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Sponsoring the RP Photonics Encyclopedia

Our Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the following companies, who support our encyclopedia as sponsors:


The Concept of Sponsoring

The RP Photonics Encyclopedia is a huge open-access resource for optics and photonics which benefits the whole community worldwide. Huge numbers of scientific researchers as well as professionals in the photonics industry use it every day – for free and in a totally anonymous way, as we fully respect their privacy. It enjoys a high reputation for its scientific quality and practical usefulness, and many professionals are very grateful for it. Also, we run the RP Photonics Virtual Exhibition as another service for the community.

RP Photonics offers sponsorships for this resource. A limited number of sponsors can officially support this hugely beneficial project with a yearly contribution, thus demonstrating that they also care about services for the scientific and industrial community, and will in turn receive visibility and recognition.

sponsoring of the RP Photonics Encyclopedia

Details of the Sponsorships

The logos of our sponsors appear many times above the main menu of all pages of the RP Photonics Encyclopedia including the Photonics Spotlight (after the text “Sponsoring this encyclopedia”):

CategoryContribution per yearNumber of logo views per year
Gold8 000 €1 000 000
Silver4 000 €500 000
Bronze2 000 €250 000

For CHF prices, we currently use the exchange rate 1:1, while in USD it is 10% more.

For companies also having our advertising package in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, the sponsorship contribution is reduced by 20%.

For each page request of an encyclopedia page, up to five logos of sponsors will appear in a row (in a random order).

Each logo of a sponsor is linked to a sponsor page, giving more details (full address, link to website, company description, sponsor statement etc.). The sponsoring is also mentioned at other places, e.g. on the company profile page in the RP Photonics Buyer's Guide, on the pages of the virtual exhibition and on this page (see above).

The Encyclopedia: Result of Hard Work

Dr. Paschotta, the founder and managing director of RP Photonics, is investing a lot of his working time into the development of this encyclopedia, which started in 2004 and is still ongoing. In May 2019, the 800th article has been published, and now there are already 1032 articles. Further substantial extensions are planned.

Sponsors are welcome – as is anybody else – to suggest further article topics or additions to existing articles, but only those suggestions will be implemented which Dr. Paschotta believes to be appropriate and helpful for the reader community.