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Keywords beginning with P

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "P". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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p–i–n photodiodes

pair-induced quenching → quenching

pair-induced quenching: Modeling pair-induced quenching in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers

PANDA fibers → polarization-maintaining fibers

parabolic index fibers → graded-index fibers

parabolic mirrors

parabolic pulses

parametric amplification

parametric amplification: Spotlight 2007-12-11: The idler wave – essential for parametric amplification and oscillation

parametric amplifiers → optical parametric amplifiers

parametric fluorescence

parametric generators → optical parametric generators

parametric nonlinearities

parametric oscillation: Spotlight 2013-08-26: Frequency doubling and the reverse process

parametric oscillators → optical parametric oscillators

parasitic absorption → absorption

parasitic lasing

paraxial approximation

passive fibers

passive fibers: Tutorial: Passive fiber optics

passive mode locking

passive mode locking: Spotlight 2018-01-08: Self-starting of passively mode-locked lasers

passive mode locking: Spotlight 2017-08-31: Passive mode locking with slow saturable absorbers: surprisingly stable!

passive mode locking: Spotlight 2017-04-12: Does a saturable absorber in a laser lead to passive Q switching or mode locking?

passive mode locking: Spotlight 2008-07-02: Stronger focusing avoids SESAM damage

passive mode locking: Spotlight 2008-05-13: Easier self-starting passive mode locking for short lasers

passive mode locking: Self starting of passively mode-locked lasers: difficult to model

passive mode locking: Case study: passively mode-locked picosecond bulk laser

passive Q switching → Q switching

patch cables → fiber patch cables

peak intensity: Spotlight 2009-10-03: Peak intensity of Gaussian beam

peak power

percentage of doping → doping concentration

percussion drilling → laser drilling

perfect diffusion → Lambertian emitters and scatterers

periodic poling

Pfund cells → multipass gas cells

phase → optical phase

phase coherence → coherence

phase constant → propagation constant

phase corrector plates

phase index → refractive index

phase matching

phase matching: Spotlight 2008-03-10: Automatic phase matching

phase mismatch → phase matching

phase modulators

phase noise

phase noise: Spotlight 2009-08-22: Jitter and phase noise of mode-docked fiber lasers

phase plates → phase corrector plates

phase shift method for distance measurements

phase synchronization of lasers → synchronization of lasers

phase velocity

phase-matching bandwidth

phase-matching bandwidth: Spotlight 2007-11-19: Walk-off and phase-matching bandwidth in nonlinear crystals

phase-sensitive amplification → parametric amplification

phase-squeezed light → squeezed states of light

phonon-terminated lasers → vibronic lasers


phonons: Spotlight 2018-04-06: Laser physics: the essential roles of phonons in solid-state lasers

phosphate glasses



photo cameras

photo-induced attenuation → photodarkening

photoacoustic spectroscopy → spectroscopy


photochromic damage → photodarkening

photochromic materials

photoconductive detectors

photoconductive sampling

photoconductive switches

photocouplers → opto-isolators



photodetection: Spotlight 2009-12-13: Johnson-Nyquist noise in photodiode circuits

photodetector arrays → photodiode arrays


photodetectors: Spotlight 2009-11-13: Photodetection: optical and electrical powers

photodiode arrays


photodiodes: Spotlight 2009-12-13: Johnson-Nyquist noise in photodiode circuits

photodiodes: Spotlight 2006-10-16: Using a current amplifier for optical power measurements and recording with a photodiode

photoelectric detectors → photoemissive detectors

photoelectric effect

photoemission → photoelectric effect

photoemissive detectors

photographic objectives

photoinduced losses → photodarkening




photometry → optical metrology


photon counting

photon number states → nonclassical light

photon science → photonics

photon statistics → nonclassical light

photonic bandgap fibers

photonic crystal fibers

photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers

photonic crystals

photonic integrated circuits

photonic metamaterials

photonic metasurfaces

photonic power → power over fiber


photonics: Can AI bots like Chat-GPT or Bard answer photonics questions?


photons: Spotlight 2008-05-05: Length of a photon

photons: Spotlight 2007-03-23: Explaining the nature of photons to lay persons

photons: Spotlight 2007-02-16: The science of biophotons

photopic vision → scotopic and photopic vision

photoreceivers → photodetectors

photoresistors → photoconductive detectors

photosensitivity → fiber Bragg gratings



photovoltaic cells

photovoltaic modules → solar modules

physical optics → wave optics

picosecond diode lasers

picosecond lasers

picosecond pulse amplifiers → ultrafast amplifiers

pigtailed diode lasers → fiber-coupled diode lasers


planar lightwave circuits → photonic integrated circuits

planar photonics → photonic metasurfaces

planar waveguides

Planck law → thermal radiation

plane waves

plasma deposition methods → fiber fabrication

plastic optical fibers

plastic optics

plate beam splitters → beam splitters

Pockels cell drivers

Pockels cells

Pockels effect

pointing stability → beam pointing fluctuations


polarimetry → polarimeters

polarization: Tutorial chapter on polarization issues in fibers

polarization: Spotlight 2008-04-28: Different kinds of polarization

polarization beam combining

polarization beat length

polarization controllers → fiber polarization controllers

polarization coupling → polarization beam combining

polarization extinction ratio → polarization of light

polarization gradient cooling → Sisyphus cooling

polarization mode dispersion

polarization of light

polarization of light: Spotlight 2019-08-26: Can monochromatic light be unpolarized?

polarization of light: Spotlight 2012-03-03: Conflicting definitions of s and p polarization

polarization rotators → Faraday rotators

polarization waves

polarization-maintaining fibers

polarization-maintaining fibers: Spotlight 2007-05-19: Why strong birefringence in fibers helps

polarization-preserving fibers → polarization-maintaining fibers


polarizers: Case study: thin-film plate polarizer

polarizers: Case study: polarizing cube

polarizing beam splitters → polarizers

polarizing cubes → thin-film polarizers

Polaroid filters → polarizers

polishing of fibers

polychromatic light

polychromatic light: Simulating non-monochromatic multimode beams


polycrystalline fibers → mid-infrared fibers

polyimide fibers → specialty fibers

polymer optical fibers → plastic optical fibers

polymer optics → plastic optics

population inversion

position-sensitive detectors

power amplification factor → amplification factor

power amplifiers → master oscillator power amplifier

power density

power efficiency → wall-plug efficiency

power meters → optical power meters

power monitors → optical power monitors

power over fiber

power propagation: Tutorial chapter on power propagation vs. field propagation

power scaling: Spotlight 2009-09-19: Are laser resonators power scalable?

power scaling: Spotlight 2006-09-21: Power scaling limits of optical parametric amplifiers

power scaling of lasers

power scaling of lasers: Spotlight 2007-12-03: New paper on power scaling of lasers

power scaling of lasers: Spotlight 2007-09-07: Power scaling in downward direction

power spectral density

power splitters → beam splitters

Poynting vector

Poynting vector walk-off → spatial walk-off

praseodymium-doped fibers → rare-earth-doped fibers

precision fiber cleavers → fiber cleavers

precision laser machining → laser micromachining

preforms → fiber preforms

primary colors → color spaces

principal dispersion

principal points and principal planes

prism pairs

prism retroreflectors → prisms

prism-based beam expanders → anamorphic prism pairs


processing heads → laser processing heads

profilometers → optical profilometers

propagation constant

propagation losses

propagation losses in fibers: Tutorial chapter on propagation losses in fibers

protected metal-coated mirrors → first surface mirrors

pulse amplifiers: Tutorial chapter on fiber amplifiers for nanosecond pulses

pulse break-up → nonlinear pulse distortion

pulse bursts → pulse trains

pulse characterization

pulse compression

pulse compression: Case study: nonlinear pulse compression

pulse duration

pulse duration: Spotlight 2017-10-03: Importance of spectral wings on the pulse duration

pulse energy

pulse front tilt

pulse generation

pulse length → pulse duration

pulse pickers

pulse propagation modeling

pulse propagation modeling: Tutorial: Modeling of pulse amplification

pulse propagation modeling: Numerical representation of ultrashort pulses

pulse propagation modeling: Ultrashort pulse simulations with the RP Fiber Power software

pulse repetition rate

pulse shape → Gaussian pulses

pulse shapers

pulse stretchers

pulse trains

pulse width → pulse duration

pulse-to-pulse jitter → timing jitter

pulsed laser deposition

pulsed lasers

pulses → light pulses

pulses: Field Guide to Laser Pulses

pulses: Spotlight 2020-09-30: Beam radius and beam quality of laser pulses

pulses in fibers: Tutorial chapter on ultrashort pulses and signals fibers

pump absorption

pump absorption: Spotlight 2016-05-12: Measurement of absorption spectra of active fibers: not as easy as one might think!

pump absorption: Spotlight 2007-08-22: Saturation of pump absorption – an important issue?

pump absorption: Spotlight 2006-11-04: Nd:YVO4 laser with polarization-independent pump absorption

pump absorption: Pump absorption in amplifier fibers

pump absorption: Case study: pump absorption in a double-clad fiber

pump chambers

pump combiners → fiber-optic pump combiners

pump depletion

pump parameter

pump threshold → threshold pump power

pump–probe measurements

pump–probe spectroscopy → time-resolved spectroscopy

pupils → entrance and exit pupil

pyroelectric detectors

Acronyms with P

P-APM = polarization additive-pulse mode lockingnonlinear polarization rotation

PCF = photonic crystal fiber or polymer cladded fiber

PCSEL = photonic crystal surface-emitting laser

PCVD = plasma chemical vapor deposition → fiber fabrication

PECVD = plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition → fiber fabrication

PIC = photonic integrated circuit

PICVD = plasma impulse chemical vapor deposition → fiber fabrication

PL = photoluminescence

PLC = planar lightwave circuit

PLD = pulsed laser deposition

PM fiber = polarization-maintaining fiber

PMD = polarization mode dispersion

PMT = photomultiplier tube

POF = plastic optical fiber

PRF = pulse repetition frequency → pulse repetition rate

PSD = position-sensitive diode (or device or detector)

PSD = power spectral density

PV cells = photovoltaic cells

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