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Keywords beginning with R

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "R". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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r.m.s. values → power spectral density

Rabi frequency → Rabi oscillations

Rabi oscillations


radiance scaling of lasers → power scaling of lasers

radiant energy

radiant exitance

radiant flux

radiant intensity

radiant power → radiant flux

radiant sensitivity → responsivity

radiation modes → cladding modes

radiation pressure

radiation-balanced lasers

radiation-resistant fibers

radiative lifetime

radio and microwave over fiber

radioluminescence → luminescence

radiometers → radiometry


radius of laser beam → beam radius

Raman amplifiers

Raman effect → Raman scattering

Raman fiber lasers → Raman lasers

Raman gain

Raman gain media

Raman lasers

Raman lasers: Spotlight 2012-03-12: New Raman lasers

Raman scattering

Raman scattering: Case study: soliton self-frequency shift

Raman scattering: Spotlight 2018-03-05: Dependence on Raman conversion on the optical bandwidth

Raman scattering: Spotlight 2010-03-03: Thresholds for nonlinear effects in fiber amplifiers

Raman scattering: Case study: stimulated Raman scattering in a multimode fiber

Raman self-frequency shift → solitons

Raman spectroscopy

range finding → distance measurements with lasers

rare earth ions: Tutorial chapter on rare earth ions in fibers

rare-earth-doped fibers

rare-earth-doped fibers: Spotlight 2016-05-12: Measurement of absorption spectra of active fibers: not as easy as one might think!

rare-earth-doped gain media: Spotlight 2014-06-27: Shortages of rare earth materials – a problem for photonics?

rare-earth-doped laser gain media

rate equation modeling

rate equation modeling: Spotlight 2008-10-20: Rate equations – an example for stiff sets of differential equations

rational harmonic mode locking → active mode locking

ray optics → geometrical optics

ray transfer matrix → ABCD matrix

Rayleigh length

Rayleigh scattering

reabsorption in laser gain media → four-level and three-level laser gain media

reciprocity method

recirculating fiber loops

recoil limit

red lasers

red–green–blue sources → RGB sources

reference cavities

references surfaces → optical flats


reflection coefficient of an interface → Fresnel equations

reflection gratings → diffraction gratings





refractive index

refractive index: Spotlight 2007-10-07: Effective refractive index: correcting a common belief

refractive index fluids → index matching fluids


refractometry → refractometers

regenerative amplifiers

regenerative amplifiers: Case study: regenerative amplifier

regenerative mode locking → active mode locking

regular reflection → specular reflection

relative intensity noise

relative intensity noise: Spotlight 2018-06-08: Understanding intensity noise

relaxation oscillations

remote cutting → laser cutting

remote ranging → distance measurements with lasers

remote welding → laser welding

repetition rate → pulse repetition rate

residual absorption → absorption

residual jitter → timing jitter

resonant cavity → optical resonators

resonant frequency doubling

resonant second-harmonic generation → resonant frequency doubling

resonator bandwidth → resonator modes

resonator design

resonator design: Spotlight 2017-11-02: Gaussian apertures in resonator models: not only for exotic lasers, but also for gain guiding

resonator design: Spotlight 2011-06-10: Are compact resonators more stable?

resonator design: Case study: resonator with automatic optimization

resonator mode spacing → free spectral range

resonator modes

resonator modes: Spotlight 2008-04-15: Abused photonics terms: modes

resonators → optical resonators



retarders → retardance

retroreflecting prisms → corner cube prisms


return loss

RGB sources

ring lasers

ring resonators

rod lasers

rod lenses

rod-in-tube method → fiber fabrication

rotating disc choppers → optical choppers

rotating slit profilers → beam profilers

rubber band model → frequency combs

ruby lasers

rugate filters

rugate filters: Case study: rugate filters

Acronyms with R

RBL = radiation-balanced laser

RF over fiber = radio over fiber → radio and microwave over fiber

RFoF = radio over fiber → radio and microwave over fiber

RGB source = red–green–blue source

RIN = relative intensity noise

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