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Keywords beginning with Q

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "Q". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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Q factor

q parameter → Gaussian beams

Q switches

Q switching

Q switching:
Case study: actively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Case study: passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Spotlight 2009-03-07: Complicated pulse shapes from Q-switched fiber lasers
Spotlight 2014-04-02: Lower Emission Cross-section Leads to Higher Pulse Energy?!?
Spotlight 2017-04-12: Does a saturable absorber in a laser lead to passive Q switching or mode locking?

QML threshold → Q-switched mode locking

Q-switched lasers

Q-switched lasers:
Spotlight 2006-09-16: Q-switched lasers: YAG versus vanadate
Spotlight 2015-09-24: Q-switched lasers: Nd:YVO_4 better suited than Nd:YAG for high pulse repetition rates

Q-switched mode locking

Q-switched mode locking:
Spotlight 2017-04-12: Does a saturable absorber in a laser lead to passive Q switching or mode locking?

Q-switching instabilities

quadrant photodiodes → position-sensitive detectors

quadrature squeezing → squeezed states of light

quality factor → Q factor

quantum beat spectroscopy → time-resolved spectroscopy

quantum cascade lasers

quantum cryptography

quantum defect

quantum dots

quantum efficiency

quantum electronics

quantum key distribution

quantum noise

quantum noise:
Spotlight 2007-04-16: Questions and answers on shot noise

quantum optics

quantum optics:
Spotlight 2007-03-23: Explaining the nature of photons to lay persons
Spotlight 2007-09-27: Light plus light = darkness: no energy problem, but quantum weirdness
Spotlight 2008-05-05: Length of a photon

quantum photonics

quantum wells

quantum yield → quantum efficiency

quarter-wave mirrors

quarter-wave plates → waveplates

quasi-continuous-wave operation

quasi-monochromatic light → monochromatic light

quasi-phase matching

quasi-soliton pulses

quasi-three-level gain media:
Spotlight 2006-08-12: Understanding quasi-three-level lasers
Spotlight 2017-03-15: Interesting features of over-long fiber lasers
Spotlight 2018-08-22: What is different for quasi-three-level lasers?

quasi-three-level laser gain media

quasi-three-level lasers → four-level and three-level laser gain media


Modeling pair-induced quenching in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Spotlight 2006-09-06: Quenching degrades the efficiency of some ytterbium-doped gain media

Spotlight 2020-05-11: Digital and interactive methods of supporting the photonics industry

Acronyms beginning with Q

QCL = quantum cascade laser

QPM = quasi-phase matching

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