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Keywords beginning with O

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "O". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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object and image space

objective lenses → objectives


objectives for photography → photographic objectives

ocular lenses

OEM laser modules

one-atom lasers → single-atom lasers

OP-GaAs → orientation-patterned semiconductors


operation modes of lasers → modes of laser operation

optical aberrations

optical absorption → absorption

optical activity

optical adhesives

optical amplifiers

optical apertures

optical attenuators

optical bandwidth → bandwidth

optical bomb → superradiance

optical breadboards

optical breakdown → laser-induced breakdown

optical cavities → cavities

optical choppers

optical circulators → Faraday circulators

optical clocks

optical clockworks

optical coatings → dielectric coatings

optical coherence tomography

optical communications → optical data transmission

optical contact

optical contact bonding

optical crystals

optical damage → laser-induced damage

optical damage threshold → laser-induced damage

optical data transmission

optical data transmission: Case study: data transmission

optical delay lines

optical density

optical diffusers → diffusers

optical diodes → optical isolators

optical domes

optical energy meters

optical fabrication

optical fiber cables → fiber cables

optical fiber communications

optical fiber communications: Case study: data transmission

optical fiber sensors → fiber-optic sensors

optical fiber technology → fiber optics

optical fibers → fibers

optical filters

optical flats

optical fluence → fluence

optical frequency

optical frequency: Wavelength or optical frequency, what is the better specification?

optical frequency domain reflectometry → fiber-optic sensors

optical frequency metrology → frequency metrology

optical frequency multipliers

optical frequency standards

optical frequency synthesizers → frequency combs

optical gain → gain

optical glasses

optical harmonic generators → optical frequency multipliers

optical heterodyne detection

optical images → imaging

optical imaging → imaging

optical intensity

optical interference → interference

optical interference coatings → dielectric coatings

optical isolators

optical isolators: Spotlight 2010-06-09: Poor man's isolator

optical isotropy: Spotlight 2007-05-26: Optical isotropy: nonlinear interactions are different!

optical lattice clocks → optical frequency standards

optical materials

optical metamaterials → photonic metamaterials

optical metasurfaces → photonic metasurfaces

optical metrology

optical mirrors → mirrors

optical modulators

optical molasses

optical nanofibers → nanofibers

optical networks → fiber-optic networks

optical parametric amplifiers

optical parametric amplifiers: Spotlight 2006-09-21: Power scaling limits of optical parametric amplifiers

optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification

optical parametric generators

optical parametric oscillators

optical parametric oscillators: Spotlight 2007-08-23: An OPO without resonator mirrors

optical parametric oscillators: Spotlight 2006-09-03: Resolution of conundrum: threshold power for parametric nonlinear interactions

optical path length

optical phase

optical physics

optical power

optical power meters

optical power monitors

optical profilometers

optical pulse generation → pulse generation

optical pulses → light pulses

optical pumping

optical rectification

optical reflectometers → reflectometers

optical refrigeration

optical resonators

optical resonators: Spotlight 2016-07-05: The round-trip phase shift in an optical resonator

optical resonators: Spotlight 2009-04-05: Stability of resonators – an ambiguous term

optical resonators: Spotlight 2006-11-28: The role of diffraction in optical resonators

optical resonators: Spotlight 2006-11-21: The resonator mystery

optical retardance → retardance

optical return loss → return loss

optical rotation → optical activity

optical rulers → frequency combs

optical sampling

optical sensors

optical slits

optical spaces → object and image space

optical spectrum

optical spectrum: Spotlight 2007-10-11: Understanding Fourier spectra

optical spectrum analyzers

optical strain sensors

optical surface characterization equipment → optical profilometers

optical surface profilers → optical profilometers

optical tables

optical telegraph → free space optical communications

optical temperature sensors

optical thickness

optical time-domain reflectometers

optical traps → light forces

optical tweezers

optical wavelength → wavelength

optical windows

optically pumped semiconductor lasers → vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers


optics cleaning → cleaning of optics

optics for lasers → laser optics



optocouplers → opto-isolators


optronics → optoelectronics

orange lasers → yellow and orange lasers

orientation-patterned semiconductors


output couplers

output coupling efficiency

Acronyms with O

OADM = optical add/drop multiplexer → optical fiber communications

OCT = optical coherence tomography

OD = optical density

ODL = optical delay line

OFC = optical fiber cable

OFS = optical fiber sensor → fiber-optic sensors

OP-GaAs = orientation-patterned gallium arsenide → orientation-patterned semiconductors

OPA = optical parametric amplifier

OPCPA = optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification

OPG = optical parametric generator (or optical parametric generation)

OPO = optical parametric oscillator

OPS-VECSEL = optically pumped semiconductor vertical external-cavity surface-emitting laser

OPSL = optically pumped semiconductor laservertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers

ORL = optical return loss

OSA = optical spectrum analyzer

OSNR = optical signal-to-noise ratio

OTDM = optical time division multiplexing

OTDR = optical time-domain reflectometry

OVD = outside vapor deposition → fiber fabrication

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