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Keywords beginning with N

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "N". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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nanoscopy → laser microscopy

nanosecond lasers

nanosecond pulse amplifiers:
Tutorial chapter on fiber amplifiers for nanosecond pulses

narrow-linewidth lasers

Nd:YAG → YAG lasers

Nd:YLF → YLF lasers

Nd:YVO4 → vanadate lasers

near field and far field

negative-index materials → photonic metamaterials

neodymium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

neodymium-doped laser gain media

neon lamps → gas discharge lamps

neutral density filters

night vision devices

Nipkow discs → pinholes

nitrogen lasers → gas lasers

no-cloning theorem → quantum cryptography

nodal points

noise → laser noise

noise eaters

noise figure

noise figure:
Spotlight 2007-01-27: Noise figure of amplifiers

noise of amplifiers:
Tutorial chapter on noise of fiber amplifiers

noise reduction → stabilization of lasers

noise specifications

noise-equivalent power

nonclassical light

noncritical phase matching

nonlinear absorption

nonlinear amplification → parametric amplification

nonlinear coefficient → effective nonlinear coefficient

nonlinear crystal materials

nonlinear crystals:
Spotlight 2007-09-21: Optimum crystal length for frequency doubling

nonlinear fiber loop mirrors → fiber loop mirrors

nonlinear frequency conversion

nonlinear frequency conversion:
Spotlight 2006-08-15: The effect of a double pass in a frequency doubler
Spotlight 2006-09-29: Frequency dependence of the conversion efficiency for frequency doubling
Spotlight 2007-03-05: More efficient frequency doubling with shorter pulses?
Spotlight 2014-11-14: Correctly designing frequency conversion stages: not easy, but worthwhile!
Spotlight 2016-10-27: Challenges for nonlinear frequency conversion in extreme wavelength regions

nonlinear index

nonlinear length

nonlinear mirror mode locking → mode locking

nonlinear optics

nonlinear polarization

nonlinear polarization rotation

nonlinear polarization waves → polarization waves

nonlinear pulse compression:
Case study: nonlinear pulse compression

nonlinear pulse compression → pulse compression

nonlinear pulse distortion

nonlinear refractive index → nonlinear index

nonlinear self-focusing:
Case study: nonlinear self-focusing

nonlinear self-focusing → self-focusing


Spotlight 2007-05-26: Optical isotropy: nonlinear interactions are different!
Spotlight 2010-03-09: Nonlinearities in fiber amplifier modeling

nonlinearities of fibers:
Tutorial chapter on nonlinearities of optical fibers

nonplanar ring oscillators

non-radiative transitions

normal dispersion → chromatic dispersion

normalized frequency → V number

number density of dopant → doping concentration

numerical aperture

numerical beam propagation:
Simulating non-monochromatic multimode beams

numerical modeling → pulse propagation modeling

Acronyms beginning with N

NA = numerical aperture

NALM = nonlinear amplifying loop mirror

ND filter = neutral density filter

NEP = noise-equivalent power

NLO = nonlinear optics

NOLM = nonlinear optical loop mirror

NOPA = noncollinear optical parametric amplifier

NPRO = nonplanar ring oscillator

NVD = night vision device

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