiber fabrication

MFD = mode field diameter → mode radius

MISER = monolithic isolated single-mode end-pumped ring → NPRO = nonplanar ring oscillator

MOF = microstructure optical fiber → photonic crystal fibers

MOFA = master oscillator fiber amplifier

MOPA = master oscillator power amplifier

MOPFA = master oscillator power fiber amplifier

MQW = multiple quantum wells

MSM photodetector = metal–semiconductor–metal photodetector

… and if you need any more help on such topics, consider to use the consulting services of RP Photonics Consulting GmbH! There is a variety of various services available in topical areas such as lasers, amplifiers, nonlinear optics, fiber optics, ultrashort pulses, multilayer mirrors, noise and fluctuations, and other topics in photonics and optoelectronics.