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Keywords beginning with S

On this page you find all our articles on keywords beginning with "S". Further below, you find the acronyms.

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S band → optical fiber communications

safety → laser safety

safety glasses → laser safety glasses

safety goggles:
Spotlight 2007-12-18: The role of laser safety goggles

sampled grating lasers → distributed Bragg reflector lasers

sampling → electro-optic sampling

sapphire fibers → single-crystal fibers

satellite communications → free-space optical communications

saturable absorber mirrors → semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors

saturable absorbers

saturable absorbers:
Spotlight 2008-01-06: Saturation intensity or saturation fluence of a saturable absorber or a laser gain medium: what matters?
Spotlight 2008-07-02: Stronger focusing avoids SESAM damage
Spotlight 2017-04-12: Does a saturable absorber in a laser lead to passive Q switching or mode locking?
Spotlight 2017-08-31: Passive mode locking with slow saturable absorbers: surprisingly stable!
Spotlight 2018-01-08: Self-starting of passively mode-locked lasers

saturable Bragg reflectors

saturated output power → saturation power

saturation energy

saturation fluence → saturation energy

saturation intensity → saturation power

saturation intensity:
Spotlight 2008-01-06: Saturation intensity or saturation fluence of a saturable absorber or a laser gain medium: what matters?

saturation of absorption → pump absorption

saturation of gain → gain saturation

saturation of pump absorption:
Pump absorption in amplifier fibers

saturation parameter → saturable absorbers

saturation power

scalability → power scaling of lasers

scaling procedures → power scaling of lasers

scanning beam profilers → beam profilers

scanning delay lines → optical delay lines

scanning lenses

scanning spectrometers → spectrometers


Spotlight 2010-01-11: Beams of laser pointers: visible in air?

Schawlow–Townes linewidth

Schawlow-Townes linewidth:
Derivation of the Schawlow–Townes linewidth

scientific lasers

scotopic and photopic vision

SDM fibers → space division multiplexing

sech2-shaped pulses

second opinion:
Spotlight 2017-01-27: Second opinion: a useful tool, also in laser technology!

second-harmonic generation → frequency doubling

second-order dispersion → group delay dispersion

seed lasers

selective laser melting/sintering → laser 3D printing

self-darkening materials → photochromic materials


Case study: nonlinear self-focusing

self-heterodyne linewidth measurement

self-injection locking → injection locking

self-phase modulation

self-phase modulation:
Effect of self-phase modulation on the pulse bandwidth
Spotlight 2015-07-01: Self-phase modulation causes spectral broadening – does it really?

self-phase-stabilized pulses → carrier–envelope offset

self-referenced frequency combs → frequency combs

self-similar pulse propagation → parabolic pulses

self-starting mode locking

self-starting mode locking:
Self starting of passively mode-locked lasers: difficult to model
Spotlight 2008-05-13: Easier self-starting passive mode locking for short lasers
Spotlight 2018-01-08: Self-starting of passively mode-locked lasers

self-steepening → Kerr effect

self-terminating laser transitions

Sellmeier formula

semiconductor diode lasers → diode lasers

semiconductor disk lasers → vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers

semiconductor fiber lasers → fiber lasers

semiconductor lasers

semiconductor mirrors → crystalline mirrors

semiconductor optical amplifiers

semiconductor saturable absorber mirrors



sensitivity of the eye → scotopic and photopic vision

sensitivity to alignment → alignment sensitivity of optical resonators

sensor cards → laser viewing cards

sensors → fiber-optic sensors

sequential sampling → electro-optic sampling

SESAM mode-locked lasers → mode-locked lasers

Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensors

sheet polarizers → polarizers

short pulses → light pulses

shot noise

shot noise:
Spotlight 2007-04-16: Questions and answers on shot noise

side pumping

sigma–tau product:
Spotlight 2007-05-10: Fundamental limitation for sigma–tau product, gain efficiency, and laser threshold

signal lamps

signals in fibers:
Tutorial chapter on ultrashort pulses and signals fibers

signal-to-noise ratio

silica fibers

silica glass → fused silica

silicate glasses

silicon photonics

silicone optics → plastic optics

silver mirrors → metal-coated mirrors

similaritons → parabolic pulses

single transverse mode operation → single-mode operation

single-atom lasers

single-atom lasers:
Spotlight 2006-07-23: Single-atom lasers

single-crystal fibers

single-emitter laser diodes → broad area laser diodes

single-frequency lasers

single-frequency lasers:
Spotlight 2006-09-03: Single-frequency operation stabilized by spatial hole burning
Spotlight 2015-10-17: The linewidth of single-frequency lasers

single-frequency operation

single-mode cut-off → single-mode fibers

single-mode fibers

single-mode fibers:
Tutorial chapter on single-mode fibers

single-mode operation

single-polarization fibers

single-wavelength lasers → single-frequency lasers

singly resonant cavities → resonant frequency doubling

singly resonant oscillators → optical parametric oscillators

Sisyphus cooling

slab lasers

slab waveguides → planar waveguides

slave laser

slope efficiency

slope efficiency:
Spotlight 2016-12-13: Nonlinear input–output curves for lasers

slow absorbers → saturable absorbers

slow axis → diode bars

slow light → velocity of light

small-signal gain

Snell's law → refraction

soda–lime glasses → silicate glasses

sodium guide stars → laser guide stars

sodium vapor lamps

soft aperture mode locking → Kerr lens mode locking

soft apertures → optical apertures

solar-blind photodetectors

soldering heads → laser processing heads

solid-state lasers

solid-state lasers:
Solid state lasers for ultrashort pulses – a diverse family
Spotlight 2017-12-04: Energy levels of solid-state gain media
Spotlight 2018-04-06: Laser physics: the essential roles of phonons in solid-state lasers

soliton compression → pulse compression

soliton fission → supercontinuum generation

soliton mode locking

soliton mode locking:
Case study: soliton mode-locked bulk laser

soliton period

soliton self-frequency shift → solitons


Case study: higher-order solitons
Case study: soliton self-frequency shift
Spotlight 2008-04-02: Solitons: lower dispersion, stronger dispersive effects!

solution doping → fiber fabrication

space communications → free-space optical communications

space division multiplexing

spatial coherence → coherence

spatial filters → mode cleaners

spatial frequencies → Fourier optics

spatial hole burning

spatial hole burning:
Spotlight 2006-09-03: Single-frequency operation stabilized by spatial hole burning
Spotlight 2007-07-16: Mode competition – increased or decreased by spatial hole burning?

spatial walk-off

spatial walk-off:
Spotlight 2007-11-19: Walk-off and phase-matching bandwidth in nonlinear crystals
Spotlight 2010-03-15: Spatial walk-off and beam quality in nonlinear frequency conversion

specialty fibers

specific detectivity → detectivity

specifications for lasers → laser specifications

specifications of noise and fluctuations → noise specifications

speckle → laser speckle

spectral beam combining

spectral brightness

spectral broadening:
Spotlight 2015-07-01: Self-phase modulation causes spectral broadening – does it really?

spectral exitance → radiant exitance

spectral flux → radiant flux

spectral imaging

spectral intensity → radiant intensity

spectral lamps

spectral lines

spectral linewidth → linewidth

spectral phase

spectral phase interferometry

spectral power density → power spectral density

spectral quantities

spectral radiance → radiance

spectral response of a photodetector

spectral sensitivity of the eye → scotopic and photopic vision

spectral width → bandwidth




spectrometry → spectroscopy


spectroradiometers → spectrometers


spectrum → optical spectrum

specular reflection

speed of light → velocity of light

spherical aberrations


splicing → fusion splicing of fibers

split-step Fourier technique → pulse propagation modeling

spontaneous emission

spontaneous emission:
Spotlight 2006-07-16: Spontaneous emission and amplifier noise

spontaneous emission factor → Schawlow–Townes linewidth

spontaneous Raman scattering → Raman scattering

spot lasers → alignment lasers

spun fibers

squeezed states of light

stability of passive mode locking:
Spotlight 2017-08-31: Passive mode locking with slow saturable absorbers: surprisingly stable!

stability zones:
Spotlight 2006-10-01: Stability zones of laser resonators

stability zones of optical resonators

stabilization of lasers

stack lasers → diode stacks

standard illuminants → CIE standard illuminants

standard quantum limit

standard spectral lines

standing wave pattern → interference

standing-wave resonators

Stark level manifolds

step-index fibers

stereolithography → laser 3D printing

stimulated Brillouin scattering → Brillouin scattering

stimulated Brillouin scattering:
Spotlight 2007-09-01: Stimulated Brillouin scattering: lower peak power, stronger effect?
Spotlight 2010-03-03: Thresholds for nonlinear effects in fiber amplifiers

stimulated emission

stimulated emission cross sections → transition cross sections

stimulated emission depletion microscopy → fluorescence microscopy

stimulated Raman scattering:
Case study: stimulated Raman scattering in a fiber amplifier
Case study: stimulated Raman scattering in a multimode fiber
Spotlight 2018-03-05: Dependence on Raman conversion on the optical bandwidth

stimulated Raman scattering → Raman scattering

Stokes shift

strain sensors → optical strain sensors

streak cameras

stress rods → polarization-maintaining fibers

stretched-pulse fiber lasers → mode-locked fiber lasers

sum and difference frequency generation

super-black coatings → black coatings

supercontinuum generation

supercontinuum generation:
Case study: supercontinuum generation in a fiber


superluminal transmission


superluminescent diodes

superluminescent sources

superluminescent sources:
Case study: ASE source with automatic spectral optimization


supermodes → harmonic mode locking


surface profilers → optical profilometers

surface-emitting LEDs → light-emitting diodes

surface-emitting semiconductor lasers

surgical lasers → medical lasers

symmetrized split-step Fourier method → pulse propagation modeling

synchronization of lasers

synchronous pumping

sync-pumped parametric oscillators → optical parametric oscillators

Acronyms beginning with S

SASE = self-amplified spontaneous emission → amplified spontaneous emission

SBR = saturable Bragg reflector

SBS = stimulated Brillouin scattering

SCG = supercontinuum generation

SDM = space division multiplexing

SESAM = semiconductor saturable absorber mirror

SFG = sum frequency generation

SFS = superfluorescent (actually superluminescent!) fiber source → superluminescent sources

SHG = second-harmonic generation = frequency doubling

SHWFS = Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensor

SLD = superluminescent diode

SLED = surface-emitting LED or superluminescent diode

SNR = signal-to-noise ratio

SOA = semiconductor optical amplifier

SPAD = single-photon avalanche diode

SPIDER = spectral phase interferometry for direct electric-field reconstruction → spectral phase interferometry

SPM = self-phase modulation

SPOPO = synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator

SRO = singly resonant (parametric) oscillator

SRS = stimulated Raman scattering

SSL = solid-state laser

STED = stimulated emission depletion microscopy → fluorescence microscopy

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